Chico, California

Having nights of passion with the same person you wake up to every day, having you stare at them for a long time while they sleep, having us surprise each other, that´s what I really want now. I want someone who is there for me and I am there for him, to be one in everything.

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amistad y lo que surja, desde que me separé no me ha llegado nadie especial y se tienen muchas ganas de compartir y sentirse querida por alguien
Vila-seca, Tarragona

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am speaking from Vila seca, I am looking to make friends and if it turns out that there is a spark, I am not closed to having a relationship. Since I separated, no one special has come to me and they really want to share and feel loved by someone. In summer I do not work (I am a teacher) and time to organize a plan.
Tomar una copa, estuve muchísimos años saliendo y viviendo con un dj y viví el mundo de la noche de forma muy intensa
Ávila, Ávila

Have a drink

I spent many years dating and living with a DJ and I lived the world of the night very intensely, I don´t think there is a person in the world who knows so many things because the night teaches you everything, the night confuses you and also traps you I currently live during the day, from time to time I stay for a drink.
Tomar una copa, tomar una copa me encantaría con algún chico estupendo
Vitoria, Álava

Have a drink

I was shocked when one night, my husband drank too much and told his friend "fuck my wife", that friend of his was always flirting with me, he was married but he really liked me, it was a crazy night, that night , Now I´m alone. I would love to have a drink with some great guy.
Buen día para todos
Zamora, Zamora

Good day to all

I´m not looking for anything special because I´m always open to whatever comes up. I like to spend good mornings, good afternoons and good nights. It´s easy to make friends with me because I like to relate and get along with everyone, wherever I go, if they leave me a stone, I´ll tell it whatever it wants hehe
Quiero sentirme querida
Tarragona, Tarragona

I want to feel loved

I want to find a partner and feel loved for once in my life. I have had partners, yes, but I have not felt, dear, how a person must feel when they are in a relationship. I immediately give of myself to others and make them feel loved with me.
amistad y lo que surja, por el día soy una dama
Almería, Almería

friendship and whatever comes next

I am in two different ways, during the day I am a lady, educated and a lady... but at night I transform, I like to wear spicy lingerie and be very slutty in bed. If we meet during the day, you can have intellectual conversations about everything while we eat... and if we meet at night (I already told you what I become) you decide when to meet... during the day... or at night?
Quiero buenas noches pero también quiero buenos días
Sevilla, Sevilla

I want good night but I also want good morning

I´m looking for good nights of passion, morbid sex, orgasms, but I´m also looking for good mornings of love, romanticism, details, surprises, trips... You understand that I´m up for everything, for love and I´m also up for sex. I seek to be liked, I love to be liked and that´s how I hope it is
Yo lo que quiero son buenos días
Ávila, Ávila

What I want is good morning

Anyone can give you a good night, but not everyone is capable of giving you a good morning, and apart from a good night, I also want a good morning... I´m tender and romantic, but I like to have my personal space too. I am a normal girl and you will discover it when you start to know me. I´ll wait for you.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una transexual femenina
Oviedo, Asturias

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello... I am a female, well-endowed transsexual who is looking for sex... I have been alone for a long time and I want to feel loved. Fiery, morbid, passionate and many more things, which I only tell in private. I live in Cabrales, I have been in the area for a short time and I don´t know how to navigate the area. If you dare, I´ll wait for you.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una mujer madura, ya sabes donde me tienes
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a mature woman, divorced and I am only looking for sporadic encounters, to do things together, that are not just sex... take a getaway to Madrid, see a musical, a good dinner, a few drinks and a night of passion and good sex . If the proposal seduces you... you already know where you have me.

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