Rio Rico, Arizona

I love to play that yes never of my ever with feelings. I love to give it my all when I like a guy and in these moments when I┬┤m only looking for sex and friendship you will love to see how I can give it my all. What do you say, do you dare? Or do you back down?

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pasion barcelona mujeres
Barcelona, Barcelona

passion barcelona women

I am looking for passion, yes, as it sounds, I am not looking for love or romanticism, only passion, which is what I lack. I am a woman from Barcelona, married and tired of the routine of a marriage that no longer provides me or excites me, I need to feel alive. I need passion, to feel desired and I am looking for a man who feels the same way as me.
Tomar una copa, mi pasion supera todos los l├şmites
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Have a drink

My passion surpasses all limits, it transcends everything, my passion is for everything and for everything, when I was little I was already a super passionate girl, even playing with my dolls, I gave kisses to everyone, even the doctors who poked me. I would really like to have a drink with a nice and nice guy.
Me gustan traviesos
Sevilla, Sevilla

I like them naughty

I am very naughty, I like to play on cam, I like to play on the phone and of course, I like to play in person. Do you dare to try me? Maybe you get hooked on sex with me and you don┬┤t want to have sex with anyone else. It┬┤s not worth falling in love because I don┬┤t want to make you suffer, but honey, I┬┤m a free soul, I don┬┤t want commitments.
Busco amistad, si no siento la pasion en un hombre
Segovia, Segovia

I am looking for friendship

Without passion, if I don┬┤t feel passion in a man, then of course not, I need to feel it especially in intimacy, you know? I put it and I also like to receive it, I have been in many relationships in which I haven┬┤t had it. and thank you, because now I know that I need it. I┬┤m looking for friendship before anything else, yes.
amistad y lo que surja, o que juegue con mis juguetes y conmigo
Valencia, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

What am I going to do if I┬┤m playful? I┬┤m looking for someone to play with and have a good time. I have my erotic toys that give me a lot of pleasure, but nothing like something made of flesh and blood, or playing with my toys and with me... the solitaire ones already bore me and I don┬┤t feel the same... let me know when you want to play with me.
Yo no lo veo
Mutxamel, Alicante

I do not see it

I don┬┤t understand or see well people who only play with other people, why? I don┬┤t know but I have feelings and I just want something real and authentic like friendship or a relationship but real. I┬┤m not going to play with anyone or laugh so I ask for the same. I am very friendly, I really like making plans and I am always there to help whoever needs me. I like to go on trips and take routes getting to know new places.
Que quede bien claro lo que busco jeje
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

Let it be very clear what I┬┤m looking for hehe

I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship and for it to be super super clear, I don┬┤t want any hassles. I like sports, I play paddle tennis and I like to swim, those are my real passions. I don┬┤t like monotony at all so I┬┤m looking for a guy for these things who likes to move and make thousands of plans to avoid falling into the monotony that ruins so many relationships.
amistad y lo que surja, si estás casado y te sientes identificado conmigo
Campo de Caso, Asturias

friendship and whatever comes next

I am looking to make contacts and have a possible adventure, I am married and tired of routine, I am looking for new emotions in my life, I am 38 years old, I work, I do not have children, I have been with my husband since I was 16 years old and our passion has gone away and It is what I am looking for in my life, passion... if you are married and you identify with me, write...
Soy muy pasional que os parece eso?

I┬┤m very passionate, what do you think?

Not everyone likes girls like me. It┬┤s not bad to be passionate, the other way around, but sometimes putting a lot of passion into life can play tricks on you because it seems to bother you. Well, in short, I am open to everything and you should know that I put a lot of passion into it.
amistad y lo que surja, trabajo a turnos, que sea infiel a su pareja y le guste vivir la aventura con intensidad y con pasi├│n
Madrid, Cundinamarca

friendship and whatever comes next

I┬┤m looking for someone who is like me,... who is unfaithful to their partner and likes to live the adventure with intensity and passion... that is what has gone away in my marriage... I am 44 years old, I work shifts, I love it music, especially rock and blues... I┬┤m a biker, which is one of my great passions... I┬┤m from Madrid, which I hadn┬┤t said before...

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