Chico, California

I┬┤m very normal but I┬┤m very interesting or that┬┤s how I consider myself, and no one tells me otherwise, the truth is, so I guess they also consider me equally interesting. I have ideas about having a partner and if it goes well, you already know how to start a family and so on, but you can┬┤t run before you walk, so step by step we get to know each other and see what is happening between the two of us.

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Tomarnos algo y hablar
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Have a drink and talk

Simple and clear, what I┬┤m looking for is to have a relationship that is basically a friendship, have a drink from time to time, talk... Typical and normal. I am very very normal, sometimes so much so that they say that I have nothing interesting to offer and hey, what do you want me to tell you, but I consider myself very very interesting. For anyone who wants to meet me, I know you will never regret it.
Sencilla pero interesante
Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza

Simple but interesting

I consider myself a very simple but very interesting girl. I can make you have a really good time with me without always having to be the same, the only thing is that I am so normal and so simple that you won┬┤t believe that I can manage to put together all of that. I won┬┤t tell you but I will show you. I┬┤m 26 years old and I┬┤m open to what we both really feel.
Soy normal, te puedo gustar?
Segovia, Segovia

I┬┤m normal, can you like me?

I don┬┤t have much to say, my life is very normal with a job that doesn┬┤t quite make me happy but at least I earn very well. I have a very beautiful family with many values but we are normal. I have some great but normal friends too. I am nothing out of this world although I know that I can make happy anyone who is willing to come into my life to stay.
Gustos normales
Toledo, Toledo

Normal tastes

Lately they ask me if I have any strange tastes or any strange hobbies and I always say no, that my tastes are very normal, very simple, something that you can find in any woman... I like to take care of myself I like to play sports I like to meet up with friends make family plans... I like to enjoy mine in general... I am very simple, sometimes even more than necessary, although it doesn┬┤t seem to me that one can be more than necessary.
Soy de lo más normal
Ermua, Vizcaya

I am very normal

If I tell you that I am very normal then believe it because it is true but that makes my personality very interesting and attractive. I┬┤m not the most beautiful because I┬┤m actually not, but I liked it a lot hehehe. I want to meet a normal guy but also very interesting.
Especialmente normal
Chico, California

especially normal

They tell me that I┬┤m special but I consider myself normal and once a boy told me well then you┬┤re especially normal, and that stuck in my mind and well I don┬┤t consider myself especially normal hehe what do you think? I am in a sweet moment at work where I now feel very good and that I am where I would like and that I am back working in the family business.
Si nos hablamos igual nos entendemos
Valladolid, Valladolid

If we talk to each other the same we understand each other

I┬┤m really looking for someone who understands me and knows that I┬┤m for real. I like to go hiking, sometimes even alone, although I would like to go in company of course. I have always led a very normal life but sometimes fairly interesting things have happened to me and I also have some anecdotes to tell.
Confirmo que estoy para lo que surja
Zamora, Castell├│n

I confirm that I am ready for whatever arises

I┬┤m here for whatever arises. For a long time I was thinking about something like this to meet interesting people and guys but I had never dared but now that I hardly go out I want to meet in this way that I find super interesting and for me a good taste to meet. guys and have a great time... I┬┤m quite open in speaking and I┬┤m very nice. Don┬┤t be afraid because I don┬┤t like anyone who doesn┬┤t ask me to.
Muy muy normal
Benicarl├│, Cantabria

very very normal

They say that the girls who register on these pages are very different or that they behave very differently than how they should behave when they are in what we call real life. I show myself as I am, I┬┤m nothing from another world, maybe a little strange, I won┬┤t argue with you, but little more.
Todo lo normal que se puede ser
Venlo, Limburgo

As normal as can be

They usually tell me that I am very normal and well I always say the same thing that I am as normal as can be. Everyone has our oddities, our way of being and our way of acting, some a little more strange, others a little less strange, but in the end we are all normal hehehe. I don┬┤t like to judge anyone for their way of being or behaving, everyone will have their reasons, I┬┤m just here to find someone special and I hope I can fall in love once and for all.

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