Gratis, Ohio

When I say that I´m looking for friendship, it´s not that I just want a normal friendship, nothing like that, I´m looking for more of a relationship... What to call it so that it doesn´t sound ugly... More special hehe, a more fluid trust with intimacy included hehe I already like it you understand right? Well, I´m also interested in that part of friendship hehehehe

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Tomar una copa, y sabeís qué
Gijón, Asturias

Have a drink

I really liked a compliment that a friend said to me one day and it was when she told me that I was a gift for any man, it´s nice that a girl, a friend, tells you these things, and you know what? She´s right, I´m a gift because I am a very authentic woman with many virtues that I now know I have.
amistad y lo que surja, dime algo en Barakaldo, Vizcaya
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I haven´t had a stable partner for a long time and I feel the need to have someone by my side, who is a friend, confidant and lover. Already tired of people looking for hookups and quick fucks, at 44 years old I already want emotional stability... since I have it at work... I would only lack love. If you are looking for the same thing as me... tell me something.
Tomar una copa, la verdad es que es muy buena y además todo lo que dice lo dice por algo por alguna razón
Alicante, Alicante

Have a drink

I have a friend who says that the best thing is to do threesome massages, she is a masseuse and she says that, I don´t really understand what she means, anyway, the truth is that she is very good and also everything she says she says for a reason. For some reason, when we meet for a drink we always have a great time, we laugh.
Me da miedo la soledad
Almería, Almería

loneliness scares me

I am very afraid of feeling alone, I have a terrible time when it happens to me. It should be said that I am surrounded by a wonderful family of 10 and some friends who I would not change for anything either, but I live alone and sometimes I think that I will be left like this, alone, without a partner that I will not find my better half and that destroys me... I know it´s just my thought but I want to find that person and stop having those thoughts.
amistad y lo que surja, todos me dicen que lo mismo que yo
Elche, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

I have gone through several pages, more of the same in all of them... or friends... or sex alone. I look for the middle ground between the two things... everyone tells me that it´s the same as me, but when we have the first sex it´s all over and only in sex. I´m looking for a special friend with whom to share more things other than sex. You dare?
Sin ningún reproche
Ferrol, A Coruña

Without any reproach

I am looking to meet a boy for whatever arises but without reproaches in the future. I am not looking for commitments of any kind or explanations, I say it now so that there are no problems in the future. I don´t want strange confidences in which we take the liberty of telling each other things that we would only say to close friends.
No se qué sentido darle a todo esto
Deltebre, Tarragona

I don´t know what meaning to give to all this

I´m wondering which way to go so I don´t know what meaning to give it, on the one hand I´m looking for love or that´s what I want to find but on the other hand I would also like to just enjoy a friendship relationship with something sporadic and I don´t know what else. I´m very doubtful, I admit it, but I don´t know where to go so that everything turns out well. What do you think? A friend tells me to just let myself go and not try to find meaning in it because it will be much more fun. I will try...
Me dicen que soy más rara que un perro verde
Oviedo, Asturias

They tell me I´m weirder than a green dog

Am I strange because I don´t like parties? Am I strange because I don´t like interacting with friends of my friends? Am I strange because I don´t like clubs? I´m rather shy, I can´t say otherwise, but I´m not strange... I´m 21 years old and they tell me that if I don´t go out I´ll lose my youth... Is youth just about going out to party? I don´t think we´re going, it has nothing to do with it, it´s just that I have other interests in my life.
Te gustan las loquitas?
España la Vieja, Alicante

Do you like crazy girls?

They say that we crazy people have a special charm because we barely have a filter. They say that we are much better at taking care of children because we are more affectionate... I don´t know if it is true or not but with me it is true that I am very affectionate and I like to take care of everyone, not just the children of course. Of course I don´t have a filter and I say everything that goes through my head and I´m also crazy, I like to enjoy life and I´m not ashamed.
No busco impresionarte, solo gustarte
Torrent, Valencia

I´m not looking to impress you, just to like you.

I don´t want to impress anyone, I just want to like some boy who is noble and a good person. I´m looking to fall in love but always in steps. First I would like to find a friend with whom to chat about everything and have a good time and then only time will tell. Maybe I´ll just find good friends here, who knows... The fact is that everything is good vibes.

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