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Me gusta el deporte el cine la m煤sica
Barcelona, Barcelona

I like sports, cinema, music

Friend of my friends . Nice . I like sports, cinema, music. And go out to dinner, I like sports, music, I like women with a sense of humor at the same time I like to laugh, have a good time, enjoy the moments of life, life is short and we don麓t know when it will end, We have to live it to the fullest, don麓t waste the time we have and don麓t look back. Let麓s enjoy the moment, do what you want at the moment, it doesn麓t matter if we麓re going to die anyway, then let麓s die doing what we want to do. Sing, let麓s sing, laugh, let麓s all laugh, let麓s enjoy. You want to drink baby. You want to love, love, do what you want, life we only have one and we have to live it with intensity because we don麓t know when that day will end, let麓s enjoy it, let麓s enjoy it
Si te gusta el pl谩tano Canario con relleno de nata a mi me gusta las almejas,lo podemos pasar bien
Las Palmas, Las Palmas

If you like Canarian banana with cream filling, I like clams, we can have a good time

Hello, I would like to meet you, people who know how to have a good time, who are not afraid of what they say, who feels good as they are and appreciates that they are positive. I don麓t care if you are fraca or fat if you have few tits or many if you have little ass or a lot say your age as long as you are over 18 years old as long as you value yourself as you are and you feel good, I like it. I am 52 years old, married with children, 185 slim, 75 k short gray hair, I like to have a good time and surround myself with positive people. I would like to meet you if you and be able to spend good times together if you set the limit. I don麓t usually call anyone, especially to have phone sex. To have sex I like to feel skin to skin in person, I didn麓t register on other applications to meet you either. A hug and a kiss wherever you want
Me gustaria tener algun encuentro que otro
Vitoria, 脕lava

Anybody willing? Or rather you are indi and set.

Character 1.75 tall, short hair faded from the original color. At 60 years old and hopefully going up in total so that. I麓m not looking for a partner or bad vibes. I don麓t even need to do that for that, the undo is already there. Some encounter or another to be able to do, see, hear, taste or perhaps remain silent because you never know, nor will you know if you have to drink this or that water or maybe let it flow through its channel. So if you feel like it and you feel like it and you don麓t mind, here or maybe if you feel like it, we will be waiting to see what you propose and seeing is believing. Total to read and listen to the same thing as always and that never comes in handy or you don麓t have much or any desire for what I say but then I don麓t do. If you are really interested and feel like it, here we are, so we hope there will be someone, when and how it is decided. Health and good food. And let it take advantage of you. How good it will be for you.
Me gustar铆a encontrar.
Valladolid, Valladolid

I would like to find.

Friendship, chatting, fun, whatever comes up but without ties, I don麓t want anything serious at the moment. I love photography and portraying people麓s happiness. I have met incredible people thanks to it. I like to listen and have people tell me their things, each person is a world and each one has their story, their way of seeing life and from each one you can learn wonderful things. I consider myself a positive person and I believe that life is too short not to be positive and I always think that today is better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow. I respect people麓s tastes, hobbies and way of being, since everyone is the owner of their life and lives and enjoys it as they want, so I am not the one to impose my way of living or seeing it on others. And to finish I will say that I am very sincere, sometimes too honest, but that麓s who I am and I麓m not going to change.
Algo espor谩dico, discreci贸n, activo
Lugo, Lugo

Somewhat sporadic, discretion, active

Hello, I am a boy who lives in Ferrol, tall, thin, short hair, kinky active, hygienic educated... I am looking to meet a kinky, sexy, hot woman outside of my marriage, dare to stay with you and enjoy moments of pleasure in bed, who Let麓s realize our fantasies, stay and live our moments. Share pleasure, desires, be comfortable and without bad vibes... I only ask for discretion.. My situation is what it is and I do not seek nor can I change it... I only seek to disconnect from my sexual routine and spending discreet moments... I could see each other in the mornings and some nights...
Casado buscando soplo de aire fresco.
Roquetas de Mar, Almer铆a

Married looking for a breath of fresh air.

Hello. I am looking for contacts for discreet, sporadic sex without commitment. I have a partner but sex no longer exists or, if there is, it is monotonous and dull, so I have to look here for what I don麓t have at home. I am almost 180cm tall, I have a normal complexion, short hair, greenish eyes and I am already in my forties. I look for what you want to find, from simply fucking to something more intimate and less cold but without any commitment. For the mere fact of giving ourselves pleasure and enjoying each other. Full passion with respect, morbidity and everything you have always wanted to do. I don麓t have room for all this, but I imagine something will come to us when the time comes if we end up liking and attracting each other. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Oh, I don麓t show myself in photos for obvious reasons of discretion. I麓ll wait for you. Kisses.
Busco algo discreto, caliente
Barcelona, Barcelona

I麓m looking for something discreet, hot

I麓m looking for something discreet and hot. A kind person who has no problem with something short-lived. a person who has no problem with it being something discreet and without commitment. The years don麓t matter. I would like it to be morbid and hot so we can enjoy something interesting together. I would like to see her enjoy what we do together and be able to both be well. I really like swimming and spinning. I also really like nature and dogs like the Cavalier King Charles, wonderful and very sociable dogs. I also love to travel and walk anywhere. I like to look at people and their behavior without judging. Just knowing what they can think during the time they are alone. This is how I am a simple person who is looking for something calm and discreet.
Me apetece disfrutar un rato agradable con una mujer
Cartagena, Murcia

I want to enjoy a pleasant time with a woman

I want to enjoy a pleasant time with a woman and the truth is that it is nothing serious to have a good time and of course you have a good time if it can be from Cartagena, it is not for nothing that I am without a car and I like to take care of the environment in matters of the here and now. Now I麓m bipolar so much I tell you one day I tell you a movie blanket and pamper ourselves like another night I tell you to party hard without debauchery that is of course respecting the limits, I like fun but also the tranquility of the sea breeze, so I麓m a complete unknown in the long term, in the short term I am a ticking time bomb of doing things without thinking to have a good time. I am recently divorced after 15 years and I am not going to lie to you, I need new experiences to continue enjoying life.
Choco busca chica para que dar hoy
Huesca, Huesca

Choco is looking for a girl to give today

Hello, my name is Jes煤s and I would like to meet a girl for whatever arises. I am 31, open to everything. I am a little shy when it comes to meeting the person and talking, but sometimes there are circumstances where the person greets me when I see them. Oh, see. There was something about her that caught my attention and I immediately gained a lot of trust with her and sometimes I麓m more embarrassed, it depends on the person, more embarrassed, but come on, I think I麓m worth getting to know me because I麓m very nice, friendly, pleasant, you have a great time with me. I really like music I go with a speaker 24 hours a day and if I see that someone needs help and I can help them even if they throw away the store麓s garbage bag or some cardboard boxes because they can麓t and they carry too many or something I will help them I am humble I like to help those who want to know today to ask me not to judge by my appearance without knowing anything
Busco una aventura pasional a corto plazo igual que la otra persona quiera lo mismo
Segovia, Segovia

I am looking for a short-term passionate adventure just as the other person wants the same thing.

I am looking for a short-term passionate adventure just as the other person wants the same thing but I am also open to new proposals

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