Chico, California

There are girls who are motivated by money and I am not saying that it is wrong, nor that it is right, it is just that I am moved by love, feelings, small non-material details and things like that. If I want something, I┬┤ll buy it because that┬┤s why I┬┤m independent. And I like guys who don┬┤t go for money either, but rather they are motivated by the same things as me.

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Busco amistad, yo soy una chica práctica
Valladolid, Valladolid

I am looking for friendship

Well, I would like to have some meetings with some other guy, this is what is done around here, right? I am a practical, smart girl who doesn┬┤t waste time on nonsense, I go to what I go and I get to the point, It┬┤s going well for me like this, everything is better and faster, I┬┤m very fast jjjjj. I┬┤m looking for friendship yes.
Mi sue├▒o es viajar a New York
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

My dream is to travel to New York

I have a clear dream and that is to go to New York, which makes me especially excited, but with work I haven┬┤t had the time to go, but I want to go very soon and if it is accompanied by my future partner, the better, so I come to see if I know you. once and for all and we go on a trip together. Tell me yes hehe
amistad y lo que surja, nos podemos ir conociendo poco a poco y cuando estemos preparados
Benavente, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

Hi, I┬┤m looking for a mature companion to go to a liberal place from time to time... I used to go with my ex-husband and now I don┬┤t like doing it alone. We can get to know each other little by little and when we are ready, we will experience new things... We are sure to have a good time, it┬┤s all about trying and seeing what happens...
Madrile├▒a de nacimiento
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

Born in Madrid

I am from Madrid by birth but from Almer├şa at heart. I┬┤ve been here almost all my life and I┬┤m not going to leave anymore. I┬┤m looking for love but I also want something sporadic in the meantime. I don┬┤t go with just anyone, I need to have confidence, a certainty that that man is good and trustworthy. Let┬┤s go typical.
Enamorada del mundo Disney
Tarragona, Tarragona

In love with the Disney world

I love and am passionate about the world of Disney. I love going to Disney and I always go once a year, I love it and I go at different times. I have even gone alone on a couple of occasions although I always go with someone but I know a lot of people there and have good friends. I am romantic and I am looking for love
Voy a por todas
Sevilla, Sevilla

I┬┤m going for everything

Going all out is going all out. I┬┤m looking for something more stable at the moment, I feel like it, but since I┬┤m going for everything, I┬┤m going for everything and everyone. I seek to know slowly but without pause, I don┬┤t like to go too slow either since that really gets boring, let┬┤s even get bored. I┬┤m in that phase where I want everything but I want it well, do you understand me? Sometimes it┬┤s hard for me to understand even myself, so I tell you everything.
Sexo solo, quiero sexo hacer amigos que sean follables tambi├ęn vamos
Folla, Lombardia

Alone sex

Sometimes the best thing is to get to the point and then I┬┤ll get straight to the point. Don┬┤t be scared, don┬┤t take me for something I┬┤m not, I┬┤m just at a point where I want to think about myself and I don┬┤t want to commit myself. I want sex, make friends who are fuckable too, let┬┤s go. As clear as pure water go
Quiero gustarte
Gratis, Ohio

I want you to like me

I am a woman that I like to like. I am not going to deceive you because that would be a hypocrite. I don┬┤t like having to pretend anything at all. I am one of those who believes that if you go with the truth you will gain more in meeting someone and your life will be much better. I am not going to go from what I am never to ever
Me gusta el teatro
Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia

I like theater

I like the theater, I like to go from time to time and much better if it is in good company. For me, a good plan is to meet up for a drink, go to the theater and then go to dinner and chat. I am open to everything that arises at the moment.
Me gustar├şa conocer a alguien para cuando vaya a Altea
Altea, Alicante

I would like to meet someone for when I go to Altea

My parents have bought a holiday villa in Altea and we are going to go much better. I love spending the holidays with them and I am going to go there a lot, so I want to meet people, initially for friendship and a drink, but it could also be extended to sporadic relationships.

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