Gratis, Ohio

Change of scenery, change of life, change of everything. It´s not that I have left my people aside because they will always be there but I need to change and breathe another air being with other people. I want to have fun and honestly I also look for whatever comes up. I´m not one of those who says and then changes because I don´t like to talk and then be left alone in that...

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Busco hombre, mi marido no me hace ni caso esta todo el día fuera de casa y ya me he cansado
Ávila, Ávila

I am looking for a man

I have been married for a year but I see that my relationship is not going well, my husband does not pay any attention to me, he is away from home all day and I am already tired, I need a man who is in similar situations and who understands my relationship and we can exchange opinions I know it´s not normal but I´m fed up and I need advice that is outside of my relationship to get out of it as cleanly and quickly as possible, I don´t want to burden anyone with anything but I do need advice.
amistad y lo que surja, me mime y me haga sentir realizada
Salamanca, Salamanca

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, I´m alone at home and I need someone to keep me company, take care of me, pamper me and make me feel fulfilled. I don´t have a partner and I prefer the company of people over animals. I like to travel, visit towns and cities and I look for that person who is there when I need them. If you think it could be you... tell me something.
Vivo sola y a veces quiero compañía
Teruel, Teruel

I live alone and sometimes I want company

I like to live alone but sometimes I feel sad and I need that company to live with someone to get excited when I get home and see that I am not alone. They are sensations that sometimes flood me and make me feel like I am alone without being alone... But I am clear that I need a loving relationship, I need to feel that heat.
amistad y lo que surja, me he venido de barcelona a vivir en la zona
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I have come from Barcelona to live in the area... I had distant family in Vitoria and I have come to start a new life. Separated, I work as a cleaning lady, until something better comes out. I need to meet new people, forget the past and start a new life. So call me and we´ll do something.
Yo no lo veo
Mutxamel, Alicante

I do not see it

I don´t understand or see well people who only play with other people, why? I don´t know but I have feelings and I just want something real and authentic like friendship or a relationship but real. I´m not going to play with anyone or laugh so I ask for the same. I am very friendly, I really like making plans and I am always there to help whoever needs me. I like to go on trips and take routes getting to know new places.
No necesito amor, necesito sexo
Moncada, Valencia

I don´t need love, I need sex

I leave love for the romantics, I am not one and I don´t remember ever being one. I´m quite the opposite and I find all that cheesy. I like having friends, having a good time, enjoying, you know, sex for sex´s sake without much else, I don´t like to give explanations and I really like sex, so why not enjoy it whenever you can.
Estoy casada necesito mucha discreccion
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am married I need a lot of discretion

If you are not going to know how to be discreet then this ad is not for you because I am a woman married to a man who many people know and I need a lot of discretion I cannot afford for my husband to discover me so please I need a man discreet and if he is married it is better if we are in the same situation and if or if he is interested in being discreet. It´s the first time I´ve done something like this so I´m probably a little more clumsy.
Solo por conocer gente nueva
Nueva York, Nueva York

Just to meet new people

I have changed jobs because I needed a change and now I want to meet new people. I feel like I need to change my scene completely without leaving aside my most faithful people and my family, but in the end, change my scene a little and enjoy other people.
Nos acompañamos en este mundo loco?
Toledo, Ohio

Shall we accompany each other in this crazy world?

I am Valeria and I would like to find my ideal person, my ideal man, my pretty man. In life we need people by our side who add to us and not subtract from us and that is what I need by my side. I need to be loved and respected and I need to be able to love and of course respect the man next to me.
Busco una buena persona

I am looking for a good person

I´m looking for a good person. I need a boy who wants to make a good friendship and get to know each other and wherever it takes us. I´m in a good moment to meet new guys from different places would also be great. I work a lot but I love to travel and even if it´s just one weekend a month I always like to get away.

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