Gratis, Ohio

I know that to find love you have to be compatible with the person but if there are no candidates it is difficult to find anything. I┬┤m looking for the love of everyone and I don┬┤t want anyone to offer me sex because it┬┤s not the thing I┬┤m looking for.

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Busco el amor, lo encontrar├ę?
Oviedo, Asturias

I┬┤m looking for love, will I find it?

It is possible that I will find love or on the contrary that it will never happen but I will have to try. Being in a relationship with a guy is cool when you don┬┤t like him and you start to feel something more serious hehe when that happens you┬┤re a little screwed and that┬┤s what happens to me that┬┤s why I stopped cheating on myself and I┬┤m looking for what is a stable relationship
Bienvenidos a mi peque├▒o gran mundo
Albacete, Albacete

Welcome to my big little world

I like the fantasy world of illusion cinema, believe me I┬┤m not a girl, I┬┤m a fairly mature 27 year old girl but I like all that, I would also love to find love and make my perfect wedding with love of my life. I┬┤m like that and I hope you accept me and that I find what I┬┤m looking for because I┬┤m really going.
Busco un chico que me entiende
Durango, Vizcaya

I┬┤m looking for a boy who understands me

I feel like no one understands me when I don┬┤t want to go out because I feel sad for no reason, or when I suddenly feel like dancing and laughing. I am very sensitive and everything affects me a little more than others but honestly with love and affection everything can be fixed. I would like to find love but I am very afraid of suffering but I know that at some point I have to face all that. Let it be what it has to be.
Amigos hasta en el mismo infierno
Segovia, Segovia

Friends even in hell

They say you have to make friends even in hell itself, so here we go. I don┬┤t know if I will find love, but with how sociable and open I am, I am sure that at least I will find a friendship. I love sex but I don┬┤t know if I┬┤ll find it here, it┬┤s a matter of finding someone who looks like me.
Merezco un hombre que me quiere
Oviedo, Asturias

I deserve a man who loves me

New ways, I┬┤m looking for a man who loves me. I am looking for friendship, love and sex all in the same person. I am a good girl but I have suffered too much and I do not deserve to suffer more and less for love with how beautiful it is to love each other. I live my life without messing with anyone and I don┬┤t know why life in love has to treat me like this, but well, I hope to find my prince charming, the real one who will always respect me.
Tengo un ni├▒o y busco el amor
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I have a child and I am looking for love

Everything must be told and although I already have the love of my life by my side, who is my son, I am looking for the other love of my life, a partner. I respect that there are guys who don┬┤t want girls with children but I also know that there are guys who don┬┤t care. I┬┤m looking for real and authentic love, to have a good time in bed I simply already have someone with that┬┤s why here I want to find that person who will change my world for the better and make me fall completely in love.
Que bueno ser├şa encontrar al amor de mi vida
Segovia, Segovia

How good it would be to find the love of my life

I truly believe that the love of our life is not the first love, in fact that love is only important because it is the first. Sometimes you find it the first time and if it is the love of your life and the only one you grow old with, but that doesn┬┤t happen today. I am yet to find the love of my life and I suppose he will be here, which I think is where I have left to look hehe
Espero que sea la pieza de mi puzzle
Albacete, Albacete

I hope it┬┤s the piece of my puzzle

I am missing a piece in my puzzle because I am looking for love the only piece but I can┬┤t find anyone who fits me in my puzzle. I┬┤m already looking here to also try the experience and maybe meet the love of my life and on top of that I see a pretty fun way to do it. I am positive about finding love and I am convinced I will achieve it.
No es fácil encontrar el amor
Gratis, Ohio

It┬┤s not easy to find love

If someone has the recipe for how to find love, tell me since I don┬┤t know how it is found or where it is... I┬┤m 28 years old and the couple attempts I┬┤ve had have been in vain because they┬┤ve turned out badly for me. Which one worse? I want to fall in love and see life in a different way because in love, what do you want me to say, but everything looks much better. I would like to find my special person at this moment. I am very loving and I like that they are the same way with me.
No busco solo sexo
Oviedo, Florida

I┬┤m not just looking for sex

I don┬┤t want only sex. I would like to find a love, I don┬┤t know if it is definitive, but a love that makes me happy as long as it lasts. I am a realist and lately finding love for life is not something that is easy. I┬┤m not looking for anything that┬┤s a fairy tale because I don┬┤t believe in fiction enough to believe I can get it. I am very realistic as it should be.

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