Chico, California

Hello everyone, I´ll introduce myself, I´m Virginia, I´m 40 years old, I´m looking for a mature man between 40 and 55 years old so I know what comes up, especially if it´s love, but I´m not closed to anything. An important requirement is that you are single because if you are married I am not the least bit interested in you.

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Tengo 18, es problema?
Salamanca, Salamanca

I´m 18, is it a problem?

My age limit is 40 because I just want to have fun. More than that age, I´m sorry but no, now my 18 is a problem, I understand it, that´s why I put the age I am. I´m not exactly looking for something serious, and I could find what I´m looking for anywhere else but I like morbidity and sex a lot and I´m very morbid to have something sporadic with a boy and have it be incredible
monica elena
amistad y lo que surja, ha sido mi nieto el que me ha animado que me meta en este chat y así conocer gente de mi edad
Salamanca, Salamanca

friendship and whatever comes next

how are you? At my age it´s already difficult for me to meet people my age. I am a 60-year-old woman, widowed for 7 years and I want to make friends, with whom to walk and who give us fresh air. It was my grandson who encouraged me to join this chat and thus meet people my age. I live in Salamanca, for those who are interested.
Aplaudo los buenos modales
Oviedo, Asturias

I applaud good manners

I am one of those who thinks that good manners must always be present regardless of age and life ideology. I am very mature despite my young age and possibly I don´t think like 3% of people my age. I like to be so different from all the girls my age because that makes me special.
Soy pasional romántica y detallista
Avilés, Asturias

I am passionate romantic and detail-oriented

I´m Jimena, I´m starting to look for love again. I am 40 years old, I don´t think there is an age to fall in love and I don´t think the age difference is very important as long as he is older than me. I have always been with men older than me. I have to say that I have two daughters, I hope that is not an impediment when it comes to getting to know me
Soy Sonia y voy a darlo todo
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

I´m Sonia and I´m going to give it my all

I have decided to have a good time here because I am going to do things that I never thought I would do a few years ago when I was happily married. I´m 40 years old, good age? For me the best... my age is perfect, my children are grown up and I am single, I have my job and I like to go out and party from time to time.
amistad y lo que surja, soy de coruña
A Coruña, A Coruña

friendship and whatever comes next

how are you? I got into this chat, to flirt and make friends... both things are good for me... at my age you don´t get out sooner, I´m not that pretty, age is passing and I´m looking for people who love me and accept me as I am . I am from Coruña, self-employed, have grown children and I want to live life as best as possible... someone to accompany me?
Solo diré una palabra... SEXO
Nuevo León, Nuevo León

I´ll just say one word... SEX

I am Marta and the only thing I am looking for here and the word that best defines me is one: SEX. I am 30 years old, my young man is not too old, I have a very perfect age although any age is perfect for what you want to do and how you feel. I´m looking to feel attracted to a guy because I haven´t found him in a while.
amistad y lo que surja, me gusta tratar con gente de todas las edades
Country Club Hills, Illinois

friendship and whatever comes next

For my age, I am open-minded, I like to deal with people of all ages. Go to a liberal club from time to time, have talks of all kinds. I don´t like describing myself in a profile... natural things are the best... but you start somewhere. If you want to know about me... write.
El tiempo lo dirá, alguna vez he estado en algún chat pero poca cosa esta es la vez que demomento me lo estoy tomando más enserio
Sáenz Peña, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Time will tell

I always let time speak and decide what happens... Always letting myself go is what has worked best for me. I´ve been in a chat at some point, but this is the time I´m taking it more seriously. I´m 34 years old, I think I´m a good age for everything, although hey, any age is good for whatever we want to have.
Un hombre de mente madura
Chico, California

A man of mature mind

I like mature-minded men of course. I like them in age from 35 to 45 or even up to 50, which is also a mature age to be honest. I like that they take life seriously, relationships and meeting people who take it seriously and well, we will see little by little what happens.

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