Chico, California

I think practically all the boys are very handsome when they smile... He told me in everyone┬┤s eyes and mouths, but if he looks at me and smiles at me, I fall melting at his feet. I am a 27-year-old girl who is somewhat in love and crazy. My mindset is positive and I have a captivating personality.

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46 a├▒os cuidado, con trabajo estable
Girona, Girona

46 years of care, with stable work

Careful 38.46 year old man, with a stable job. To establish a beautiful relationship of friendship and relationship
Busco amistad, el cuerpo humano es bello y el de un hombre es perfecto cada cent├şmetro y cada uno es diferente y eso es bonito siempre
Toledo, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

I am very used to seeing naked men because I am a photographer and also the director of some model castings, I know the male anatomy 100%, the human body is beautiful and a man┬┤s body is perfect every inch and each one is different and that is beautiful always. I am looking for friendship
amistad y lo que surja, con el que salir y tener un bonita amistad
Zamora, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

My husband cheated on me many years ago and that was the reason for my divorce. My daughters are the ones who have encouraged me to get here, to meet a special man, with whom to go out and have a beautiful friendship. I hope you are patient, because of what happened to me... it is very difficult for me to trust men.
Rosa Mar├şa
Busco una bonita amistad, lo q surja soy honesta apasionada
Benidorm, Alicante

I am looking for a beautiful friendship, whatever arises, I am honest, passionate.

I am looking for a beautiful friendship and whatever arises, I am honest, passionate and very educated. I would love a sweet, intellectual and educated man.
Se├▒ores solventes en pamplona
Pamplona, Navarra

Solvent gentlemen in Pamplona

Spanish girl, 29 years old, very attractive, pretty face, nice body, good tits, looking for boys, men, gentlemen and solvent gentlemen in Pamplona
No me gusta lo vulgar
Ávila, Ávila

I don┬┤t like vulgar

I hate vulgar men or women, those who speak so badly, ugh, I seriously can┬┤t handle those people, I have always spoken great, always correct, and nothing in the world will change that. I am looking for a correct man, if possible a stable relationship and if not a nice friendship, but he has to be very correct in speaking and behaving.
Solo quiero hombres decentes
Cruce de Arinaga, Las Palmas

I only want decent men

I would just like to find a decent man for a stable relationship, I want to fall in love and for him to be really good and pretty. I am with all my desire to find a man who is really worth it, but the time has come when I can┬┤t find anyone who gets along with me as he should.
No busco lujos, me los concedo yo sola
Alicante, Alicante

I don┬┤t look for luxuries, I grant them to myself

I work hard to live and give myself luxuries if I ever want to give myself any. I┬┤m not looking for a man to support me but I┬┤m not supporting anyone either. I want to find a good man to start getting to know each other and in the not distant future we can have something more serious or we can end up with a beautiful and lasting friendship.
Ana mar├şa
Me dicen que soy bonita
Colombia, Huila

They tell me I┬┤m pretty

They tell me that I am pretty, regardless of color, I am pretty on the inside and that is how I really want to be pretty, otherwise I am not interested in being pretty because if they do not value me for who I am and only value me for my physical appearance, then I am not interested. I want to have something stable that lasts a lifetime.
Nos acompa├▒amos en este mundo loco?
Toledo, Ohio

Shall we accompany each other in this crazy world?

I am Valeria and I would like to find my ideal person, my ideal man, my pretty man. In life we need people by our side who add to us and not subtract from us and that is what I need by my side. I need to be loved and respected and I need to be able to love and of course respect the man next to me.

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