Chico, California

I┬┤m looking for a serious relationship, that┬┤s why I like to be serious... I┬┤m a normal 29-year-old woman with many experiences behind me and some better than others. I am not emotionally dependent but I like to be surrounded by people who are worth it. I don┬┤t feel alone either although I do live alone.

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No me gusta lo vulgar
Ávila, Ávila

I don┬┤t like vulgar

I hate vulgar men or women, those who speak so badly, ugh, I seriously can┬┤t handle those people, I have always spoken great, always correct, and nothing in the world will change that. I am looking for a correct man, if possible a stable relationship and if not a nice friendship, but he has to be very correct in speaking and behaving.
No quiero circos
Pobla de Montorn├Ęs (La), Tarragona

I don┬┤t want circuses

I don┬┤t feel like creating a circus of all this, I┬┤m going to take getting to know someone seriously in the way I can right now without harming anyone. It┬┤s the first time I┬┤ve logged in since I made the account, it┬┤s like I made it and at the time I regretted it a little but right now I feel like it as long as it┬┤s serious
Hablando enserio siempre
Dos Hermanas, Sevilla

Always being serious

Although I┬┤m joking, I┬┤m always serious and I take the initiative, but other times I like to have it taken for me, and I speak in general about everything. I would like to have something like a special friendship without any commitment. I┬┤m looking forward to fresh air, new friendships, a little renewal of my social life and also my sexual life, it must be said.
En el momento de conocernos todos desaparecen
Ávila, Ávila

At the moment we meet everyone disappears

Why am I so unlucky when I want to go on a date? They all disappear hahaha, I don┬┤t know how I do it, seriously, but they all come out really cool, no, very cool and they either disappear or they tell me that something has come up and I no longer know about them. I just registered here because I think I may finally have some luck. Let┬┤s hope that┬┤s the case and I really have it. I am open to whatever arises, I am very sociable and kind and I would like to find someone with the same style.
Siempre voy enserio
Santa Marta de Tormes, Salamanca

I┬┤m always serious

Although I┬┤m a sporadic person, I┬┤m always very, very serious. I take it seriously because to maintain any type of relationship you have to take the other person seriously. My mentality is always open for whatever has to come, for whatever arises. We can enjoy ourselves if we are relaxed and let ourselves go little by little.
Que es para ti una buena cita?
Alicante, Alicante

What is a good date for you?

I would love to know what you consider a good date with a woman... what you like to do and what places you like to go to, and by the way, what you are looking for and if you are one of those who is serious or just plays. Tell me and I┬┤ll tell you anyway, would you like? I am very interested in meeting someone who, above all, comes with the truth first.
Siempre hablando enserio
Valencia, Carabobo

Always being serious

I always speak seriously and I would like them to speak seriously with me and also be sincere. I love going hiking with good company and taking the opportunity to talk, get to know each other and experience unique moments. You can discover a lot about someone with that type of talk that makes us open up if we bring out our most sincere self.
El tiempo lo dirá, alguna vez he estado en algún chat pero poca cosa esta es la vez que demomento me lo estoy tomando más enserio
Sáenz Peña, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Time will tell

I always let time speak and decide what happens... Always letting myself go is what has worked best for me. I┬┤ve been in a chat at some point, but this is the time I┬┤m taking it more seriously. I┬┤m 34 years old, I think I┬┤m a good age for everything, although hey, any age is good for whatever we want to have.
Un hombre de mente madura
Chico, California

A man of mature mind

I like mature-minded men of course. I like them in age from 35 to 45 or even up to 50, which is also a mature age to be honest. I like that they take life seriously, relationships and meeting people who take it seriously and well, we will see little by little what happens.
Me gustan serios pero divertidos
Chico, California

I like them serious but fun

I like them serious in the sense that they take everything seriously as it should be, but I like them funny because I like to laugh and have a good time. I don┬┤t like the typical guy who doesn┬┤t laugh at anything and seems like you need a card to talk to him. I want a boy who I enjoy having a chat with and who I can have fun with.

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