Chico, California

I don┬┤t know if it will be for something more stable, something more sporadic or a simple friendship. The fact is that I would like to have male company in another way than as a lifelong friendship or with a family member. I feel very loved by my surroundings but I also like to feel loved in other ways and with other kids of course. I don┬┤t want any relationship out of interest or anything like that since I neither charge nor pay nor do any of that and I don┬┤t want them to do it either. I don┬┤t have double intentions or anything like that, I┬┤m just looking for company because I know that there are also many men who look for companies without evil.

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Acompa├▒arnos mutuamente
M├ęrida, Badajoz

Accompany each other

I create good mutual company. I am looking for a noble, friendly, cheerful, sincere and faithful boy. I don┬┤t like guys with a partner because I don┬┤t like infidelity. I don┬┤t feel like being the other one either. I like to cook, I enjoy making new dishes. I like to eat too and I enjoy all the plans that come my way.
Muy casera pero siempre acompa├▒ada
Albacete, Albacete

Very homemade but always accompanied

I really don┬┤t like being alone even though I live alone but I like being in company, I have to say that if it┬┤s male company I like it more hehehe but I don┬┤t bring anyone into my house lightly either. I need to know the person well and that is why I want to start with a good and beautiful friendship... Do you follow me?
amistad y lo que surja, me mime y me haga sentir realizada
Salamanca, Salamanca

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, I┬┤m alone at home and I need someone to keep me company, take care of me, pamper me and make me feel fulfilled. I don┬┤t have a partner and I prefer the company of people over animals. I like to travel, visit towns and cities and I look for that person who is there when I need them. If you think it could be you... tell me something.
Busco amistad, si buscas la mejor compa├▒├şa y si est├ís aqu├ş seguro que la buscas
Toledo, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

If you are looking for the best company and if you are here, you are sure to be looking for it, call me because I am always the best company, I am many things and I adapt to everything and I also surprise and they are very special surprises that the boys love mmm. I am looking for friendship and to meet people to go out and have a good time.
La compa├▒├şa tiene que ser mutua
Torrevieja, Alicante

The company has to be mutual

I would like to find my life partner but for the company to be mutual, I don┬┤t want to be the typical spoiled or non-consenting cuckold who doesn┬┤t know anything, you know, I want real love, I don┬┤t want infidelities.
No quiero ser la sustituta de nadie
Sevilla, Sevilla

I don┬┤t want to be anyone┬┤s substitute

I say this because sometimes they have used me to make me jealous or to forget a relationship and then I suffered a lot. I can give you what you ask for if I receive what I ask for. A mutual relationship to achieve happiness. But I don┬┤t want to get carried away hehe, I don┬┤t want you to think that I┬┤m too tacky and get bored just reading my profile because I┬┤m a very interesting girl and you┬┤re going to see it for yourself.
Necesito compa├▒├şa, siempre me gusta estar acompa├▒ada pero seg├║n en qu├ę momento la compa├▒├şa deseada var├şa y puede ser de un tipo de otro
Santa Marta de Tormes, Salamanca

I need company

My name is Josefa, I am 35 years old, I have come out of a very long relationship and now I am only looking for male company to have a good time. I always like to be accompanied but depending on the moment the desired company varies and can be of one type or another. If you dare and we know each other, we will decide what type of company we can be, although I am very clear about it.
Busco lo que llevo tiempo sin tener
Zamora, Zamora

I┬┤m looking for what I haven┬┤t had for a long time

I have been single for a long time without a partner. I would like to find a man committed to love who is excited to be in a relationship and is tender and sensitive. I like my boys to be affectionate and like to make quiet plans and enjoy the mutual company that we both give each other.
Una buena compa├▒├şa es importante
Gratis, Ohio

Good company is important

I love having good company by my side and specifically if it is a man, then good company. I like to be in connection with the person I can start to get to know and well, I would like everything with that person, at least it is my intention for it to be that way. I like that they are not younger than me and not excessively old either. A middle ground would be good.
Trabajo para una compa├▒├şa de seguros
El Pas de la Casa, Encamp

I work for an insurance company

I have been working for an insurance company for some time and although it is not the job of my life, it is going quite well for me and I am still there. The good thing about this job is that I have learned to be patient so I think I have developed a gift with patience hehehe. Right now I┬┤m looking for friendship, disconnection and having good times. I like guys more or less my age and a little older too, but not younger unless you┬┤re just looking for friendship.

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