Chico, California

I want to meet a man and have friendships both virtually (until we meet) and in person. After a friendship we will see what happens, what emerges and what we both want. I am open to everything that arises as long as it fits within my way of being.

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Busco una relaci贸n seria no busco hombres
Medell铆n, Antioquia

I am looking for a serious relationship, I am not looking for men

I麓m looking for a serious relationship, I麓m not looking for men who only want virtual sex, that doesn麓t suit me, above all, I麓m sorry.
Busco amistad, claro tambi茅n virtual mientras que s铆 y que no
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I am looking for friendship

I am a real girl, not virtual, of course also virtual while yes and no, whether we see each other or not, one thing, on some occasions I have met and I have had a very good time, I have made very good friends here and here I keep meeting more and more people. I麓m looking for friendship, there is no other reason why I am here.
amistad y lo que surja, buenas tardes
Almer铆a, Almer铆a

friendship and whatever comes next

Good afternoon, I have been chatting with people from other countries for years... I love traveling and being shown new places. But the reason for getting into this app is to meet people from Almer铆a to go out, have a drink and have face-to-face contact. I live in Alc贸ntar, life here is boring and I麓m looking for people to have fun with.
Provocarme virtualmente pero que no vaya a saco
Barcelona, Barcelona

Provoke me virtually but don麓t let it go to waste

I麓m looking for a man to start a virtual friendship, so that we can have bawdy conversations (initially through Whatsapp, but if necessary, even over the phone). And in the future... we will see. I would like a man with very clear ideas and who knows how to seduce and provoke me virtually but who does not go to the sack. I would also like him to be a good-looking, sociable man with a topic of conversation and if we ever had more than one topic of conversation
Me gusta mucho esto
A Coru帽a, A Coru帽a

I like this a lot

I really like the virtual world because I have met people that I have had for years, both boys and girls and in fact I stay with them and some are part of my daily life and great friends. Now what I really come for is to find a stable partner with a boy but of course I wouldn麓t mind making friends too.
Vamos a pasarlo bien, no tengo muchas esperanzas de encontrar a alguien af铆n a mi porque soy exigente pero nunca se sabe oye
Oviedo, Asturias

Let麓s have a good time

Having fun is a good option on this page. I麓m not talking about having cyber sex here and it麓s all virtual, it麓s more about having a good time getting to know each other and staying and having an even better time and having fun with whatever comes up, as anyone would be willing to experience whatever comes up. I don麓t have much hope of finding someone like me because I麓m picky but you never know, hey.
No quiero una relaci贸n virtual
Teruel, Teruel

I don麓t want a virtual relationship

I have been offered on occasion to have a virtual love relationship and I don麓t want that, I like to kiss, caress, look into the eyes, hug, and of course I like real sex. I am looking for a stable and real relationship. I麓m 25 years old.
Conocernos virtualmente y despu茅s real
Valladolid, Valladolid

Meet each other virtually and then real

It starts virtually and ends in person, which is really getting to know each other. I麓m not looking for a stable relationship right now, but I am looking for a friendship to go out and make plans as friends, a complicity that doesn麓t make us confuse ourselves with love.
amistad y lo que surja, lo que se dice una friki
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

People consider me a weirdo... they are surprised that a mature woman is involved in the world of games, virtual ones, anime and so on... what is called a geek, but I don麓t see myself like that, I麓m just different. Since I don麓t socialize as much, my escape has been games and technologies, I麓m looking for someone who likes who I am...
Me apetece tener mi peque帽o mundo virtual
Valencia, Valencia

I want to have my little virtual world

For me this is like a parallel world, a virtual world... But I would like to be able to get to know someone on this level, that is, in real terms, to be able to meet and see what happens. But at the moment a little virtual world is always good to have fun in other different ways.

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