Chino, California

Saying never ever is eating your words at some point so erased from my vocabulary hehehe we started because I was one of those who said that I would never ever be on a contact page ayyy friend here I am hehehe and on top of that open to whatever arises!!!!!

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Tomar una copa, la verdad es que es muy buena y además todo lo que dice lo dice por algo por alguna razón
Alicante, Alicante

Have a drink

I have a friend who says that the best thing is to do threesome massages, she is a masseuse and she says that, I don┬┤t really understand what she means, anyway, the truth is that she is very good and also everything she says she says for a reason. For some reason, when we meet for a drink we always have a great time, we laugh.
Tomar una copa, voy a crear un perfil mio en una página de contactos
Laudio/Llodio, Álava

Have a drink

Yesterday he gave me the point and I said to myself, I am going to create a profile of myself on a contact page, I chose this one, Liruch, I will say that I am a very sincere, clear and straight-forward woman, I also like people like that, direct and That they tell me things to my face, I can┬┤t stand hypocrisy. I would love to have a drink.
Soy valiente, voluntarioso
Alcàntera de Xúquer, Valencia

I am brave, willful

I am organized, but not manic. I don┬┤t like disorder, but I like things to be in their place. I am affectionate, very cuddly but not suffocating. I┬┤m not possessive, just a little jealous, but not excessively. I am calm and collected, polite, discreet, very reserved, but when I have something to say, I say it (directly). I am brave, willful and non-violent. I like to go for a walk, I┬┤m quite naughty. I am extremely patient (for example, I can wait for hours anywhere). I don┬┤t hold grudges, I let the wheel turn, even if it takes a long time to turn, because I know that one day or another it will turn, and once I have said what I had to say, it┬┤s over. I am loyal in friendship as in love. I am fair and equitable and I hate attacking the weakest (the oppressed). I am capable of leading the fight against injustice and racism.
O me quieren o me odian
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Either they love me or they hate me

They say that with me there is no intermediate point, that they either love me or hate me. That I am a sweetheart but sometimes I am the opposite and no one can stand me. They say that my faces say it all and that sometimes I don┬┤t control who they look at me and I express too much with my face and sometimes I make an ass face as they say. I don┬┤t know, I prefer to be honest and be known as I am, even if I have bad things, but hey, that makes a human being authentic and unique.
Soy un poco intensa pero no es malo
Valencia, Valencia

I┬┤m a little intense but it┬┤s not bad

Being intense, no matter what they say, is not bad, although they tell me that depending on how you look at it, it is bad because people run away from so much intensity, but where is the limit of intensity? I believe that as long as it is treated with respect it is not bad. My intensity is fun and very emotional... You┬┤ll tell me, if you want to know me of course.
Soy una belleza?
Cambrils, Tarragona

Am I a beauty?

I┬┤m Astrid and everyone tells me I┬┤m a beauty, what do you think? The truth is that I┬┤m embarrassed when people compliment me, I┬┤m embarrassed when they tell me how pretty I am and things like that. Do I look pretty? Yes, because I have beautiful self-esteem and in other circumstances in my life where I was chubby or skinnier, I have always looked great. Now I take good care of myself because I like to look pretty, but for myself and above all for my own health.
Me encantar├şa tener algo estable
Villares de la Reina, Salamanca

I would love to have something stable

I would love to be able to say that I have a stable relationship that I have achieved and that it lasts for me. The last 3 guys I have tried to have a relationship with in the last time have been a total scam and if I say scam because that is what it has been. I would like someone seriously honest who would like to know me for what I am and how I am... And if you don┬┤t want anything, please tell me too.
Te gustan las loquitas?
Espa├▒a la Vieja, Alicante

Do you like crazy girls?

They say that we crazy people have a special charm because we barely have a filter. They say that we are much better at taking care of children because we are more affectionate... I don┬┤t know if it is true or not but with me it is true that I am very affectionate and I like to take care of everyone, not just the children of course. Of course I don┬┤t have a filter and I say everything that goes through my head and I┬┤m also crazy, I like to enjoy life and I┬┤m not ashamed.
Trabajo con tapersex
D├ęnia, Cantabria

I work with tapersex

I have always had an interest in the erotic world and I was clear that I wanted to work on something related to it. A friend worked for tapersex a long time ago and told me if I wanted to try it and well, I┬┤ve been there for quite a few years now. I really believe that this is my vocation and that is why I enjoy it and on top of that it is going very well for me. When I tell you that this is my vocation, people laugh and say how can it be possible, but everyone likes something different, right? and I think it┬┤s lucky to be able to dedicate myself to what I really like. Although it may seem a little incredible, I am looking for a stable relationship and above all a guy who knows how to understand that this is my job and I am not going to leave it.
Aunque te lo diga, compru├ębalo
Venta Gaspar, Almer├şa

Even if I tell you, check it

I can tell you many things but I think it is better that you check what I tell you. I am open to everything good, or rather almost everything. I haven┬┤t had a partner for a couple of years or so. I have no obligations outside of my job and keeping my house clean hehehe. I like animals but not to have in my house because I wouldn┬┤t take care of them as they deserve and I don┬┤t have children either although I would love to in the future.

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