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I want peace and tranquility and love, much dear, I love you very much, my babies SITA, I want to fuck

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sinceridad amistad y cari帽o
Madrid, Madrid

sincerity friendship and affection

Hello, I can麓t pay for the page, I can use it for free, I am sincere, a good person, I am 44. I don麓t believe in love, I am looking for sincerity, friendship and affection. I am very bad at describing myself. I am somewhat shy until I gain confidence. I usually play video games, go out with my dog, cool places. Well, I麓m an old wing in sexual relations, but I want to inobar, ask what you want to know, they broke my heart and I don麓t know what to do, I don麓t know what to add more, so I麓ll leave it, I just ask for sincerity first of all, thank you, greetings
Si necesita un masajita aqu铆 estoy yo para darte un poco de masaje
Barcelona, Barcelona

If you need a massage, here I am to give you a little massage.

Hello, my love, I hope you are well... if you need a real de-stressor, here I am to do a little massage and affection all over your body, there is no age for this, only girl, if you want to know more, you can write to me or call me, greetings and kisses for all that.. if you need an accompaniment too. I like to dance I like to be a bit of a joker about everything if you want to get to know me well here I am you can write to me on WhatsApp k
Follar dime y voy
Sevilla, Sevilla

Fuck tell me and I麓ll go

Red-haired blonde brunettes with golden hair. Here I am and in need of love, I am a boy who wants to give a lot of love and I need to be given a lot of love. I am very in need of love and affection. I麓m looking for a girl who will make my little heart happy and it is damaged by so much suffering, so many love adventures and misadventures that have only served me to learn the hardness and cruelty of this beautiful and at the same time so difficult thing that is love. I honestly don麓t know what love is nor have I ever done it and I麓m here to see if a girl gives me a love injury makes me trust and believe in him because he is the best of love darling please teach me what I love the truth that love has to be very beautiful. I have been with a girl with many caresses and many kisses but what I have felt I did not like, that is what I want to say I love you.
el amor y cari帽o
Sevilla, Sevilla

love and affection

I am a boy who is in love and I urgently need sex because I am going to jump and fall. I love you I love you I love you little bug I love you I love you I love you make love to me I want to know what love is my old man I love you for my birthday put on the hundreds of trucks of soothing vegetables teach me what love is yes or yes today in Look for yours and I麓ll take you with me forever, but look for your life, please, and it麓s such a shame to waste it. We麓re in Holy Week, and I麓m grateful for this man. What he has there, it麓s a shame to waste it. You麓re not going to regret looking for me quickly. In a few days. They catch me in run run run I麓m free love by my side Goodbye here everything is fine before you have come over time for me a month you don麓t pass you make you starve someone loves you well yes eating well in truth in Pach谩 you why I don麓t stop nor am I going to stop again never bye I don麓t want to know anything more about you here I am waiting for a new girl. I would like to find a girl who doesn麓t cut herself and who meets today who
amistad y lo que surja mejor
Huesca, Huesca

friendship and whatever comes best

reserved affectionate family here in liruch very happy for the affection towards me I am from Huesca I appreciate all the impressive affection I hope one day I can have your friendship even if it is I consider myself a good family boy and a good friend, if the girls give me ease the better that is if I am very I麓m grateful here for your attention and I know that many wish me but nothing is official, it麓s a shame that they don麓t trust giving facilities to any girl if they ask me in private. I麓m grateful to everyone who wishes me in their own way. I respect everyone, the truth is jibo I would easily give it if they asked me in private but of course I understand the girls who want it little by little but, grateful to all the girls for their love, I wish I could do it live, not just virtual, if any of them want it. I will give, if it is to my liking and if you ask me, please, a very strong hug for all the girls.
Creo que esto es muy importante para cualquier mujer
Valladolid, Valladolid

I think this is very important for any woman.

I am ready to be a good and loving life partner and wife. A very optimistic woman who loves life and finds happiness in the little things. I麓m here to find my love. I shine and give all my love and energy to my family and friends, and I think this is very important for any woman. I will give you all my love, care and affection.
Mucho amor no soporto las mentiras no soy infiel nunca
La Bisbal del Pened猫s, Tarragona

A lot of love, I can麓t stand lies, I麓m never unfaithful.

At my age, I am looking for a woman who knows what it means to really love her partner, enjoy every day with a lot of energy, travel through the Pyrenees, and who likes music from the late nineties, who is a very good person like me, who likes to laugh at movies, beach a good dinner live with affection and a lot of love I can麓t stand lies I am never unfaithful and I want a woman who is just as faithful above all and without lies above all who likes to know
Si lo tienes claro y ya no es lo que era, soy tu chico.
Granollers, Barcelona

If you麓re clear about it and it麓s not what it used to be, I麓m your guy.

If you are clear about what you want, you have a partner and you are looking for the passion that was lost along the way... Then I am your guy. I can麓t promise you love, but passion and affection...I have to share. I only ask for discretion and the desire to enjoy our moments, without bad vibes, enjoying ourselves and with the peace of mind of giving ourselves permission to be yourself for a while. Something real, getting to know each other over something or whatever we think of, the rest will flow on its own and if it doesn麓t have to flow then as good friends, and we take away that it is always better to have coffee in company than alone.
Una persona que no lo importe como soy, sino lo que puedo dar.
Cuenca, Cuenca

A person who doesn麓t care about who I am, but what I can give.

A person who doesn麓t care about who I am, but what I can give. I don麓t care what you are. I am 19, I am a virgin, but I want to stop being one with: I want to find a girl who wants me for what I can give and who also gives me things, affection, love and respect. There are days when I will need love and others affection, I would like to find a girl who gives me affection and sex, more affection than sex, but also to be able to vent with her (talk); Also if it is possible that she has her own house and can go to her house, help her at home. And that it doesn麓t have many taboos. In case you want to know, I really like girls who are very poorly thought out and very slutty, but at very appropriate times, at other times affectionate and loving, just like me. I do not care about the age. That he likes animals and that he is kind.
Carlos Coronado
La medida del amor es amar sin medida
San Antonio la Isla, Estado de M茅xico

The measure of love is to love without measure

SOMETHING GOOD. "I麓m not afraid of anything, but I still can麓t explain why I tremble every time I see you." (Jaime Sabines) The Mexican poet makes us think about the vulnerability that love can bring. 2. "If I know what love is, it is thanks to you." (Herman Hesse) Love is a teaching. And often the loved one is the teacher. This is what this romantic reflection says. 3. "The measure of love is to love without measure." (Saint Augustine) These words invite us to think about the very essence of love: a feeling that cannot be explained with rules or quantities, but flows freely.

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