Laredo, Texas

I┬┤m not just looking for a one-night stand, I┬┤m not just looking for a fuck and goodbye, I would like to get to know someone really well and be able to get to something more serious even if we were having a hookup first. I have no intention of being with one today and tomorrow with another. It┬┤s been a while since I no longer feel like being like that with anyone.

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No me gusta follar me gusta hacer el amor
Cunit, Tarragona

I don┬┤t like to fuck, I like to make love

I only have sex when I have feelings, so I will never fuck but I will make love. I┬┤m looking for my ideal partner and I don┬┤t care that the majority of you are only looking for sex, that┬┤s not my thing. I┬┤m very sorry but those things don┬┤t suit me.
No me gusta discutir
Ávila, Ávila

I do not like to argue

Sometimes I see people who just want to argue, they take things to task, boy, relax, live and let live with how good you are, having a good time and having a good time, so why mess up, right? Besides, I come from good vibes, I don┬┤t want bad moods, I don┬┤t want to be angry with life, I just want good vibes for whatever arises.
Me estoy volviendo loca?
Tarragona, Tarragona

I am going crazy?

Do you think I┬┤m going crazy for looking for a relationship these days? I see that fewer and fewer people are looking for love and they call me crazy for doing so, I┬┤m also 24 years old and well I┬┤m young but love doesn┬┤t understand age or anything, I┬┤m one of those who doesn┬┤t really like being on the move. Rather, it makes me uncomfortable sometimes to meet guys just for that because I feel like I use them and I don┬┤t like them.
Solo chicos que venga de buen rollo
Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza

Only guys who come with good vibes

For me, having a good vibe from the beginning is very important, well I think that for everyone in general it will also be like that... I┬┤m looking for a guy who lets himself be known without rushing who wants to have meetings and well, we┬┤ll see what plans we want to make. I like boys when they smile, I think they are very handsome.
Siempre quiero pasarlo bien
Gratis, Ohio

I always want to have a good time

I┬┤m only looking for guys to have a good time and be in good spirits. I┬┤m not looking for controversy or anything, in fact, I avoid controversial topics because I just want good times. There are people who seem to come to these sites just to argue and I don┬┤t like that at all so those who are that way should refrain.
Antes discut├şa ahora ignoro
Vitoria, Álava

Before I argued, now I ignore

Before I argued about everything, I was itchy about everything, it was incredible how much people were able to get on my nerves in general... now I go through everything, I don┬┤t let myself get hooked by those people who only look for arguments and bad vibes. I got tired and now I ignore it and that┬┤s it. I only come looking for good vibes and good times and that┬┤s it, I┬┤m not looking for anything further.
Ain malos rollos solo conocernos
Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

Still bad vibes just knowing each other

With good vibes we could have a few laughs while we tell each other things, get to know each other and so on. I would also like to have a date and share some hobbies. I would like to have a boy who says jol├şn to him if I want to meet him because he is really going for it.
Un hombre para encontrar el amor
Boiro, A Coru├▒a

A man to find love

I want to look for love and I want and desire to find it. I am 27 young years old and I am looking for a maximum of 38 years or so. I┬┤m looking for just that right now because the thing about the rolls is not for me anymore. I don┬┤t feel comfortable and I feel like I need more than one man and I can┬┤t get it in one go.
Hombres guapos, pues sinceramente solo busco chicos que me entren primero por el ojo y despu├ęs lo dem├ís porque ahora solo busco un rollo
Punta Gorda, Florida

Handsome men

Well, honestly I┬┤m only looking for guys who get my eye first and then the rest because now I┬┤m just looking for a vibe, if you don┬┤t get my eye I can┬┤t have anything because if you don┬┤t get me we can┬┤t have any relationship since I just want to enjoy and have many orgasms.
No busco impresionarte, solo gustarte
Torrent, Valencia

I┬┤m not looking to impress you, just to like you.

I don┬┤t want to impress anyone, I just want to like some boy who is noble and a good person. I┬┤m looking to fall in love but always in steps. First I would like to find a friend with whom to chat about everything and have a good time and then only time will tell. Maybe I┬┤ll just find good friends here, who knows... The fact is that everything is good vibes.

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