Pablo , 23 years
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

Someone with the person who can vent with touches or images of that person

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sobre todo re├şrnos y disfrutar con buena compa├▒├şa
Pamplona, Navarra

above all, laugh and enjoy with good company

Mature man in his fifties in a marital crisis, I want to meet a girl who will give him her shoulder and hug him with energy, friendly and affectionate, a complicit person with whom he can vent and share experiences, the rest comes if it has to come....
Joven sediento de sexo busco de todo
Torre del Mar, Málaga

Young man thirsty for sex looking for everything

I┬┤m looking for sex, here I can finally let off steam, I need to fuck, I┬┤m horny 24 hours a day, I┬┤m looking for someone who is as crazy as me, I love doing it without a condom and unloading everything inside again and again, whatever happens next It makes me very morbid
Creo que es me jor ser claro sexo
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I think it┬┤s better to be clear sex

I┬┤m looking for a renter who wants to let off steam, with me and me with that person. Sex and friendship will always be compatible
Buena persona, hola soy un chico tranquilo algo t├şmido pero muy buena persona me gustar├şa encontrar una persona madura cari├▒osa y buena persona
Valencia, Valencia

Good person

Hello, I am a quiet boy, somewhat shy but a very good person. I would like to find a mature, loving and good person.
Busco una persona seria para una relacion seria
Torrijos, Toledo

I am looking for a serious person for a serious relationship

I am a serious person and I am looking for a serious person for a serious relationship and I don┬┤t like lying people.
Mi mentalismo que sea amable buena persona inteligente
Salamanca, Salamanca

My mentalism be kind good intelligent person

The person I want is a person who loves me for who I am, who likes my physique and my mentality, who is kind, a good, intelligent person.
Y con quien se pueda hablar
Barcelona, Barcelona

And who can you talk to?

I┬┤m looking for sex without commitment. Someone I can vent with and have a good time with. And who can you talk to?
Una persona que no lo importe como soy, sino lo que puedo dar.
Cuenca, Cuenca

A person who doesn┬┤t care about who I am, but what I can give.

A person who doesn┬┤t care about who I am, but what I can give. I don┬┤t care what you are. I am 19, I am a virgin, but I want to stop being one with: I want to find a girl who wants me for what I can give and who also gives me things, affection, love and respect. There are days when I will need love and others affection, I would like to find a girl who gives me affection and sex, more affection than sex, but also to be able to vent with her (talk); Also if it is possible that she has her own house and can go to her house, help her at home. And that it doesn┬┤t have many taboos. In case you want to know, I really like girls who are very poorly thought out and very slutty, but at very appropriate times, at other times affectionate and loving, just like me. I do not care about the age. That he likes animals and that he is kind.
Busco follar, busco follar y desahogarme con cualquier chica que lo necesite siempre con respeto me da igual el fisico pido maxima discreci├│n lo unico
Castillo de Bayuela, Toledo

I┬┤m looking to fuck

I┬┤m looking to FUCK and vent with any girl who needs it, always with respect, I don┬┤t care about the physique, I ask for maximum discretion, the only thing
Sin secretos la vida no tiene emocion
Vitoria, Álava

Without secrets life has no emotion

I┬┤m looking to get out of the routine, have friends with whom I can vent in any way, have sex without having to give explanations, have that liberal morbidity... secrets between us, a life apart from the one you have day to day, without secrets, life has no emotion.

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