Abdel , 33 years
Panama City Beach, Florida

Make friends meet people around the world I┬┤m a fun person just get to know me

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Busco conocer chica, quieres conocer para amistad y quien sabe por estoy sin cr├ędito por favor solo personas interesadas en dar n├║mero de tel├ęfono o correo electr├│nico s├│lo interesadas en dejar n├║mero telef├│nico y correo
Mos, Pontevedra

I┬┤m looking to meet a girl

Do you want to meet for friendship and who knows why I have no credit please only people interested in giving a phone number or email only interested in leaving a phone number and email
Busco hacer amistades con chicas, soy una persona alegre
Arbo, Pontevedra

I am looking to make friends with girls, I am a happy person

I am looking to make friends with girls, I am a happy person and I like to talk, greetings, I am currently residing in Havana Cuba, I would love to meet an intelligent, sexy woman, full of energy with a great desire to live, to see new places and have a good time. well together, who likes to play sports, a healthy life, with a happy character and a solid economy, to be able to have a great time, wanted to return to Spain, I have lived many years in Cuba, and I would love to go to Galicia, the province of my grandparents, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me, I will gladly answer you, I would love to make new female friends from my country Spain and my province Galicia and get to know their tastes and customs, if you are that special girl, call me.
Busco conocer, busco conocer y hacer buenas amistades sin ning├║n inter├ęs solo conocer personas lindas humildes sencillas
Madrid, Madrid

I seek to know

I am looking to meet and make good friends without any interest, just meeting beautiful, humble, simple people.
Con ganas de conocer a gente, abierto a lo que sea me considero una persona amable abierta y con ganas de conocer a gente y hacer amistad
Murcia, Murcia

Eager to meet people

Open to anything, I consider myself a kind, open person who wants to meet people and make friends.
Conocer a una persona para amistad o lo que surja
Pueblonuevo del Guadiana, Badajoz

Meet a person for friendship or whatever arises

Meeting a person for friendship or whatever arises and always remaining friends forever, and having a good time without problems without complications, and for everyone to enjoy
Buscar amistad principalmente
Madrid, Madrid

Mainly seek friendship

Seek friendship mainly. Try to meet people without malice with the same intentions of meeting people and making friends.
Que hacemos
Logro├▒o, La Rioja

What do we do

just friendship to enter into conversation with someone who sees me as their friend when speaking and then we will see when we meet and what we do
Poder salir a tomar algo o lo que quiera la persona
Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid

Being able to go out for a drink or whatever the person wants

I will talk to girls to get to know each other and make good friends and be able to go out for a drink or whatever the person wants.
Conocer nuevas personas, hacer nuevas amistades
Madrid, Madrid

Meet new people, make new friends

Meet new people, make new friends and whatever arises, always positive and friendly
Sexo sin compromiso que nos gusta repetiremos que no quedamos como amigos
Chiloeches, Guadalajara

Sex without commitment that we like, we will repeat that we do not remain friends

Friendship and sex without commitment that we like, we will repeat that we are not friends. I am 59 years old, brown eyes, gray hair, I am 1.85 tall, I like walking or hiking, I like nudist beaches, I am more into talking on the phone or making video calls. I like to listen to the person┬┤s voice and know what they are like. I like women who are sensual, morbid, daring and who are themselves just waiting to meet you with a big kiss. I don┬┤t post photos because I┬┤m married and I don┬┤t want anyone I know or someone to know me. familiar

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