Gratis, Ohio

It┬┤s not because you believe it, but I still look at you and you fall in love at my feet... Can you imagine? I would love to have at least a cordial and fun relationship where we talk and we go to heaven. I┬┤m into real dates on a terrace having something for example.

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Busco amistad, es más prudente que no directamente
Soria, Soria

I am looking for friendship

I look and look at the ads on this page and ufff, I don┬┤t know, there are many guys that I like a lot to the point that I am getting an enormous desire to call, I make visits and if they arrive and you like me, call, it is more prudent not directly, I don┬┤t know. I am looking for friendship and always meet new people.
Me encanta que me miren
Boiro, A Coru├▒a

I love that they look at me

It┬┤s something that I like that they look at me but not that they keep complimenting me. I don┬┤t like that either because I don┬┤t want to feel uncomfortable either, you know. I don┬┤t intend to be malicious or have bad feelings with anyone, it┬┤s just a fact and here I am open to whatever arises. My last stable relationship was two years ago and I left him. After that I haven┬┤t been with a guy again except for something sporadic.
No miro el f├şsico
Segovia, Segovia

I don┬┤t look at the physical

I don┬┤t look at the physical appearance, I want to fall in love and what I always look at is the inside of people. I am not one of those who fights about everything and I am neither jealous nor possessive. I am looking to find someone who neither feels jealous nor believes that I am their property. I┬┤m looking forward to a beautiful and real story, one of those that I haven┬┤t experienced in years.
Paso de chulitos
Utrera, Sevilla

Chulitos step

I don┬┤t want to be arrogant anymore in my life. I┬┤m looking for a guy who looks rather shy and is more reserved. I┬┤m looking for love and I like romantic love and perhaps with a touch of cloying but just enough and necessary, not too much. I live alone although I want to have good company because I have been alone for many years since I became independent when I was 22 years old and I am now 27 years old and I have lived alone since I became independent.
amistad y lo que surja, me encanta el sexo y es una necesidad
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I had always criticized people who were unfaithful, but look where I see myself now... in this chat wanting to have a love affair... I was not in favor of infidelity, but my husband doesn┬┤t even look at me, he seems more old as he is... sex once a month, I love sex and it is a necessity... I am looking for a friend, confidant and good lover.
No me mires que me salen los colores
Marchena, Sevilla

Don┬┤t look at me, the colors come out

I am very embarrassed that they look at me a lot, I turn red and turn my head. Many say that this is a girl thing, but why should it be a girl thing to be embarrassing? Better so than not edge right? Because shame sometimes makes people a little more blunt and that does seem bad to me. I am open to everything good that comes to me. I have no idea how the chats work since it is my first time.
Busco una amistad a ser posible verdadera
Avil├ęs, Asturias

I am looking for a true friendship if possible

Although I would love to fall in love, be happy as a couple and all that first because for me it is the most important thing, I want to find a boy for a true friendship and then be able to see what happens. To me, those who tell me that a man and a woman cannot start out as friends, I look like I don┬┤t believe it, you know why every man and every woman to reach something more have to get to know each other and start being friends....
Una mirada dice más que mil palabras
Michoacán, Michoacán de Ocampo

A look is worth a thousand words

Words carry away with the wind but not a look, a look is sincere and speaks much more than any type of word. I┬┤m not looking for anything specific because if we don┬┤t look each other in the eyes we will never know what could come out of that friendship relationship that we will surely have forged. They sometimes tell me that I am very cheesy when speaking, but am I not right?
Yo solo vivo el presente
San Juan de Miraflores, Provincia de Lima

I only live in the present

I┬┤m tired of looking at the future so that then nothing turns out well for me. I┬┤m tired of it and now I only look to live in the present and what do you want me to tell you, but everything turns out much better for me. I am forward-thinking but nothing more than that, just enough because I want to live in the present and enjoy whatever comes with my super positive mind. Try it and tell me.
Me gustar├şa tener una cita
Folla, Lombardia

I┬┤d like to make an appointment

I am one of those people who likes to look at the face, look at a smile, look into the eyes, I am one of those who like to touch, smell, in short, feel. This seems like a good idea to have a first contact but then I want to date so I look for real guys for whatever comes up. A good first date for me would be to meet for lunch, for example, and then be able to take a long walk and talk about everything we want to know about each other that we haven┬┤t told each other here.

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