Ana Belén
Gratis, Ohio

If there is something that I know that bothers many people, it is being asked things, but I am a careful questioner and I like to know, I like to know well the person with whom I think I can have something. I am open to what arises at all times.

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amistad, porque por mi parte está bien claro
Almería, Almería


Whenever I really like a boy, I get so nervous that I ask myself over and over again, how do I know if there is attraction on his part, because for my part it is very clear, my friend says that I am stupid because every boy I I like it, I like it more. I would really like to have a drink now, yes.
amistad y lo que surja, pregunta, pero ya a mi edad busco estabilidad sentimental
Zamora, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

I have entered this chat, with the intention of looking for a stable partner... freedom is good for a while... but at my age I am looking for sentimental stability, to have someone who pampers me, who talks to me and enjoy everything that We like it, I live in Benavente, I have a car and whatever you want to know about me... ask... I will gladly answer you.
Me gusta lo que me gusta y ati?
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

I like what I like and you?

I like it, I like it, I would like you to discover it yourself. I am too extroverted and clear but without speaking. I would like to find a boy who likes what I like. And the question: do you know what I like? I´m sure you´ve discovered me, but... is it the same thing you like? I want to check it
Conoce a alguien asexual?
Vitoria, Álava

Do you know someone asexual?

That´s not why I´m asking you either hahaha I don´t think I could be with a person who didn´t enjoy sex... I find it impossible for someone not to want to enjoy good sex, it´s very hard for me to believe... I´m too, very, very sexual and What do you want me to tell you, I can´t live without sex, it´s clear that I´m only looking for company for that, right? Relationships go wrong for me and it´s because it´s not my time yet, I´m sure.
Colaboro con protectoras
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I collaborate with protectors

I love collaborating with everyone but especially with protectors who need so much help. I wonder if I will find an animal lover as much as I do. For the rest, I am open to whatever arises at all times. I also like to play sports, I like to go running, I feel free and comfortable.
Gustos normales
Toledo, Toledo

Normal tastes

Lately they ask me if I have any strange tastes or any strange hobbies and I always say no, that my tastes are very normal, very simple, something that you can find in any woman... I like to take care of myself I like to play sports I like to meet up with friends make family plans... I like to enjoy mine in general... I am very simple, sometimes even more than necessary, although it doesn´t seem to me that one can be more than necessary.
amistad y lo que surja, es complicado describirse uno mismo
Basauri, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello. I am looking for friendship and whatever arises... it is difficult to describe yourself. We tend to say the good and sometimes just one bad thing intoxicates the rest. I prefer that we talk, that you ask me, that I ask you and that you don´t have any doubts before having a date. I´m not looking for sex, I make it clear from the start.
Alguien más que le encante la pasta?
Santa Cruz de Tenerife,

Anyone else who loves pasta?

I love eating pasta, I mean, money too, like everyone else hahaha. For me, I would eat pasta 24/7, don´t you think? I have the soul of an Italian at least hahaha they tell me because I like it so much and I cook it in a thousand ways so delicious please. But well, you might ask why I´m telling you this because I don´t know if I can find someone who also likes pasta as much as I do.
amistad y lo que surja, hablo tres idiomas
Playa Blanca, Las Palmas

friendship and whatever comes next

They call me Blanca the masseuse... I work in a spa in a hotel complex. I don´t have a partner, I´m 44 years old and I would like to find a serious relationship. I like to travel, I speak three languages, the sea is one of my passions and whatever you want to know about my question... when I talk to you I will.
Echarnos unas risas almenos
Barcelona, Anzoátegui

Have a few laughs at least

I hope that for now we can have a good friendship and some laughs. If more things arise, much better because I am willing to do anything but not at any price. I´m not going to act interesting so anything you want to know you can ask without problem. Do you mind if I ask you?

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