Soy una chica normal, no voy de nada no me creo más interesante que nadie soy de lo más normal que podrás conocer en estos momentos pero tengo mucho que ofrecer
Chico, California

I am a normal girl

I´m not going for anything, I don´t think I´m more interesting than anyone else, I´m the most normal person you´ll ever meet right now, but I have a lot to offer. If you feel like it, we can get to know each other, if not, nothing happens. I´m looking forward to whatever comes up and I love to chat.
Soy una chica sana
Chico, California

I am a healthy girl

I don´t smoke, I barely drink at specific times and of course you don´t try foreign substances. I love taking care of myself and eating healthy. I like doing a lot of sports. I´m open to having a good time and enjoying myself and then if something more serious comes up, no problem, but you have to enjoy yourself first.
Busco busco busco y no sé si encontraré
Chico, California

I search I search I search and I don´t know if I will find

Sometimes I get tired of searching, of looking for things that never arrive or happen... relationships that never quite come together... I don´t know what I´m doing wrong, but hey, I also tell you that I´m positive and I´m here searching. for whatever arises always for whatever arises.
Quiero planes divertidos
Chico, California

I want fun plans

I would like to make fun plans. It´s been a while since I went out with a guy to make a plan because I don´t even remember. I´m open to everything but wouldn´t you tell me that the best thing is to start with a good friendship? For me, yes, it is key when it comes to having a good relationship.
Me gustan los chicos sociables
Chico, California

I like sociable boys

I am Claudia, a very sociable girl and as such I like very sociable guys with whom I can talk about everything and find them interesting. I´m not looking for a fleeting adventure, I´m not that kind of girl and although I don´t know if I´ll find love, I hope that at least I can find a friendship and it´s worth it to me.
amistad y lo que surja, me considero muy interesante
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl from the Dominican Republic, a little lost, I already have a job and I am missing friends to go out and a partner... in the latter I am not in too much of a hurry, many changes in my life suddenly and I like to go little by little. If you are interested and want to know more things about me... write to me, I consider myself very interesting.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una chica
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl, who is looking for a boy to have a serious relationship... I have been free for some time and I miss some things... when you are in a relationship, you feel, it has been a long time since my heart beats for anyone... I have been working for a long time. bit of a secretary in a law office. And now I just need to find my boy.
No quiero perder el tiempo, no busco malas maneras ni mucho menos
Chico, California

I do not wanna lose my time

Please don´t waste my time, I´m here to meet some guy and be able to have whatever comes up but fun and interesting. I´m not looking for bad manners, far from it. I look for them to give me joy more than sorrow. I´m not looking for arguments, I´m looking for good guys. A real boy always behaves well.
Busco amistad o lo que surja tener un lindo novio
Long Beach, California

I´m looking for friendship or whatever comes up, having a nice boyfriend

I´m looking for friendship or whatever comes up, having a nice boyfriend. Invite me to come and eat
Busco un chico feliz
Chico, California

I´m looking for a happy boy

I´m looking for a happy guy and I´m looking for him to be happy because I don´t want negative energies, I immediately absorb all the bad energies and it´s not something I want to stay because then I´m negative and I wouldn´t like it. I´m looking for positive guys who want to fall in love in the future.
amistad y lo que surja, para quitarnos el calor y el sofoco juntos
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I woke up horny and I´m looking to chat with guys, to get rid of the heat and suffocation together... I enjoy everything, I like to go slowly, go over your entire body... foreplay, a good oral... spicy lingerie and sex toys I love them... now I want to know all the things you like.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una chica que busca pasarlo bien
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl who seeks to have a good time, that does not mean that I want sex... there are many ways to have a good time... and at the moment I just want to meet people, go out, laugh, drink, dance and disconnect from the reality of my life. I´m coming out of a difficult few months and I´m just looking to escape... are you up to party with me?
Conocer a alguien que quiera lo mismo de mi
Chico, California

Meet someone who wants the same from me

It would be fabulous to get along with someone who wants the same thing that you want from that person and lately what I´ve been looking for with the guys that I´ve liked has been different from what they wanted with me so in the end it has remained a friendship or simply a nothing. Will I be lucky right now?
Quiero enamorarme porfiiii
Chico, California

I want to fall in love please

I want to find true love for fi why don´t you come out of your hiding place? You´ve hidden yourself so well that I can´t find you but maybe you´re here... Could it be? Let´s look at it and see if we can meet once and for all, right?
Me aficione a viajar en autocaravana
Chico, California

I got into traveling in a motorhome

A couple of years ago a friend got me interested in traveling in a motorhome and now my dream is to be able to buy one in the hopefully not too distant future. I really rent one from time to time and I take advantage and travel but of course in the long run it is better for me to have my own hehehe well I am looking for love and if you have a motorhome I will fall in love with it hahahahahaha
No soy fumadora
Chico, California

I´m not a smoker

I am a non-smoking girl and that is why I prefer a non-smoker. I hate the smell of tobacco, it makes me nauseous and I have an incredibly bad time. I am looking for a discreet and passionate educated boy who seeks friendship and also love. I´m looking for a guy who doesn´t just see me as "a butt and tits" who doesn´t see me as "something sexual" I´m looking for a guy who is capable of valuing other virtues other than an attractive physique
amistad y lo que surja, lo que me motive
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello everyone, I´m not looking for handsome guys, but I am looking for mature and sensible guys. I pay attention to the way people are, what motivates me... my partners were not pretty, but they were special. I´m looking for that special person to steal my heart again. If you would like us to meet, please don´t let it be...
Me gustan serios pero divertidos
Chico, California

I like them serious but fun

I like them serious in the sense that they take everything seriously as it should be, but I like them funny because I like to laugh and have a good time. I don´t like the typical guy who doesn´t laugh at anything and seems like you need a card to talk to him. I want a boy who I enjoy having a chat with and who I can have fun with.
amistad y lo que surja, con el que dar tienda suelta a toda la pasión que tengamos dentro
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I´m looking for a guy who makes me feel alive, who takes a few years off my life... the doctor has told me that sex rejuvenates and I´m willing to do it every day if it´s for the reason hehe... but I´m missing the perfect companion , with which to give free store to all the passion we have inside... don´t take too long.
amistad y lo que surja, busco hacer amigos con los que salir
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl from Estonia, I have been in Spain for three years, I am looking to make friends to go out with... I work in the world of telecommunications, I work remotely and I travel a lot... that allows me to meet people from all over the world... my heart loves it. I am lonely and looking for someone to fill it for me and who is just as romantic as me.
No nos agobiemos
Chico, California

Let´s not get overwhelmed

Step by step you get everywhere, I don´t want to get overwhelmed or for you to get overwhelmed... Let´s go without getting overwhelmed but look for what most represents us and what we both want at that moment and I hope that we both sincerely agree.
Aunque no soy fácil tampoco soy difícil
Chico, California

Although I´m not easy, I´m not difficult either.

It´s strange because I´m not easy but I´m not difficult either, sometimes I act tough perhaps more than necessary but deep down I want them to show me that they like me and that they give me value. Open to everything that arises and hoping it is for the best.
amistad y lo que surja, no tengo pareja, pero si me llega el amor
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl from Lima, I feel somewhat lost... I have moved for work reasons and progress in life. I´m currently looking for friends, going out, seeing places, I don´t have a partner, I don´t want to at the moment, this stage that I´m starting, I like to do it alone... but if love comes to me... I won´t close the doors to my heart.
Ahora conocer a alguien para sexo
Chico, California

Now meet someone for sex

Now I´m only interested in meeting someone for sex. I don´t have my heart prepared for another love adventure. Right now I need peace of mind and to look out for myself and have a good time. I´m not strange so my tastes are very normal.
amistad y lo que surja, voy a encontrar lo que busco
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a very hot girl and I have been told that in this chat, I will find what I am looking for... I like affectionate people, but not clingy... fun, but not someone who drinks excessively... abuse does not suit me at all , nor drugs, nor alcohol, which later in bed does not perform in the same way... if you feel like it, write.
Todos necesitamos a alguien siempre
Chino, California

We all always need someone

Although sometimes we say that we don´t need anyone but deep down we do need someone by our side. For now I am open to everything but a friendship is essential for everything in this life. Starting from the beginning is the most important thing... Houses never start from the roof...
amistad y lo que surja, una conversación no conlleva a nada
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a hot girl, who is looking for someone like me, with whom to chat and have a good time... with this we are not hurting anyone, I say this for those who have a partner. A chat, a conversation leads to nothing. Although I don´t rule out, if you are in my area and we like each other, the two of us being able to meet. I wait for you.
Me gustan también los calvitos
Chico, California

I also like bald guys

Lately I also like bald boys, those who cover themselves drive me crazy. I am for everything that arises, I have no problems. Sometimes a roll is great, other times we find someone who changes our lives and makes us fall in love completely. I don´t know what will happen to me but I´m eager to find out.
Me apetece buena compañía
Chico, California

I fancy good company

I´m not looking for anything serious, I just want good company from a man who likes to be with a woman without commitment. I like respect and seriousness in these cases. I am not looking for a stable relationship in any way. It doesn´t motivate me at all.
Que busco que busco...
Chico, California

What am I looking for, what am I looking for...

What I´m looking for and what I´ll find are unsolved mysteries hehehe, I like what it´s like to meet people and it´s good to open my mind and my horizons 100% to get to know more guys and give a change of scenery to my life in general.
Soy una chica del montón
Chico, California

I´m a normal girl

I consider myself a very normal average girl, although with great values and who can make you very happy. I would like to find a boy who wants to meet a sincere, nice and interesting girl like me for whatever arises without restrictions.
Soy sería como la relación que busco
Chico, California

I am would be like the relationship I am looking for

I am very serious, I am 24 years old if only 24 years old and I am looking for a stable relationship. I´m very serious, maybe you think I´m too serious, but I consider myself the opposite of my friends and in general the rest of the people my age. I want to fall in love and I want it to be for life
Si quieres conocerme hay cosas que debes saber
Chico, California

If you want to know me there are things you should know

You should know that I am a single mother of a beautiful child who gives him life every day, that I am looking for love but without intentions of anything because I am not looking for a father. I just want them to accept it and treat it with love. I have my own business that has cost me a lot to build but I am in my best moment. I have a very nice house with my beautiful garden and I have a wonderful family. I just need to have my ideal partner and everything will be perfect.
Me gustan los chicos que se arriesgan
Chico, California

I like guys who take risks

I like guys who take risks for love, who fight for what they feel and who don´t care what other people think... I´m like that and that´s why I don´t care what others say because I like to give my all and fight for the person I love
No soy solo un físico
Chico, California

I´m not just a physicist

The physique is not the most important thing and I am more than clear that it is not, I do not like at all feeling that they only want me for a little while... before I liked having rolls but since some began to treat me with a certain disdain later on, I decided that what I wanted to find was true love.
Me apetecen aventuras
Chico, California

I feel like adventures

I would be willing to meet someone who is not from my city and have to travel, I wouldn´t mind the truth because I already did it once and I loved the experience... well I tell you that I don´t do it for the total adventure, I mean I need certain trust with the other person but it would be the adventure of traveling to meet that person.
En el sexo, lo que caiga
Chico, California

In sex, whatever falls

In sex I am one of those who does it and lets it be done. I like, I think, most things and I enjoy them. There are some that I would like to try but that is seen as we go along. I like to mix classic sex with more modern things. Sex is my passion and I always add morbidity and passion to it.
Valoro los pequeños detalles
Chico, California

I value the small details

I value the small details. I´m not materialistic and I really like guys who aren´t either. I´m not difficult to get to know because I like to open myself up to everyone, but as I say, calm down a little and let´s get to know each other.
amistad y lo que surja, solo por una voz
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Anyone who likes to have sex on the phone with a girl? It´s something that excites me, not knowing, just for a voice, being seduced, giving me pleasure... adventure and morbidity is part of me. I am looking for someone who is looking for more or less the same things as me and to have a good time... discretion will always be guaranteed.
Estoy buscando un chico con quien poder hablar
Chico, California

I´m looking for a guy I can talk to

I´m looking for a guy with whom I can talk about everything and maybe if it comes to both of us, then have a date. I don´t like bad vibes nor do I like fights, much less misunderstandings that cannot be resolved with words and good manners. I am open to whatever arises and I would like to have a date or two.
Soy muy morbosa, no creo mucho en el amor asique a mí me viene bien que sea así
Chico, California

I am very morbid

I am quite morbid, I like sex and I don´t care if it is without love. I don´t believe much in love so it´s good for me to be like that. I am not looking for commitment or explanations from any of the parties.
Busco busco mucho sexo
Chico, California

I´m looking, I´m looking for a lot of sex

I don´t know about you guys, but sex activates me and gives me more energy instead of taking it away, and I´m an insatiable woman... Are you ready for something like that? I´m willing to meet someone and have sex, but the real thing is what I like them more
Estoy divorciada, quiero ahora mismo disfrutar un poquito sin complicaciones y pensar en mí y en mi que me apetece sentir
Chico, California

I´m divorced

I am divorced, I would like someone who is divorced or single to contact me for friendship and whatever arises. I want to disconnect from work and various day-to-day routines. I want right now to enjoy a little without complications and think about myself and what I want to feel
No soporto los gritos
Laguna Beach, California

I can´t stand the screams

Ufff I hate shouting, I can´t deal with them, when at work sometimes they argue and some of them start shouting, I go outside for a while because I really have a terrible time. I am looking for a friendship to start and then we will see what calls us to each other and enjoy, above all, enjoy.
No soy creída
Chico, California

I´m not believed

I´m not at all arrogant, I don´t believe what I´m not, I´ve never liked arrogant people, so I wasn´t going to be one. I am a girl with my little things like everyone else because I am not perfect nor will I ever be and I don´t pretend to be either. I would like to fall in love with a tall handsome boy who is sincere, very hardworking and above all tender, sweet and faithful.
Pasármelo bien es mi prioridad
Chico, California

Having a good time is my priority

Today my priority is to have a good time, to have an adventure without commitment, to have a simple sexual story that then turns into a wonderful friendship. I think it is very important to create a bond of respect and complicity.
Mi imaginación vuela
Chico, California

My imagination flies

I have an imagination that on some occasions you would like to be inside it to enjoy as I enjoy it and then the best of all is that I love doing everything. From the way I speak, I think you understand what I´m referring to, you don´t need to follow me much further, right?
Que pensaras de mi?
Chico, California

What would you think of me?

I care a lot about what people think of me. I am a sensitive, educated, sincere and loving girl. I don´t like to criticize anyone and I have a terrible time and that´s why when someone criticizes me because I don´t do those things, I have an even worse time. I want to meet guys for whatever arises but always being friendly
Soy una chica guapa y busco un chico guapo
Chico, California

I am a pretty girl and I am looking for a handsome boy

I´m looking for a handsome boy just like I am pretty hehehe, a handsome boy for a pretty girl, well, why else? We would be the perfect couple, plus I am looking for something very stable so much that I want it to be for life because I am forever in love.
amistad y lo que surja, me siento mas identificada con ellos
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a mature woman, who is looking for a young guy, I feel more identified with them, in every way, My partners have always been younger than me... but I am not looking for a partner at the moment... unless I get the right man of my life... in principle we will have a good time and we will see how it goes... I promise to answer everyone.
No me gustan los chicos cachas
Chico, California

I don´t like muscular boys

My friends are surprised when I say that I don´t like hunks but I don´t like them, not that they still take them seriously because I like you well-groomed but normal bodies, I don´t like it when they get pounded in the gym and I´m also looking for a guy who takes care of himself but It´s not an obsession, you understand what I mean. I want to find true love.
amistad y lo que surjaNo
Chico, California

friendship and whatever arisesNo

I´m not the typical one who looks for handsome, muscular or gym-goers... I pay attention to the way people act, how funny they are, what you say and how you make me feel. I would like to find a partner, but it doesn´t depend on me alone... if you want to meet me and try... we don´t lose anything...
amistad y lo que surja, aprender y conocer gente nueva
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am not a girl who is only looking for sex... at my maturity, I am already looking for something more stable, to settle down and be able to share things and love with someone. I love cooking, it is one of my hobbies, I have entered several competitions and it allows me to travel, learn and meet new people... I have more hobbies, which if we talk, I will tell you about them.
Estoy buscando una amistad
Chico, California

I´m looking for a friendship

I´m not looking for love or sex, although if something comes up I won´t say no. When I like a boy I go for it and without hesitation I enjoy it and have a good time for as long as it lasts. I´m rather shy but only if I feel "intimidated" and not in a bad way but because there are gazes so penetrating that they become intimidating hehehe
amistad y lo que surja, tomar algo, salir a cenar
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a mature woman, I am looking for a guy to have relationships with... who is not just limited to sex... going out to dinner, having a drink, a few laughs and that makes it more bearable. I don´t work, I live on income, I can afford to live well and I am looking for someone to accompany me at certain times and on certain occasions. Kisses-
El trabajo me quita mucho tiempo pero no todo
Chico, California

Work takes up a lot of my time but not all of it.

Although work is something that takes up a lot of my time because of the shifts I have, but it doesn´t take up everything, I have time to meet up and enjoy meeting people, but the first contact is very good for me to be like that. I am 28 years old and I live alone although I do not bring anyone into my house that I do not know well beforehand.
Motivos reales
Chico, California

Real reasons

I have real reasons for not looking for a roll and focusing on something more serious but it still doesn´t matter. Now for the moment a friendship and if your idea is to find love in the medium term then better because I am looking for friendship and seeing if possible a beautiful love story. I am loving detail-oriented and very humble and simple.
Me encanta la ropa ajustada
Chico, California

I love tight clothes

Well, since I have the body to show it off, I like to wear tight clothes, I like to feel good and beautiful and that´s how I feel great because I see that it looks great on me. I don´t know what I´m really looking for, although having a good time sounds very, very good. I´m 26 years old, good age for you?
Compañía mutua
Chico, California

Mutual company

I don´t know if it will be for something more stable, something more sporadic or a simple friendship. The fact is that I would like to have male company in another way than as a lifelong friendship or with a family member. I feel very loved by my surroundings but I also like to feel loved in other ways and with other kids of course. I don´t want any relationship out of interest or anything like that since I neither charge nor pay nor do any of that and I don´t want them to do it either. I don´t have double intentions or anything like that, I´m just looking for company because I know that there are also many men who look for companies without evil.
No sé si quiero atarme a alguien
Chico, California

I don´t know if I want to tie myself to someone

If I find the right person I would be in a relationship but I´m not sure I want that for now although as I say if the person appears then I will be caught from head to toe and there won´t be much to do other than enjoy the relationship hehehe at the moment guys, I´m open more than anything to enjoy