Chico, California

Hello, I┬┤m Nuria, I┬┤m here to conquer anyone who wants to, I┬┤m open to whatever comes up and while the right one appears, I┬┤ll enjoy the wrong one. I don┬┤t have children, I┬┤m 24 years old and I┬┤m very intense. I┬┤m new to the page and maybe you can give me a class. Re interest?

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Busco amistad, porque lo dice todo el mundo que me conoce incluso las personas nuevas que entran en mi vida
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for friendship

They say that I am a special and different woman and I look exactly the same as everyone else, the same as my friends and the rest of the girls and I wonder why they say that? Because everyone who knows me says it, even people new ones that come into my life. I am looking for friendship and meeting new people.
Tomar una copa, la verdad es que es muy buena y además todo lo que dice lo dice por algo por alguna razón
Alicante, Alicante

Have a drink

I have a friend who says that the best thing is to do threesome massages, she is a masseuse and she says that, I don┬┤t really understand what she means, anyway, the truth is that she is very good and also everything she says she says for a reason. For some reason, when we meet for a drink we always have a great time, we laugh.
Ana Maria
Busco amistad, yo cre├şa que estaba de co├▒a
Almorox, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

My friend surprised me when he told me that he jerked off on WhatsApp with me, I thought he was joking, but no, he was serious, he approached me and said it was about listening to my voice or that I should write to him and he was already like that, It can┬┤t be helped, I don┬┤t feel the same, anyway...I┬┤m looking for friendship and meeting new people.
Busco amistad, estoy en esta l├şnea de contactos
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for friendship

I am on this line of contacts, page, chat to meet and meet people, this is my main reason, it is true that if after this other things arise, other possibilities, I am very open, I also like that life surprises me that I I┬┤m looking for friendship and meeting new people, as I said...
Busco amistad, el que iba a decir si estaba rodeado de mujeres
Teruel, Teruel

I am looking for friendship

My grandfather said that all women are princesses, I didn┬┤t believe it, I thought that since it was my grandfather, the one who was going to say if he was surrounded by women... later with time I understood that he was right and that all women are. I am looking for friendship and meeting new people and friends to go out and more yes.
Quiero nuevas experiencias sin compromiso
Alonsotegi, Vizcaya

I want new experiences without commitment

I don┬┤t want commitment but I do want to live new experiences. I was in a swingers club many years ago and I liked it but not too much because I didn┬┤t find anyone who drove me crazy, no one who I liked enough to say ufff what a great fuck, you understand? So it┬┤s good to try new things, almost whatever they are but that give too much pleasure because I┬┤m very demanding about sex because if you┬┤re not good in bed, orgasms won┬┤t come hehehe
amistad y lo que surja, me he cogido un pisito en alquiler y a retomar mi vida de nuevo
Tarragona, Tarragona

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I separated from my ex a year ago, I have rented a flat and started to get my life back on track... I want to forget the past and wipe the slate clean. That┬┤s why I┬┤m looking for new friends to interact with and go out with. At first I┬┤m not looking for anything else, but you can never say that you won┬┤t drink this water.
O me quieren o me odian
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Either they love me or they hate me

They say that with me there is no intermediate point, that they either love me or hate me. That I am a sweetheart but sometimes I am the opposite and no one can stand me. They say that my faces say it all and that sometimes I don┬┤t control who they look at me and I express too much with my face and sometimes I make an ass face as they say. I don┬┤t know, I prefer to be honest and be known as I am, even if I have bad things, but hey, that makes a human being authentic and unique.
Soy un poco intensa pero no es malo
Valencia, Valencia

I┬┤m a little intense but it┬┤s not bad

Being intense, no matter what they say, is not bad, although they tell me that depending on how you look at it, it is bad because people run away from so much intensity, but where is the limit of intensity? I believe that as long as it is treated with respect it is not bad. My intensity is fun and very emotional... You┬┤ll tell me, if you want to know me of course.
A veces me cuesta expresarme
Bilbao, Vizcaya

Sometimes it┬┤s hard for me to express myself

I┬┤m not going to lie to you, sometimes it┬┤s hard for me to express myself normally, I can┬┤t tell you why it happens to me, but overdoing it happens to me and it┬┤s a fact... I think the nerves of the moment betray me because it happens especially when I meet new people sometimes Queiro say one thing and express it in a different way. They say I┬┤m very funny but I┬┤m embarrassed hehe

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