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amistad y lo que surja, me gusta ir con la verdad por delante
Valencia, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

I like to go with the truth first, people who are sincere and open-minded. I┬┤m a trans woman and I┬┤m looking for a boyfriend, I haven┬┤t had a stable partner for a long time and I want to have support and someone to love. I have had many affairs and what I am looking for is emotional stability. If you want to meet me, tell me something and we┬┤ll talk.
Solo una charla para engancharte a mi
Elda, Alicante

Just a talk to get you hooked on me

If you are looking for a stable relationship you are in luck because with just one talk with me you will get hooked on me, maybe you won┬┤t fall in love, I don┬┤t know, but you will definitely get hooked. I would so much like to meet someone to get along with and be able to stay and experience something really nice... I┬┤m serious, I always assure you.
Merezco un hombre que me quiere
Oviedo, Asturias

I deserve a man who loves me

New ways, I┬┤m looking for a man who loves me. I am looking for friendship, love and sex all in the same person. I am a good girl but I have suffered too much and I do not deserve to suffer more and less for love with how beautiful it is to love each other. I live my life without messing with anyone and I don┬┤t know why life in love has to treat me like this, but well, I hope to find my prince charming, the real one who will always respect me.
Tengo un ni├▒o y busco el amor
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I have a child and I am looking for love

Everything must be told and although I already have the love of my life by my side, who is my son, I am looking for the other love of my life, a partner. I respect that there are guys who don┬┤t want girls with children but I also know that there are guys who don┬┤t care. I┬┤m looking for real and authentic love, to have a good time in bed I simply already have someone with that┬┤s why here I want to find that person who will change my world for the better and make me fall completely in love.
Solo sexo y encima discreto
Tortosa, Tarragona

Only sex and discreet

I am in a relationship, I am looking for discreet and uncomplicated sex. I have already met a guy once before and it has been great and I am looking to continue doing so. Those who want to give me a talk about fidelity and true love should refrain because each of us has specific circumstances to do things.
Rica en amor
Rio Rico, Arizona

Rich in love

I am so rich in love that I have accumulated so much love and so much affection to give that I can┬┤t wait to do it. I am open to everything but I am very affectionate and I warn you in advance. I am not jealous nor possessive nor do I get angry over stupid things. I like to respect each person┬┤s space just as I want them to respect mine
Quiero conocer a alguien desde la sinceridad
Barcelona, Anzoátegui

I want to know someone sincerely

If I can meet someone and they show me that they are sincere, I think we will have a long way to go to have something more. For me, sincerity is the greatest thing you can show me after the bad experiences I have had in love and even with friends who have also betrayed me time and time again. I┬┤m looking for love but I wouldn┬┤t mind having something sporadic as long as it┬┤s done with a lot of respect.
Quiero relacion seria con mucho amor, respeto que me valore
Valencia, Valencia

I want a serious relationship with a lot of love, respect that values me

I want a serious relationship with a lot of love and respect that values me and that we both are a team as such, that we can get ahead together overcoming every obstacle that comes our way in life but that also respects and loves my son, which is what I love more in this world....
El tiempo pasa y quiero pareja
Florida, Florida

Time passes and I want a partner

I feel alone when it comes to love and I am tired of this loneliness in love. I have been single for a long time and longing for a beautiful, healthy and sincere relationship, something that I have never had 100% and I am already looking for a love that truly loves me and respects me and we can be very happy together. I am very faithful but well I don┬┤t have to say it, I have to show it.
Muy liberal
Navarra, Navarra

Very liberal

I am very liberal and I like a liberal guy like me. I want to be treated with a lot of love and a lot of respect... By love I mean affection and not love as a couple because I am now in a very liberal stage and what I want is good sex and friendship, having a good time and going out from time to time. from time to time

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