Jose , 21 years
Callahan, Florida

May she be very affectionate with me and show me everything.

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miguel angel
Cariñoso nada más no hombres ok saludos
Toledo, Toledo

Affectionate, nothing more, no men, ok greetings

Well I AM LOOKING FOR a girl to have a good time, both of us also to go out on the weekends. I am single without a girl. I want a friendship or whatever arises with me. Ah, I am sincere and affectionate, nothing more, no men, ok, greetings.
Soy un chico normal trankilo educado cari├▒oso muy sonriente
La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

I am a normal, calm, polite, loving, very smiling boy.

I am a normal guy, calm, polite, affectionate, very smiling, at the moment I am very liberal, I am looking for friends to have a good time, whatever arises, and if we fit, then a stable relationship. I am very passionate, I usually surprise people in bed or anywhere.
Con muchas ganas de disfrutar de la vida al máximo
Toledo, Toledo

Looking forward to enjoying life to the fullest

I am a happy, friendly boy who really wants to enjoy life to the fullest. The ideal partner for that girl who wants a sporadic and pleasant encounter. I have had several couples and the love did not last, now I am at a stage in my life in which I neither want nor need nonsense in my head. But the truth is that we all have basic needs to cover...and you know that? If you have things clear and you want to laugh, you will have fun and enjoy life without commitments or bad vibes. Write to me And to say something about myself, I like to take a backpack and get lost in seeing new things, there are many interesting things to see and magical corners full of peace and tranquility, which make you disconnect and recharge your batteries to continue with your day to day life. bearable.
Soi un chico que busca chica para lo que surja soi sincero cari├▒oso i mui amable me
Muro, Islas Baleares

I am a boy looking for a girl for whatever arises. I am sincere, affectionate and very kind.

I am a boy who is looking for a girl for whatever arises. I am sincere, affectionate and very kind. I like music and cinema. I am dark-skinned with black hair. I am 1.70 tall and weigh 72 kilos. Brown eyes. I work in industries. I am a European scaffolding assembler. I am almost always away from home. I am a lover. Of the animals I looked for a threesome or by car wherever it arises. I like to travel and I would do it with a girl who wants to come with me. My number is six seven seven zero three two seven six seven. I live in Muro so you know I would like to meet up with girls to have a good time Friday I am fun friendly understanding so I┬┤m waiting for you to call me cheer up girls I┬┤m 100% happy kisses for all i good day
Hola soy un chico serio divertido cari├▒oso educado busco una
Valencia, Valencia

Hello, I am a serious guy, fun, loving, educated, I am looking for a

Hello, I am a serious guy, fun, affectionate, polite. I am looking for a girl to go out there to have a good time and enjoy. I don┬┤t like lies, I hate lies. I like sincerity, whatever it is, no matter what happens, always the truth ahead.
Que a veces sea un poco alocada y cari├▒osa como yo
Co├şn, M├ílaga

That sometimes she is a little crazy and affectionate like me

I am looking for a sincere, loving person who is sometimes a little crazy and who likes the beach and having fun and who wants to live new experiences. I will be happy to meet you and you will laugh a lot and you will have a good time. Beauty is inside the person. Come and get to know me, you won┬┤t regret it. We never started to get to know each other and if something comes up that is welcome, sex is another topic that like anyone likes, you will live an experience that you have never had before. I will be here waiting for you whenever you want, but come on. Write to me and let┬┤s start getting to know each other, you won┬┤t be disappointed, Edo, it┬┤s a sure thing, I┬┤ll wait for you, my princess. Plus, I┬┤m one of those old-fashioned lovers who still send flowers. Well, to say goodbye, I┬┤ll say that I┬┤m a Leo zodiac sign. If you want, call me by phone and call. We can also have fun here I┬┤ll wait for you
Alguien que se pueda confiar, cari├▒osa
La Rinconada, Sevilla

Someone you can trust, loving

Someone who can be trusted, loving and faithful and who can be counted on for decisions in life and if you are that person, look for me you will not regret it, I don┬┤t like lies, only honest and sincere people, I just hope it┬┤s you...
Busco una cari├▒osa mujer por ser├şa relaci├│n
Vallanca, Valencia

I am looking for a loving woman for a serious relationship

I came to Spain after renouncing the past and getting away from the situation that I couldn┬┤t and didn┬┤t change. I preferred to live alone and away from anything that could cause inconvenience or pain and problems. I am a loving, understanding, and romantic man. I love meeting new people as friends, but of course I hope to find an understanding, emotional, and understanding woman for a serious and solid relationship. I am fluent in English and a little French and of course I speak Arabic. Being from Lebanon, my country of origin, I make an effort to learn Spanish. That┬┤s why I use the translator to read and respond to messages, which makes me very embarrassed because of the delay in responding to messages. I registered at the language school in Valencia, but they put me on a waiting list because there were no vacancies.
Persona autentica, so├▒adora, fiel, cari├▒oso y muy divertido.
Illescas, Toledo

Authentic person, dreamer, faithful, affectionate and very fun.

Hello, I am a sentimental boy, committed to Mother Nature, respectful. A free spirit who knows the strength of love. A man who will make you feel and make you laugh. Fun, faithful and sincere little boy. I am that man. What I┬┤m most passionate about in life... I┬┤m not crazy about telling you here.
Busco chica morbosa y atrevida. Llamame
Aranda de Duero, Burgos

I am looking for a morbid and daring girl. Call me

Guy of 1.80 with light eyes and 40 years old, sincere, affectionate, forward, sensitive, humble, sensitive and friendly, looking for an affectionate, fun and morbid girl to meet and see what can arise, I would like to meet a loving, fun, forward, daring girl, morbid, sincere and a good person to meet and meet to see if we have feeling and good chemistry to have fun, enjoy and have a good time. The encounters would be something sporadic, although if we have a lot of chemistry it can be repeated for more days and become occasional encounters, or what has been being a fuckfriend. I can also give you a good erotic massage. If you try it, you will definitely repeat, call me so we can talk, we know each other a little and We see

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