Red Springs, North Carolina

The best thing we can offer to others is our valuable interior. I┬┤m not looking for a hookup, I┬┤m not looking for anything sporadic, I┬┤m looking to meet a guy for a stable relationship. I don┬┤t care about the physique, it┬┤s not something I tend to pay much attention to, the truth is, I prefer a pretty heart to a pretty face.

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Busco amistad, lo justo
Soria, Soria

I am looking for friendship

A friend tells me "nobody like your body", he refers to my body, my 10 and perfect body, which although it doesn┬┤t seem that way to me, apparently it does to the rest of humanity, I always pay much more attention to the body. interior, it is what is important, the rest, what is fair. I┬┤m looking for friendship and meeting people to go out and beyond.
Busco amistad, es que el interior tambi├ęn es importante
Puig, Valencia

I am looking for friendship

Handsome and erotic boys, especially the latter, are the ones I tend to like the most, if they┬┤re not assholes of course because then the erotic thing goes to shit and I don┬┤t like it anymore, the thing is that the interior is also important, not just the physical man lives. I┬┤m looking for friendship, I like meeting new people yes.
Un chico bonito sobretodo de interior
Salamanca, Salamanca

A pretty boy indoor coat

I look inside people, especially in their souls. I believe in soul mates and what I believe in is coincidences. I┬┤m not looking for any kind of conflict with anyone if you don┬┤t believe that soul mates can be found at least respect me and don┬┤t judge me or make fun of me. I am looking for a stable relationship
Me gustan los hombres románticos
Paterna, Valencia

I like romantic men

I love romantic men and more than the physical appearance itself, what I am looking for is a man who has clear ideas and wants to find and seek a stable relationship. It is always said that the physical is lost and it is true, the physical is eventually lost and love and feelings remain. I┬┤m looking for that, I like handsome guys too, of course, but it┬┤s not what I┬┤m looking for first because if you┬┤re attracted to the interior, the physique takes a backseat.
Con o sin masajes
San Joan d┬┤Alacant, Alicante

With or without massages

I┬┤m looking for a stable and very sexual relationship with or without massages, it doesn┬┤t matter to me hahaha that everyone offers them to me all the time and I don┬┤t know why hahaha they are so important? Well, what I┬┤m going for is that I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship but hopefully with a lot of sex always because passion is very important as much as love.
De ropa interior? Solo tanga
Segovia, Segovia

Of underwear? Only thong

I┬┤m Azucena and I┬┤m very morbid. I am addicted to buying underwear, I love thongs and I have more than 500, I easily like them in all colors, shapes, styles and I fall in love with them. I get a big kick out of seeing underwear and trying it on when it arrives. I want a good boy who is also a good fucker but who is also a good friend and I am also looking for a good friend who listens to you and gives you advice.
Me fijo en el interior
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I look inside

For me the exterior is just a packaging that ends up being lost over time, however the feelings are pure and real and they remain there, and those pure and real feelings are what interest me in people because I am looking for a stable relationship. What good is an incredible physique if inside it is ugly and without feelings?
Citas reales
Ciudad Real,

real dating

I┬┤m looking for real dates with a guy who really wants to have them, single and handsome. He told me about the physical appearance of course but more about the inner beauty because that is very important to me as well. I want a stable relationship although I love sex and I am willing to get to know each other in another way first.
Me encanta la ropa interior
Estepona, Málaga

I love underwear

I love underwear I have thousands and thousands of sets and for all occasions... I have normal Disney ones for everyday life, sexy ones just because and also those for special occasions. It is one of the things I like to buy the most, underwear as a whole. Do you dare to see any of my outfits?
Me gustan los chicos cuidados
Punta Gorda, Florida

I like careful boys

I take care of myself and I want a boy who also takes care of himself and has a great body. I am single and I wouldn┬┤t mind falling in love with a boy with those characteristics. It is clear that the interior is more important than the exterior but we must be realistic and the first thing we all look at is the physical appearance.

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