Gratis, Ohio

I would like to have a friendly relationship but one of those that you can stay and there are no cell phones involved, have a healthy conversation and laugh without taking your cell phone out of your pocket, what do you think? Will you join my plan? It makes me very angry when I am talking to someone and they are more focused on their cell phone than what we are talking about.

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Amistad y lo que surja, la naturaleza y la comida son algunas de las cosas que me gustan
Valladolid, Valladolid

Friendship and whatever comes next

Hello friends. I am a girl looking for a boy to have a serious relationship. I live in Valladolid capital, I work in the laboratory of the University. I like the whole world of technology and digitalizations. (I dedicate myself to it) traveling, art, nature and food are some of the things I like... now I want to know what you like...
Tomar una copa, no es fácil
Arteixo, A Coru├▒a

Have a drink

I try to live my life and not that of others, to live it how I want, how I feel and it suits me well, lately I am achieving it little by little and with great desire, when you want to live your life your way, sometimes, it is not easy, for example tonight I want to go out for a drink with a stranger.
amistad y lo que surja, de hecho las tecnolog├şas no son muy fuerte
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

I didn┬┤t know how to make friends and get out of the house a little and that┬┤s why I got here. I am not a regular on the internet, in fact the technologies are not very strong... in my time none of this existed... I am 52 years old, I live in August and I am looking to go out, have a drink, have a nice chat and fate will tell if We┬┤re made for each other.
Hola, soy venezolana, profesional, felizmente divorciada
Madrid, Madrid

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional, happily divorced

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional and happily divorced. I hate lies, I love children and animals, honesty above all things. I like to share socially and with respect. I think that life is today and you have to know how to live it to be happy. Hobbies don┬┤t suit me, I don┬┤t have the age or time for games just to please others. Life is beautiful, you just have to live it in the best way, smile and be happy with the person you love.
amistad y lo que surja, ama de casa y no me relaciono demasiado con el exterior
Santa Pola, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I get very bored at home, a housewife, and I don┬┤t interact much with the outside world. Thanks to technologies and the world of the internet, things get along better. The idea of joining this chat is to talk to men and have a good friendship. I live in Santa Pola and I hope to meet you soon. Kisses.
amistad y lo que surja, yo y las tecnolog├şas no nos llevamos muy bien
Valencia, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, meeting people through chat is not really my thing... but if it has to be done to meet nice people, welcome. Me and technologies don┬┤t get along very well... I have other qualities in other things. I live in Valencia, divorced and let┬┤s see what life and destiny have in store for us, I believe in...
No todo es tan bonito como lo solemos pintar
Oviedo, Asturias

Not everything is as pretty as we usually paint it

I┬┤m one of those who don┬┤t like to pretend something I┬┤m not. My life is good, but it is monotonous, I live the way I want because I am 26 years old, I have no children and I live with my parents. I come from a good family economically and in terms of family as well, but I do not paint a reality that is not mine. I┬┤m happy but I need a stable relationship, my love life has been a disaster until now, nothing pretty... and I want to change it.
Vivo mi vida al máximo
Rinc├│n, Regi├│n Oriental

I live my life to the fullest

I like to live life to the fullest, my way of living characterizes me by giving everything for myself and for the people I care about. I don┬┤t like my ears to be damaged but I also don┬┤t like them to be sharp and unpleasant. I like authentic people who know how to live without bothering others. I am open to whatever arises because that is enjoying
Vivir la vida alegremente
Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Live life happily

I only want a person who knows how to truly love, respect, treat with affection, be faithful, share beautiful moments, live life happily, go dancing, take a walk, do household things together, our days are a party, sincerity, be complicit of ourselves, to experience the dawn and dusk together, to live more intensely each day, to be two in one person, despite remaining two...
amistad y lo que surja, escribe, y abierta un poco a lo que surja
Mislata, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

My name is Mili, I like to chat with people from all over the world... I like to travel, and then I have a free stay. I live in a town in Valencia. I dedicate myself to the world of technologies. I don┬┤t have a partner, I lived together for 5 years, which didn┬┤t end well... and I┬┤m a little open to whatever arises. If you dare, write-

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