Chico, California

My strong point is speaking and being known because I love to tell everything about myself. I could spend hours and hours talking and that is sometimes uncomfortable because not everyone likes to listen. I´m looking for something stable but I´ll settle for a nice friendship and also for something more sporadic if love doesn´t arise, at least being special to each other in other ways.

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Maria Teresa
Chica ardiente, educada y de aqui de la zona
Málaga, Málaga

hot girl

I am looking for a man, for a sexual relationship, from time to time I need to let off steam, I don´t do it with just anyone, first we talk a little, we get to know each other and see if there is a feeling, my name is Marái Teresa, I am from Malaga, I am a hot, affectionate girl, morbid and very hot, I am looking for a boy who has a good physique, educated, affectionate, who is from here in Granada or the surrounding area to have sporadic sexual encounters, call me we will talk and see what happens, please serious people, educated and from here area
Busco amistad, el movimiento se demuestra andando siempre
Toledo, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

I want to meet people to go out and not so much talk and talk because I am a girl of action, of course I like a good conversation, I prefer to meet and go for a walk or whatever, go shopping or to a bar, I am like that, of Doing more than saying, movement is always demonstrated by walking. I am looking for friendship.
Ana María
Hablar por hablar jamás
Calafell, Tarragona

Never talk for the sake of talking

Never, ever will I lie in my words, I don´t speak for the sake of speaking, everything is with meaning and sincerity. I am a flight attendant so one day I am here and tomorrow I am there. I´m not looking for anything very stable because he doesn´t want to commit to me with my job but I´m open to whatever arises, I don´t see a problem with my job.
Hablar y más hablar y después actuar
Talavera de la Reina, Toledo

Talk and more talk and then act

The more you talk and the more you get to know a person, the better a date will be. At the moment I have stayed with 5 guys here and only one cheated on me, I think things are going well the way I do it, right? I am open to what arises with sincerity and good vibes. I have a bad habit of giving my all even if I don´t receive it myself, but that´s okay.
Soy muy pacífica y buena persona
Zamora, Zamora

I am very peaceful and good person

I don´t like to argue about anything, I always appeal to dialogue. I like to talk things out, even if it means having a chat for hours to try to reach an agreement. I like to go out for a walk, eat ice cream, some seeds, some potatoes, whatever while we walk and talk. I am very simple, in fact the simplicity of people is what I like. I want to fall in love and I hope that the necessary spark arises for that to happen between the two of us.
Mi prioridad es tener alguna cita
A Coruña, A Coruña

My priority is to have an appointment

You have to have priorities and one of mine and on this page is to meet the guys who do have thoughts of dating because I know there are those who just want to talk and talk which is fine and I don´t care but I prefer the ones who want to talk to have quotes... I´m interesting, you just have to discover more about me and you´ll realize it.
amistad y lo que surja, salir en Vitoria, Álava
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m looking for a friend, with whom I can talk about everything, go out, share time together... if love is born, fine... if not, so friends. Separated for a long time and I want to start a relationship. We talk, we ask each other whatever we want and if it goes well, we give each other phone numbers and we agree to have something to drink.
Te gusta que te den caña?
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Do you like being beaten?

It´s not that I like sado or submission, but it is true that I like sex and I like to give a little bit of cane and I also like to receive it. I think that for sex to be good there has to be a little bit of hard work on both sides. I am quite fiery and quite morbid. I am a little reserved when it comes to speaking because I like to give everything where it has to be given. Sometimes they tell me that I am a little mysterious because I don´t like to talk about certain things but it is simply because I like to surprise and boy are they surprised with me.
Me gusta hablar de sexo
Arahal, Sevilla

I like to talk about sex

I have no taboos when it comes to talking about anything, I don´t mind talking about sex, I don´t mind talking about love or anything. I think that if you talk about everything with respect you can have super interesting conversations when getting to know a person. I am open to everything that arises and I don´t give importance to the age difference.
No me cuesta relacionarme

It´s not hard for me to relate

I am not one of those who find it difficult to relate or speak... I am not shy, I do consider myself a little more quiet and introverted... But because I like to look and see how far I could go in depending on situations. I like to laugh out loud, I am easy to surprise and I am simple in terms of tastes. I like to talk to everyone, even if it´s in line at the fruit store.

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