Sincera buena gente ojos azules
Madrid, Nueva York

Sincere good people blue eyes

A kind and sincere person, good people, blue eyes.
Yo que sé un chico normalizo
Española, Nueva York

I know a normal boy

I know that I am a normal boy, point ball, point col, and that I like him and that he is handsome.
No soporto la infidelidad
Española, Nueva York

I can´t stand infidelity

I can´t stand people who are unfaithful so if you are married or in a relationship don´t come here hehe because I am only looking for single and faithful men. I am open to anything that comes up but they are never married. I´ve been romantically cheated on so many times that I don´t feel like going through that anymore.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una mujer madura, así luego es mas sencillo
Española, Nueva York

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a mature, Spanish woman who loves yogurts... they are the ones that make me feel more alive and bring out what I have inside. I´m not looking for anything serious, but I do want to meet up from time to time and indulge ourselves... before having sex, I like to know your tastes and sexual fantasies... that way it´s easier later.
Me apetece divertirme
Nueva York, Nueva York

I feel like having fun

Well, since I feel like having fun, I feel like going out with someone without complications. I´m looking for single guys who are more accessible and without hiding from anything or anyone. I like them a little crazy and fun. I don´t care that they are not discreet, it´s something that doesn´t bother me... I like the healthy madness of people, even I am quite crazy.
Me inicio en este mundo
Española, Nueva York

I start in this world

For me this is a new world and totally different from what I am used to. I wanted to try and so I´m doing the searching thing, I´m not good at it because I let myself flow and let things happen little by little.
Talk to me and i ll send you my networks
Nueva York, Nueva York

Talk to me and i ll send you my networks

I´m looking for fun guys, talk to me and I´ll send you my networks, darlings...
Siempre intento ver el vaso medio lleno
Nueva York, Nueva York

I always try to see the glass half full

I try to be the most positive in the world and that´s why I always try to see the glass half full. I opted for a special friendship but never ever knowing who you are going to meet and what they are going to awaken inside you. This is new to me.
Empezando en este mundo virtual
Española, Nueva York

Starting in this virtual world

I start the virtual world of meeting people now. It´s my first time in these places. Am I for whatever arises or I don´t know, does it say that? I don´t know, I´ll have to follow the way people talk and all that around here because I don´t want to make anyone uncomfortable with my way of expressing myself.
A veces soy demasiado confiada
Nueva York, Nueva York

Sometimes I´m too trusting

In many moments of my life I have trusted people who I shouldn´t have because they later failed me but sometimes I am too trusting and even if you think it is a virtue, it is not at all... It is a big bullshit that I am working on to be able to change it in the meantime I want to make new friends and go out there
Me gustan los chicos solteros y que se reían
Española, Nueva York

I like single guys who laugh

I like guys who laugh, who enjoy me and who have a good time. I like guys who are fun with conversations, not only would you be, but also fun with jokes. I don´t know how to make a date enjoyable and go to cool places, discover places, take trips... .
Estás comprometido?
Española, Nueva York

You are engaged?

I prefer guys who are single. I don´t want a guy who is committed because I am single and I want to make all kinds of plans to meet a man and have a good time. Also, if something more than friendship and what sex arose, I would like to continue. Going forward I wouldn´t like anything to have to be stopped.
Desd hace poco soltera
Nueva York, Nueva York

Since recently single

I thought that after a 10-year relationship the world would end and noooo it´s not ending, it´s going the other way around, it gets better hahaha I´m open to enjoying life because I´m not ready for love yet... I think it´ll take a while enough to fall in love again if it happens
Tengo un encanto especial
Española, Nueva York

I have a special charm

They say that I have a special charm that dazzles and hooks everyone well because you will say if it happens to you or not. I am open to whatever arises without discrimination. I only like married people because I put myself in the woman´s place and I don´t find it funny but I would love to meet all kinds of guys for whatever comes up.
Vuelvo a tener ilusión
Salamanca, Nueva York

I have excitement again

I lost my enthusiasm a while ago but I have regained it and I am here to meet new guys and also for a relationship since I want to be in a relationship again but I am exquisite and somewhat demanding so I will never go with just anyone.
Solo por conocer gente nueva
Nueva York, Nueva York

Just to meet new people

I have changed jobs because I needed a change and now I want to meet new people. I feel like I need to change my scene completely without leaving aside my most faithful people and my family, but in the end, change my scene a little and enjoy other people.
Que quede bien claro lo que busco jeje
Española, Nueva York

Let it be very clear what I´m looking for hehe

I´m looking for a stable relationship and for it to be super super clear, I don´t want any hassles. I like sports, I play paddle tennis and I like to swim, those are my real passions. I don´t like monotony at all so I´m looking for a guy for these things who likes to move and make thousands of plans to avoid falling into the monotony that ruins so many relationships.
amistad y lo que surja, podemos organizar algo juntos
Española, Nueva York

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a mature, Spanish woman from Madrid. Traveler, adventurer, I like to meet people from all over the world, different cultures... I like people with conversation, culture and extroverts. If we get along, we can organize something together... I can think of many fun things to do... do you dare?
Soy aventurera
Española, Nueva York

I am adventurous

I am an adventurer, I love to travel, I take my suitcase and go on an adventure... most of the time I travel alone, I love being on my own and living adventures and of course meeting new people. I really don´t care where you are from because I´ll perfectly pack my suitcase and go meet you hehehe
Vuelvo para no cometer los mismos errores
Española, Nueva York

I´m back so I don´t make the same mistakes.

I return to the page after 2 years or so and I made a lot of mistakes that I will not make again. I will be much more open, sociable, simpatics and, if necessary, romantic. I am looking for friendship and whatever arises I am wide open for anyone who wants to know me to always have a lot of fun. I am the same but with a different predisposition. Do you dare to meet me?
Busco sexo más que otra cosa
Española, Nueva York

I´m looking for sex more than anything else

Although I am open to everything that arises, I would rather have sex and have sporadic relationships, always with a lot of respect for both parties. I would never lose respect for anyone no matter how bad their profile was. I like things done well even if it is only a sporadic relationship
Casada, busco charlar y si surge quedar y tener algo esporádico pues será mucho mejor
Española, Nueva York


I am married, I am looking for adventure, if possible, away from my area. I´m looking to chat and if it comes up to meet up and have something sporadic, it will be much better. I need more than discretion, much much more. My husband is a little... well aggressive and the truth is that I want to get divorced but he is not making it easy for me.
Soy un chico que busca chica, soy un chico que busca chica en Nueva York
Nueva York, Nueva York

I am a boy looking for a girl.

I am a boy looking for a girl.
Aficionada por el gym trabajadora
Nueva York, Nueva York

Hardworking gym fan

Friendships or whatever arises, reading lover, gym enthusiast, hard-working
Hola busco pasarla bien con alguien que quiera pasara bien dejen sus mensajes
Nueva York, Nueva York

Hi, I´m looking to have a good time with someone who wants to have a good time, leave your messages

Hi, I´m looking to have a good time with someone who wants to have a good time, leave your messages