Chico, California

I want to find true love for fi why don┬┤t you come out of your hiding place? You┬┤ve hidden yourself so well that I can┬┤t find you but maybe you┬┤re here... Could it be? Let┬┤s look at it and see if we can meet once and for all, right?

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Dulce mar├şa
amistad y lo que surja, no busco sexo, pero a eso todos
Valladolid, Valladolid

friendship and whatever comes next

Anyone who is free and wants to meet a single, friendly and dynamic girl? Since I left him with my ex two years ago, I have not fallen in love again... I miss feeling loved by someone, I am not looking for sex... but that┬┤s all... I am looking for a special man who is willing to conquer me to a future relationship.
amistad y lo que surja, hola, propongo hablar y si nos gustamos nos damos los n├║meros
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, it seems to me that time has healed my heart... I separated more than three years ago and I never thought I would feel like falling in love again and feeling loved. Life never knows, I am one of those who let myself go as it happens. the events, I propose to talk and if we like each other we give each other the numbers.
Reacia a enamorarme
Vitoria, Álava

Reluctant to fall in love

I am reluctant to fall in love since they have never made it easy for me and they have also hurt me a lot so I am very reluctant to fall in love again. I am 40 years old and I am looking for a special friend to go out for drinks, to go out to dinner and to have special relationships. It would be ideal to fall in love and have someone special in my life, but I don┬┤t think I┬┤ll be able to make that happen again because I have a big armor.
amistad y lo que surja, si te apetece en Vitoria, Álava
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

I┬┤m looking for a man who doesn┬┤t just want me to fuck... I┬┤ve had two failed dates because of that... they tell me that no sex on the first date and then at the moment of truth is a lie. I want to feel my heart beat for someone, I have needed to fall in love and feel loved for a long time. If you feel like it, write-
Estoy soltera y quiero enamorarme
Teruel, Teruel

I┬┤m single and I want to fall in love

I┬┤m Hanna, I┬┤m 29 years old, I┬┤m single and I want to fall in love. I want to find a guy like me to fall in love with and make it a beautiful relationship. I am very affectionate and I really like being on the couch with my partner, watching a movie and cuddling each other. That is my best plan when I am in a relationship.
Encontrar amigos en Almer├şa
V├şcar, Almer├şa

Find friends in Almer├şa

I have moved with my parents and siblings to Almer├şa again. We left when I was little because of my parents┬┤ work but we have returned home. Although I have some friends but I would like to do more and make different plans with other people too. I would also like to fall in love if it is possible because I am very sensitive, passionate and affectionate and I would like to fall in love and have a partner that will hopefully last a lifetime.
Busco enamorarme y t├║?
Puebla de Montalbán (La), Toledo

I┬┤m looking to fall in love and you?

Hello, I´m Fátima, a 26-year-old girl with a lot of love to give. I have only had one boyfriend in my life and I would like to find the one and only true love. I give a lot of importance to fidelity and sincerity in general. I really like movies, although I admit that since the pandemic I have become too comfortable and homely and I rent movies at home.
No busco enamorarme de nadie
Folla, Lombardia

I┬┤m not looking to fall in love with anyone

I am not looking to fall in love nor am I looking for interest, rather I am looking for a mutual interest in that case, and it is the interest of having a good time together. I am a pretty normal girl but with great reasons to know that you will have a good time with me no matter what we do. I usually surprise a lot and more so at short distances. If you know me you will tell me.
Busco enamorarme de verdad

I┬┤m looking to truly fall in love

I am looking for real and unique love. I don┬┤t know if it will be for life or last a while but I want it to be worth it whatever it is. I don┬┤t think I┬┤m more than anyone else but I have values such as sincerity, friendship, love, family and fidelity, which I think are the most important things and that┬┤s why I keep them and I won┬┤t change my way of being.
Tengo claro que quiero enamorarme
Toledo, Toledo

I am clear that I want to fall in love

Is it so difficult to continue believing in love? I┬┤m a textbook cheesy, I admit it, I don┬┤t mind being told it because it┬┤s true, but when I┬┤ve had a partner, even if we end up leaving them, they always end up recognizing that I┬┤m exceptional and always try to come back, but a person who leaves my life in that sense, I no longer care. I give a second chance because for me in that aspect there are no second chances.

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