Hombres guapos, pues sinceramente solo busco chicos que me entren primero por el ojo y después lo demás porque ahora solo busco un rollo
Punta Gorda, Florida

Handsome men

Well, honestly I´m only looking for guys who get my eye first and then the rest because now I´m just looking for a vibe, if you don´t get my eye I can´t have anything because if you don´t get me we can´t have any relationship since I just want to enjoy and have many orgasms.
Me gustan los hombres fuertes
Punta Gorda, Florida

I like strong men

I´m 21 years old and I like strong men, let´s say they have muscles that take care of themselves, let them play sports, I like them shaved and I´m only looking for sex, I want to have a good time in the company of a man and I want absolutely nothing else.
No se trata de ganar o perder
Aventura, Florida

It´s not about winning or losing

It´s about enjoying and being comfortable with the other person. It´s about having someone by your side who likes to have a good time and also be comfortable together. Be honest and then wait to see what happens... Get to have absolutely everything together.
Estoy casada, busco encuentros esporádicos discretos sin compromiso
Aventura, Florida

I am married

44-year-old married woman... I am looking for discreet sporadic encounters without commitment. I don´t know if we´ll see each other once and it will stay there or we can do more but I´m only looking for discreet sex with a married man if possible... preferable but if not then being discreet and bullying each other is enough for me.
Siempre estoy de buen humor, estoy buscando alguien interesante humilde y que tampoco sea de los malhumorados con nada
Aventura, Florida

I am always in a good mood, I am looking for someone interesting who is humble and who is not one of the bad-tempered ones with anything

The day I´m in a bad mood, it´s better to run away because that day I´ll still mess with you hahaha no, but it´s strange that I´m in a bad mood so strangely that it´s been so long that I don´t even remember the last time I was. I´m looking for someone interesting who is humble and who isn´t one of those moody with anything... I like guys who let themselves go and always have a smile on their mouth.
No soy guarra, hago lo que quiero
Oviedo, Florida

I´m not a slut, I do what I want

The mania of women calling others sluts for the simple fact of doing whatever we really want. I´m not one of those people who is in the least affected by what they say, but it does bother me a lot that in general it seems that by wanting a hookup I´m a slut... Well no, and in fact it´s what I want because I have a good time and I don´t I have to tie myself to a relationship
amistad y lo que surja, son mas amorosos
Punta Gorda, Florida

friendship and whatever comes next

I have my peculiar tastes... I like chubby men, I´m looking for a fat man... some like feet and I have that weakness. They are more loving, more padded and they seem more welcoming to me. I have a little house with a garden, my weakness is botany and flowers and a few other things, which I will tell you privately.
Amor, respeto, apoyo, charlas
Mexico Beach, Florida

Love, respect, support, talks

Love, respect, support, talks, understanding, advice, make it attractive, creative
Me gustan los chicos cuidados
Punta Gorda, Florida

I like careful boys

I take care of myself and I want a boy who also takes care of himself and has a great body. I am single and I wouldn´t mind falling in love with a boy with those characteristics. It is clear that the interior is more important than the exterior but we must be realistic and the first thing we all look at is the physical appearance.
No busco solo sexo
Oviedo, Florida

I´m not just looking for sex

I don´t want only sex. I would like to find a love, I don´t know if it is definitive, but a love that makes me happy as long as it lasts. I am a realist and lately finding love for life is not something that is easy. I´m not looking for anything that´s a fairy tale because I don´t believe in fiction enough to believe I can get it. I am very realistic as it should be.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una mujer de 42 años
Aventura, Florida

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a 42-year-old woman, I have a partner, but I want to have an adventure, a crazy night of debauchery... I am happy, fun, I am looking for someone similar, if not, I don´t think we have anything. But by knowing each other you don´t lose anything... it´s all about putting yourself together... whoever looks for it, finds it. Will you be what I´m looking for?
amistad y lo que surja, desde oviedo
Oviedo, Florida

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, from Oviedo, when I leave work, what I need is a good massage... I spend the day standing, from one side to the other. I am looking for a charitable soul, with good hands and who takes pity on me. You will be compensated with a good dinner... I´m good at it, you just have to ask for what you like through that little mouth. Kisses.
amistad y lo que surja, soy casada
Aventura, Florida

friendship and whatever comes next

I like risk, activity, I am married... an adventure is more fun, if it smells of danger... I like strong emotions. I am 38 years old, I do not have children, I work in the mornings, routine is not in my life, I am always looking for incentives to continue with joy moving forward... do you feel like taking the risk with me?
El tiempo pasa y quiero pareja
Florida, Florida

Time passes and I want a partner

I feel alone when it comes to love and I am tired of this loneliness in love. I have been single for a long time and longing for a beautiful, healthy and sincere relationship, something that I have never had 100% and I am already looking for a love that truly loves me and respects me and we can be very happy together. I am very faithful but well I don´t have to say it, I have to show it.
Seré lo que buscas?
Punta Gorda, Florida

Will I be what you are looking for?

I don´t know if I´ll be what you´re looking for, I don´t know if you´ll love me or if you´ll just like me, I don´t know if I´ll be what you need in your life, but we can meet. I am open to a stable relationship, I am simple, sincere and educated, I don´t smoke, I hardly drink and partying is not my thing... Do I seem boring to you? I hope not
Me encanta sexo con hombres un poquito más mayores
Oviedo, Florida

I love sex with men who are a little older

I like men a little older, about 10 years older, not much more and I´m not looking for anything serious. My preferences are men with hair on their heads and without hair on their bodies and tall, but hey, I can adapt because I have also been with other men.
Yo no quiero renunciar a nada
Punta Gorda, Florida

I don´t want to give up anything

I don´t want to give up good sex but I wouldn´t want to give up love either. What can I do? I´m afraid that when I meet the man of my life, sex will take a backseat because for me it is important but of course not everyone gives it the same importance. I am looking for someone who is equally loving, passionate, sexy and active.
Amistad, diversion, intereses comun, compatibilidad
Florida, Florida

Friendship, fun, common interests, compatibility

friendship, fun, common interests, compatibility, joy, let´s talk and let everything flow
Quiero una aventura no pido más
Aventura, Florida

I want an adventure I don´t ask for more

I´m not in a relationship but if I want to live an adventure I don´t ask for anything more, I´m really satisfied with that, I´m not even looking to fall in love or have people fall in love with me. I´m a pretty normal girl with my things like every human person hehehe, get to know me better and "judge "if you judge yourself
Afrodescendientes que me coman los huevos
Orlando, Florida

Afro-descendants who eat my eggs

Afro-descendants who eat my balls and he told me that they don´t play with the e falome with the e falome with the e falome with the e falome a min non I haven´t found him a minute from the queue of the two??? of which I am missing 3
Moreno o rubio los ojos me da igual
West Palm Beach, Florida

Dark or blonde eyes don´t matter to me

I don´t care about someone who is handsome, dark or blonde, whether they are affectionate, hormonal.
Diversion lo que surja en el proceso soy una persona alegre
Miami, Florida

Fun whatever arises in the process I am a happy person

I am looking to make more friends, fun, whatever arises in the process, I am a happy, fun person.
Busco lo que surja ya sea una amistad o lo que vaya surgiendo
Miami, Florida

I look for what arises, whether it is a friendship or whatever arises.

I look for what arises, whether it is a friendship or whatever arises.
Solo dios es mi fortaleza soy encantadora
Miami, Florida

God alone is my strength I´m lovely

God is my strength. I am charming and friendly. I adore music.
Me gustaría formar una familia
Miami, Florida

I would like to form a family

I am looking for a serious relationship for the purpose of marriage I have only one child and I would like to start a family
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Miami, Florida

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