Pescasub , 45 years
Milford, Connecticut

In principle, a sexual relationship regardless of whether he has a partner or not. I am a very gifted boy,

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Casado insatisfecho busco sexo real . En principios  busco mujeres casadas insatisfechas y solteras
Calatayud, Zaragoza

Unsatisfied married looking for real sex. In principle I look for unsatisfied married women and single

At the moment I麓m looking for someone from my town or near Calatayud? GIRLS WITHOUT PHOTOS, NO? Since I麓m married, I want discretion? In principle I prefer married women, but I really want sex. I don麓t want to waste time with promises and lies? If you really want sex, are we actually going to meet? Now that winter has arrived and it麓s very cold, I prefer to have meetings with girls near Calatayud, real meetings and I can travel by personal car, but since I am married, with discretion. I really like having sex, without rest with five, six erections a day. I am open to proposals and invitations, I am available only during the day. Warm kisses FROM NOW ON, I麓M ONLY LOOKING FOR UNSATISFIED MARRIED WOMEN
Bueno en principio amista
Huelva, Huelva

Well in principle friendship

Well, in principle, make friends and meet people and then God will say, well, you know, get to work, we can get to know each other without any type of commitment and if we reach something, what I do ask for is discretion and privacy for sporadic relationships, so if you feel like it What are you doing while hesitating? In fact, we can meet for a coffee or whatever we want and if we see that there is a feeling, then let麓s attack and if not we would simply remain friends. I have no problem with him knowing me. I am transparent and clear as day. I am not to waste time since I am 53 years old and I promise to play until she is satisfied since I don麓t like to satisfy myself and leave the other person halfway
Busco chica para poder quedar sin compromisos
La Uni贸n, Murcia

I麓m looking for a girl so I can stay without commitments

I am a boy with clear things and who wants to enjoy good company, I am 43 years old and I am from Cartagena, I work as a mechanic and I do not feel like wasting anyone麓s time or having them waste my time, I am a boy very respectful of others, somewhat shy at first, right now what I麓m looking for is to have a good time and make them have a good time with me. I麓m not looking for anything serious at first, but I also say that if that person comes into my life who makes me feel like a butterfly in the world stomach pus of course I would love to be able to find that person but in reality it doesn麓t keep me awake either, so if the person who wants to meet me I only ask that they be totally sincere with the truth in front of them without lies simply so I麓ll wait for you
encuentros, pero en principio eso conocer gente soi muy caliente me encanta el sexo comer un co帽o dominar y que me dominen si alguien quiere sexo tambi茅n cita a ciegas m谩s intriga jejeje un saludo tengo
Ba帽eza (La), Le贸n


Single guy in Los Carmenes Madrid, I麓m actually looking to have fun and I麓ve been single for many years and the truth is that I feel like going out for a drink, a movie, meeting up to talk, just having a good time, you never know who you麓ll find. But in principle, that麓s meeting people, I麓m very hot, I love sex, eating a pussy, dominating and being dominated, if someone wants sex, I also go on a blind date, more intrigue, hehe, I have greetings. 31 years
Solo buena amistad y lo que pueda surgir.
Candelaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Just good friendship and whatever may arise.

I am looking to find a friendship or whatever may arise, I am divorced and I live alone in Candelaria and if we have a good feeling through the chat, I am sure there is no problem to meet, have a drink and talk face to face, which is how everything looks best and to be able to decide the mutual interest that arises, it is very difficult for me to chat for so long in a row to be able to meet for a coffee and get to know each other, in principle I am not looking for anything else, kisses
No uso el celular & 40; al principio& 41; juego mucho al padel
Provincia de Buenos Aires, Provincia de Buenos Aires

I don麓t use the cell phone & 40; at the beginning& 41; I play a lot of padel

IF YOU DON麓T LIKE THE VIRTUAL AND IT DOESN麓T FLOW, "GOING OUT FOR A DRINK" WITHOUT KNOWING US WILL MAKE IT FLOW (it麓s my experience). I live alone and without commitments. I am looking for a serious, relaxed and cool relationship!! Sharing experiences, traveling, tantric sex, etc. I麓m going straight. Time does its work. Distances invalidate nothing! Divorce 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I DON麓T USE MY CELL PHONE (AT BEGINNING) I play a lot of paddle tennis. I have been working online for 10 years in the System Administration. of Academic Management and I am retired. I am Pedro I am in AMBA
Encuentros ocasionales.
Alicante, Alicante

Occasional encounters.

Hello, I have been separated for 48 years and I would like to find women to go out for a drink and get to know each other and talk, and if something else comes up, the better. I麓m not looking for serious relationships in principle, I麓m looking to get to know and enjoy the moment without bad feelings. I live in Alicante but I can get around without problems. I am very morbid and active and they told me that on this page I could find contacts so I could meet up and get into mischief. I consider myself a nice, happy extrovert, I麓m coming out of a complicated relationship and I haven麓t had contact with any woman for more than a year. I don麓t close myself to anything but in principle I麓m just looking to meet up, have something to laugh and have a good time without commitment and good vibes. If you feel like it, we can meet up and talk, get really horny, and then let our fantasies go. So whenever you feel like it, we麓ll get to it. Friendly, cheerful, fun with character, very passionate and romantic, I麓m also looking for women to make friends with and also to have discreet sexual encounters. No problems getting around but mainly
Espero que podamos conocernos e intercambiar experiencias
Caracas, Distrito Capital

I hope we can meet and exchange experiences

Hello! I am someone who is calm, I am 36, I like relationships to develop. I like intelligent, talkative women without prejudices. I am an attentive person and a good listener. I麓m not looking for anything in particular in principle, just to start sharing with new people, some complicity, conversations and fun games. I hope we can meet and exchange experiences
Siempre con respeto mutuo sin mas!
Salceda de Caselas, Pontevedra

Always with mutual respect without more!

I am a 34-year-old boy and I would like to find a woman to meet and if it arises in principle only for sex without commitment! I have no preferences about the profile since I prefer to meet and then evaluate and if we can have a good time, perfect! I consider myself an educated, responsible, respectful and very affectionate boy. Above all, I love that the person who is with me feels comfortable at all times. In principle, I avoid all types of commitment, simply that whatever has to happen happens, in the end it is just about getting to know new people and spend quality moments that life is two days and you have to let yourself go and make the most of it, work a lot so I consider that it is a matter of agreeing and seeing what happens but surely at least a good friendship
No busco nada serio en un principio aunque no me cierro a nada
Ja茅n, Ja茅n

I麓m not looking for anything serious at first, although I don麓t close myself to anything.

I am a young, handsome guy, with a good physique, I麓m not looking for anything serious at first although I don麓t close myself to anything, at the moment I麓m looking for something sporadic, meeting up for a drink... it麓s all about talking and getting to know each other. I麓m a sincere guy, I麓m not looking to have a conversation on this page, I麓m looking to talk on Instagram... Meetings.... I love motorcycles and cars, I like to go away and relax on the bike, I party a lot, I take care of myself I go to the gym, study and work, and I have some time left over to meet someone. I am 22 years old and although I am young I am very clear about what I am looking for and what I want, I don麓t have a photo because I don麓t trust these things very much but to try...if you try too I have no problem sending you as I am. Call me by email to talk more calmly

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