San Diego, California

I┬┤m looking for someone who really loves me, no matter the physics.

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Busco una chica, con las ideas claras
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for a girl

Hello. I am looking for a girl for friendship of principle and if everything goes well, for a serious relationship, I like girls who enjoy the simple things in life, who live every minute with intensity and who want to share their life, their things and their dreams with me, that is not complicated, nothing superficial, that lives in the moment, that is adventurous and passionate. with clear ideas, mature, focused and loving. Let him know what he wants. We don┬┤t care about going out to have fun as much as staying at home enjoying a movie or going for a walk in the mountains and visiting some beautiful town in Madrid, there are many of those. I am a very normal boy, affectionate and faithful to the girl I have from my mother. I hike and lift weights but without exaggerating, I like to run, go out to the mountains, and camp. I would like to find that girl here. I will be waiting..!
TREMENDO X X. Busco adicta al amor ?
Burjassot, Valencia

TREMENDOUS X X. Am I looking for a love addict?

Hello..! My dear wise men of the East. I have been a very good boy all these years ago and a little rebellious in my thoughts since I am looking for a girl who loves sex as much as I do and doesn┬┤t mind if we are very fuck buddies or a formal couple, because that formal couple thing flows without force nothing and it is something between two people of course and well while the love of my life does not come, I want a lot of sex with my friend to meet, because it is also nice to have a fuck friend addicted to me because I can also fall in love with her and sex It is very fundamental for me and my fuck friend. I have a tremendous cock and I can┬┤t hide it my dear kings and I want a sex slut at all hours but with love. Call me and I┬┤ll screw you up.
Busco una mujer para pasar buenos ratos, que quiera sentirse deseada frutar y con ganas dedivertirse
Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

I am looking for a woman to have a good time, who wants to feel desired, fruitful and eager to have fun.

I am looking for a woman who wants to enjoy, have fun and open to what may arise, who wants to feel loved and desired.
Soy un chico que busca chicas, ahora un soldado ucraniano que defiende su patria y su familia

I┬┤m a boy looking for girls

Dear ladies and gentlemen, before the war I was a simple factory worker, now a Ukrainian soldier defending his homeland and his family. I am very glad to see such beautiful ladies and try to establish communication with you.
Chico busca chica
A dar un paseo soy moreno
Benalmádena, Málaga

Going for a walk I┬┤m dark

I┬┤m looking for sex and friendship and to be able to meet up, have coffee, eat dinner and go for a walk. I┬┤m dark-skinned and a good person.
En cuanto a sus intereses
Norte de Santander, Norte de Santander

Regarding your interests

I am an exceptionally charismatic and understanding man. His warm and friendly personality makes him someone who is easy to strike up a meaningful conversation with. He has a great passion for life and is always willing to experience new and exciting things, making him an adventurous companion. Extremely loyal and trustworthy. He always keeps his commitments and is there to support his friends and loved ones in good and bad times. He is a man who values honesty and open communication in relationships, which makes him an excellent listener and counselor. I am also a very hard-working and dedicated person in my professional life. You have clear goals and ambitions, and are committed to your personal and professional growth. His determination and work ethic are admirable and demonstrate his commitment to success and improvement. Regarding his interests, Ricardo is passionate about music and plays the guitar skillfully. Furthermore, he loves cooking and
Busco conocer mujeres abiertas a disfrutar en buena compa├▒├şa
San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

I am looking to meet women open to enjoying good company

I am looking to meet women open to enjoying good company, who want to have fun and feel loved and desired.
Lo que busco depende de ella si quiere algo serio o jugar con
Torrevieja, Alicante

What I┬┤m looking for depends on her if she wants something serious or to play with

What I┬┤m looking for depends on her if she wants something serious or to play with me if it┬┤s something serious I love her like no one else can love her.
Construir una relaci├│n muy hermosa
Tudela, Navarra

Build a very beautiful relationship

The most important thing in life is mutual respect, lack of doubts, actions, mutual love and building a very beautiful relationship and loving each other again, greetings dear.
Hola querida, soy un hombre cari├▒oso aaaa
Barcelona, Barcelona

Hello dear, I am a loving man aaaa

Hello dear, I am a loving and romantic man. I exercise regularly. I like to participate in charitable activities. I┬┤m looking for a serious relationship.

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