Country Club Hills, Illinois

It bothers many of you that I am liberal, so I want to make it clear that I am, that I am not looking for anything serious at this time, that my mind will continue to be liberal but with respect. We can be friends with or without rights but with clear ideas and without anyone getting confused

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Compañero y lo iremos viendo
Picassent, Valencia

Mate and we will see

I would like to find a life partner but it is essential to get to know each other and see what could or could not arise between our two souls, our two bodies, our two lives. I´m a bit mystical, I know that, but very normal and very loving and friendly and I find something between two adults who want to get to know each other.
Me gustan traviesos
Sevilla, Sevilla

I like them naughty

I am very naughty, I like to play on cam, I like to play on the phone and of course, I like to play in person. Do you dare to try me? Maybe you get hooked on sex with me and you don´t want to have sex with anyone else. It´s not worth falling in love because I don´t want to make you suffer, but honey, I´m a free soul, I don´t want commitments.
Un chico bonito sobretodo de interior
Salamanca, Salamanca

A pretty boy indoor coat

I look inside people, especially in their souls. I believe in soul mates and what I believe in is coincidences. I´m not looking for any kind of conflict with anyone if you don´t believe that soul mates can be found at least respect me and don´t judge me or make fun of me. I am looking for a stable relationship
Sabes contar? Cuenta conmigo
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Do you know how to count? Count on me

I would like to make friends, I am that kind of faithful friend that you can always count on. I have the soul to help everyone, although I get the worst of it later, but that´s okay... I´m looking forward to finding someone to have a stable and serious relationship with. I always take life very very seriously
Tomar una copa, probablemente sea la mujer madura más bella del mundo y no lo digo solo por mi físico también por mi interior
Ávila, Ávila

Have a drink

I am probably the most beautiful mature woman in the world and I don´t just say it because of my physique but also because of my interior, I am very good and super generous, I am there for whoever needs me and what I have I give with all my soul, having honor to my name . I would love to have a drink with a guy and yes too.
Madurita pero con alma de jovencita
Zamora, Zamora

Mature but with the soul of a young girl

I am a 45-year-old mature woman but my soul is that of a 30-year-old girl hahaha, in reality I feel young but my mentality is that of a 45-year-old woman who really wants to continue enjoying life. Fun and with more energy than 5 out of 20. I work, I take care of my house, my children and on top of that I have time to meet up, will the next one I meet with be you?
Un alma aventurera con gusto por los momentos espontáneos
Cali, Valle del Cauca

An adventurous soul with a taste for spontaneous moments

An adventurous soul with a taste for spontaneous moments and deep conversations. Passionate about [insert interests/hobbies], I find joy in exploring new places, trying exotic cuisines, and sharing laughter with a good joke. I value authenticity, kindness and a curious mind. I´m looking for someone to join me on this journey of discovery, where we can create our own story full of laughter, shared dreams, and endless possibilities.
La palabra odio es muy fea
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

The word hate is very ugly

People who say they hate others, all they have is a black soul that is not normal. I would never hate anyone, if I don´t like someone I´ll pass by but hating is awful. I´m looking for good times and good people who want to get to know me and are pure souls... I´m open to whatever arises between them, sex of course.
Me gusta el sexo pero con amor siempre
Albacete, Albacete

I like sex but always with love

As my name does not indicate, I am all soul, also joy, positivity and love. I am very sexual, I love sex, I cannot deny it, but without a doubt, sex is at its best when you are in love and I want to be in love to have a real relationship that has a lot of love and a lot of sex too.
amistad y lo que surja, apasionado que se entregue en alma en el sexo
Segovia, Segovia

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a very feminine and very hot transvestite, wanting to have a good time with an ardent, passionate man who dedicates himself wholeheartedly to sex... I like games, toys, lingerie and everything that produces morbidity... and What things do you like? And what fantasies do you have?

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