Soy chica
Country Club Hills, Illinois

I´m a girl

My name is Valeria, I am very feminine and I am looking for a very masculine boy but not Bertia Parda or anything like that. I like that they like to show off a little and that they dress cute. I like men who have brains and speak with knowledge.
Soy bastante liberal
Country Club Hills, Illinois

I´m quite liberal

I am liberal until I say enough, I would not like to fall in love because I want to enjoy meeting an elegant and discreet boy because I would like to try liberal places. I am looking for a man without any burden of marriage or relationship.
Soy libre ahora, nos conocemos?
Country Club Hills, Illinois

I´m free now, do we know each other?

I mean that I am single because yes, I am always free but well I hope I have understood it correctly. So now I´m looking for nothing in particular or everything at once. I would like something to emerge... Well, yes... Watch and enjoy the situation above all...
amistad y lo que surja, me gusta tratar con gente de todas las edades
Country Club Hills, Illinois

friendship and whatever comes next

For my age, I am open-minded, I like to deal with people of all ages. Go to a liberal club from time to time, have talks of all kinds. I don´t like describing myself in a profile... natural things are the best... but you start somewhere. If you want to know about me... write.
Mi alma es muy liberalb
Country Club Hills, Illinois

My soul is very liberal

It bothers many of you that I am liberal, so I want to make it clear that I am, that I am not looking for anything serious at this time, that my mind will continue to be liberal but with respect. We can be friends with or without rights but with clear ideas and without anyone getting confused
Como por ejemplo un club liberal
Country Club Hills, Illinois

Like for example a liberal club

I´m looking for new adventures and the more exciting the better. I need to find a guy compatible with my sexual ideals but without being a horny guy. For me, sex is passion, morbid discretion, and also for me, sex is elegant. He who says the most stupid things isn´t more sexual, you understand me, right?
Tengo exceso de amor para dar
Country Club Hills, Illinois

I have too much love to give

I´m too affectionate, let´s say too much because that´s what they tell me that I´m too affectionate and that I should be colder, but how can I change that if I don´t know how to do it? At the moment, I don´t want to find loving men, too, if something stable is possible, but we have to start getting to know each other first.