Chico, California

I consider myself very different because I┬┤m not a wolf, I┬┤m very ashamed of making a fool of myself and I can┬┤t get in touch with guys if it┬┤s face to face. I turn to a page of this type because the truth is that in person I hardly find anything and well it is like another option that I see as super good. I think it┬┤s great to be able to flirt here and enjoy it in the meantime.

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Busco amistad, creo en lo ef├şmero porque la misma vida lo es
Teruel, Teruel

I am looking for friendship

I am not one of those women for serious relationships, not at all, nor sporadic ones, I do have one nights because they are just that... I don┬┤t believe in anything that lasts, I believe in the ephemeral because life itself is, I believe in the ephemeral. moments and I know that it is enough to start to finish. I am looking for friendship, I always believe in friends.
No me vais a creer pero busco el amor
Teruel, Teruel

You┬┤re not going to believe me but I┬┤m looking for love

I know that the most normal thing is not to look for love here but I┬┤m sorry because I do look for it, I know it will be difficult, very very difficult but I am a girl who does not give up and I also like challenges and until I get what I want , I never ever stop, and there will be more guys who are looking for love like me, even if there are few of us. For some time now I have been appealing to all those men around here looking for love.
Busco un chico diferente a m├ş
Toledo, Toledo

I┬┤m looking for a boy different from me

Whenever I meet guys who are similar to me in terms of thoughts, in the end everything ends up going wrong so I want and look for a totally different guy with different tastes and a different way of thinking. I don┬┤t like to argue, what I do is debate and reach an agreement. I don┬┤t like shouting nor do I like bad manners.
Existen los ovnis?
Amurrio, Álava

UFOs exist?

Lately I see a lot of videos of supposed UFOs... Do you think they exist? I don┬┤t believe it but I do believe that there are many people who believe in it and I respect it, I believe more in life after death but that is something else. The case is that I am open to whatever arises. I like dates where we can talk about interesting topics
Busco el amor nunca e sido infiel
Vitoria, Álava

I am looking for love and have never been unfaithful

I believe in sincere love, I believe in love for life and above all I believe in absolute fidelity. I think there are still people who believe in love that is faithful and that likes to be in a relationship and that, if possible, lasts a lifetime. I would like to form a beautiful and exemplary family. I am happy but I feel incomplete. It is a feeling of mine that I hope to be able to change very soon.
Creo que me encanta todo
Figueira da Foz, Distrito de Aveiro

I think I love everything

I say I think because there are things that I obviously don┬┤t like but of course there are things that I discover in my life that I say come on, well if I didn┬┤t like it and now I love it haha I talk about all aspects of life, I don┬┤t think there are people in that sense more I┬┤m grateful that I┬┤m going because I┬┤m also happy with almost everything. I┬┤m not demanding. I just like some things to turn out more or less the way I want them. In short, I think I┬┤m a gem but they haven┬┤t discovered me yet hehe, what do you think?
No creo en lo que no veo
Nuevo Le├│n, Nuevo Le├│n

I don┬┤t believe in what I don┬┤t see

I can┬┤t believe your words if I don┬┤t see a bias in them. I am sometimes too trusting and what happens to me happens for that very reason... I am clear about what I want and what I don┬┤t want in my life and right now the only thing I want is to have a healthy relationship that is sincere and free of toxicities but it is difficult and that┬┤s why I want to find a guy for true friendship and then we┬┤ll see what we show each other.
Trabajo con tapersex
D├ęnia, Cantabria

I work with tapersex

I have always had an interest in the erotic world and I was clear that I wanted to work on something related to it. A friend worked for tapersex a long time ago and told me if I wanted to try it and well, I┬┤ve been there for quite a few years now. I really believe that this is my vocation and that is why I enjoy it and on top of that it is going very well for me. When I tell you that this is my vocation, people laugh and say how can it be possible, but everyone likes something different, right? and I think it┬┤s lucky to be able to dedicate myself to what I really like. Although it may seem a little incredible, I am looking for a stable relationship and above all a guy who knows how to understand that this is my job and I am not going to leave it.
Cambiar├şas de ciudad por amor?
Ágreda, Soria

Would you change cities for love?

I am a true romantic and if the answer is yes, I would change cities for love. It is not the first time that I have moved to another city because I thought I had met the love of my life. I am twenty-eight years old and I have always believed in love, I have never liked clubbing nor have I liked meeting a boy simply to hook up with him, I have always been more of a relationship person. Life made me mature before my time and I can only thank it because thanks to that I have been very happy always doing what my heart felt. Right now I am looking for a stable relationship and as I have told you, I don┬┤t care a little about the area of Spain. I have always teleworked so I don┬┤t mind being here or there because I could work just the same and I don┬┤t have children.
Crees que es masoquismo?
Folla, Lombardia

Do you think it┬┤s masochism?

I┬┤ve been told that I always look at the coolest guys because I┬┤m into the idea that they end up hurting me, I┬┤m into that type of masochism, but do you think that┬┤s the case? Do you think there is someone who likes to be consciously hurt? I don┬┤t think it┬┤s masochism, I just notice the wrong guys. I would like to find someone with a different attitude and who really knows how to treat me well.

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