Gratis, Ohio

I´m very open to girls and jokes, but I don´t like the hesitation thing when it´s in bad faith because it´s happened to me. I am open to everything. It would be great to have a drink one day and talk at home, but we´ll see about that as we have to see everything so that something at least fun and pleasant for both of us and, above all, sincere, comes out.

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Si no lo veo no lo creo
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

If I do not see it, I do not believe it

I am very credulous and between you and me I do not believe in words, I am more of a believer, so do not promise me anything that you are not going to fulfill with me. I don´t feel like hesitating, I´m open to everything, but I´m a very serious girl in my relationships and in everything in general.
Me gustan más situaciones morbosas
Mieres, Asturias

I like more morbid situations

I am very morbid and I love morbid situations and even more so if they are created accidentally without thinking about it, those are the ones that excite me the most of all. I don´t have time for nonsense, I want to meet someone sporadically and really not hesitate as has happened to me in other places.
Si es si y no es no
Albacete, Albacete

If it is yes and no it is no

I don´t like it when they tell me now yes now no or now no and then yes, yes is yes and no is no, don´t make me dizzy because I get disenchanted and disappear. I want friendship and a possible stable relationship but without hesitation and of course if you stay with me I will introduce myself please hehehe
Por donde empezar?
Laguna de Duero, Valladolid

Where to start?

Where do you start when you meet someone through a page of this type? It is the first time that I am in one of these and I want to do my best because I would like to find real people who take life seriously and this is also because I am open to everything, yes, but I don´t want hesitation, as I have been told that sometimes they hesitate a lot.
Con respeto y educación lo demás está servido
Oviedo, Asturias

With respect and education the rest is served

As long as there is respect and education between us, we can see. I like vegetarian food but I also eat meat and fish. I like to have fun but seriously, I mean, no hesitation or things like that, I just want to know with respect and the most absolute trust and have a good time or whatever.
Yo no me ando con medias tintas
Segovia, Segovia

I don´t take half measures

I don´t fool around, I would like to be with a guy who has clear ideas and doesn´t fool me, doesn´t mess around with anything, and if he doesn´t want anything, he won´t hesitate or waste my time. I don´t like kids who doubt what they want and what they are looking for, it´s as easy as deciding what you want and doing it. I don´t like it when they promise me things and don´t deliver, with me you won´t have that problem at any time.
Espero que salga todo rodado
Valencia, Valencia

I hope everything goes smoothly

I am a very impatient woman, I admit it, I admit that I often cannot cope with my impatience to do things and that partly frustrates me because I would not like to know that way, but well, like everything in this video, it can be changed hehehe and nothing else. I am open to whatever arises without hesitation.
Pereza me dan los que vacilan
San Juan de Miraflores, Provincia de Lima

Those who hesitate give me laziness

I´m very lazy when it comes to guys who start to hesitate, because I have a crush on you and I´m passing by. I would like someone who is serious, please. I need a real relationship. I´m looking for a stable one, as stable as possible, as they say, and I don´t want to play games. time to meet someone
Si me vas a estresar más, paso jejeje
Segovia, Segovia

If you´re going to stress me out more, I´ll pass hehehe

I´m looking to de-stress, so if you´re going to stress me out more, it´s better to move on and everyone can do their own thing. I´m a very joking person and well, sometimes they get angry although I don´t even use black humor but they take it as a hesitation. I am open to all proposals, I read them and if I like it, no problem.
Pequeñita pero
Rincón, Región Oriental

Small but "bully"

I´m tiny, I´m 1.62 tall hehe and well when I wear heels I´m much taller hahaha but what I´m going for is that I have a character that be careful eh hehehe don´t hesitate because I take out my nails hahahaha. I´m looking for a stable relationship with a guy who, above all, doesn´t care about height.

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