Aventura, Florida

I´m not in a relationship but if I want to live an adventure I don´t ask for anything more, I´m really satisfied with that, I´m not even looking to fall in love or have people fall in love with me. I´m a pretty normal girl with my things like every human person hehehe, get to know me better and "judge "if you judge yourself

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Me considero una buena amiga y se escuchar alas persona
Madrid, Madrid

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people.

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people. I don´t like impocrisy and I don´t like old people, so I ask that very big people not get involved and even less that they greet me and that you will eliminate them immediately. I have a strong character and I say things. As there are still people who don´t like to hear the truth, I´m not looking for sex either since if you talk to me to have relationships, it´s better not to. My interests: Lady Gaga, Shallow Hal, Pizza Express, Sandwiches, Novels, Cologne, Crèpes, Supernatural, Criminology, Sun Holidays, Alternative rock, Xbox, Dance Central 2, The Pianist, Twilight, Comedy, Avatar, Black Swan, Laughing, Toy Story, Nights In, Barbecues, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Eyeliner, Adventure, Stilettos, Kinect Xbox, Collecting perfume, Laugh and smile, Hot Chocolate, Disney, Minidresses, CSI, Paris, Reading, Lip gloss, Cookies, Facebook, The Bee Gees, Diners, Grey´s Anatomy, The Simpsons, Mit Freunden feiern, Weekends, Lasagne, Fantasy, Tiramisu
Pido que sea alguien que me brinde una estabilidad emocional
Jaén, Jaén

I ask that it be someone who gives me emotional stability

I am a self-confident person and I don´t like being dominated. I am looking for friendship and if, due to fate, something else happens, I ask that it be someone who gives me emotional and sentimental stability. I am one of those women who do not like to compare myself with anyone, I like to hold my head high, without having to bow my face to anyone, I am not better or worse than anyone, it´s just me and no one can beat that
amistad y lo que surja, que me aconseje
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

You never know what you want from a person until you find them... some are good for some things and others for others. I don´t have a partner, open to what may happen. In a friend I hope to go out, to share hobbies, to advise me, to give me their opinion and in a partner I look for loyalty, to feel loved and alive (they don´t have to be a machine in sex) we talk to see what two things you can do. be you for me?
Solo busco un hombre que sepa amar
Albacete, Albacete

I´m just looking for a man who knows how to love

Only a man who knows how to love I don´t ask for more I want a stable relationship I don´t ask for more than that I don´t feel like having to beg for love because I´m easy to fall in love it´s the truth I don´t like to be like that but hey I can´t help it. I like to play sports but it´s okay if you don´t because I don´t look for that requirement to fall in love
No quiero ser la sustituta de nadie
Sevilla, Sevilla

I don´t want to be anyone´s substitute

I say this because sometimes they have used me to make me jealous or to forget a relationship and then I suffered a lot. I can give you what you ask for if I receive what I ask for. A mutual relationship to achieve happiness. But I don´t want to get carried away hehe, I don´t want you to think that I´m too tacky and get bored just reading my profile because I´m a very interesting girl and you´re going to see it for yourself.
Quiero sentirme querida
Tarragona, Tarragona

I want to feel loved

I want to find a partner and feel loved for once in my life. I have had partners, yes, but I have not felt, dear, how a person must feel when they are in a relationship. I immediately give of myself to others and make them feel loved with me.
Solo para chicos liberales
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Only for liberal kids

I´m only willing to meet liberal guys who don´t get scared if I ask them to go to a swap meet or ask them to have a threesome or try something new. I´m just looking for a special friend with whom we can have fun and have fun for an unlimited amount of time until we both feel like it but without committing in any way.
A veces nos cuesta encontrar lo que buscamos
Valladolid, Valladolid

Sometimes it is difficult for us to find what we are looking for

Sometimes it is difficult for us to find what we are looking for, to know that person or those people. Things are a little bad for me in the field of consumerist love... In all of that things are going terribly for me and now that you want me to tell you, I am ready for everything that arises at any moment, feeling like a desired woman, dearly loved, or everything at the same time. I´m 26 years old and I´m too young to be like this hahaha it seems like I´m having one of those existential crises but I´m not like that hahaha.
Me gusta escuchar
Jaén, Cajamarca

I like to listen

I love to listen, I like to give good advice but only if they ask me for it, I am not one of those who gets involved in everything that is not called and I also try to only give advice if they ask me for it, if not, no, because I don´t like anyone to suffer. for something I might say. I am open to absolutely everything.
Compañía mutua
Chico, California

Mutual company

I don´t know if it will be for something more stable, something more sporadic or a simple friendship. The fact is that I would like to have male company in another way than as a lifelong friendship or with a family member. I feel very loved by my surroundings but I also like to feel loved in other ways and with other kids of course. I don´t want any relationship out of interest or anything like that since I neither charge nor pay nor do any of that and I don´t want them to do it either. I don´t have double intentions or anything like that, I´m just looking for company because I know that there are also many men who look for companies without evil.

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