Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

I prefer guys who are single. I don┬┤t want a guy who is committed because I am single and I want to make all kinds of plans to meet a man and have a good time. Also, if something more than friendship and what sex arose, I would like to continue. Going forward I wouldn┬┤t like anything to have to be stopped.

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Me gustar├şa encontrar un chico soltero
Medina del Campo, Valladolid

I would like to find a single guy

It is difficult to find single guys who want to have a stable relationship. What I find are guys who want to have something sporadic and that┬┤s it but they don┬┤t want to commit but I do want to commit to a boy and enjoy each other in a beautiful and stable relationship.
Me comprometo a ser sincera siempre
Valladolid, Valladolid

I promise to always be honest

I will always be honest with everyone who wants to know me and if it is for something more stable, the better. I never like to lie but if you lie to me you won┬┤t have a second chance with me. I am clear and direct and if you like girls with character we could start getting to know each other and have a date if we both wanted to.
Pueda escuchar detras de una pantalla
Barranquilla, Atlántico

Can listen behind a screen

Friendship, good conversations, an accomplice who listens to me-reads and can listen-reads behind a screen. I think that people speed up a lot. It is better to take things calmly, get to know each other and if there is that spark that makes your eyes shine shine and that chemistry and connection takes a backseat. I am a serious, hard-working, committed, romantic, detail-oriented woman. I hate waiting, lies and injustices. I love a good rate of falls watching the rain fall listening to romantic music hugging someone, I like to dance salsa, merengue, vallenato and the folk music of my land. This world is worth a million and many times we miss the gifts that life gives us. How to stop for a while to listen to the sound of the birds, the water and watch a sunset to inhale the smell of the rain, the smell of freshly cut grass, the look of a happy old man... many things that we miss day after day for often being entangled in things that make no sense.
Las mujeres tambi├ęn somos infieles por naturaleza
Valladolid, Valladolid

Women are also unfaithful by nature.

Being unfaithful is not just a thing for men, women are also unfaithful and that is my example, I am one and it is impossible to commit without ending up messing up. They tell me it┬┤s because true love hasn┬┤t come to me and I haven┬┤t managed to fall in love. I may or may not find it but for now I want to flirt and have sporadic encounters.
Los pies en la tierra siempre
Berja, Almer├şa

Feet on the ground always

Although sometimes I admit that I believe everything they say and they make me float with illusions, but normally I always keep my feet on the ground and I am realistic with everything. To search, I┬┤m looking for something that┬┤s nothing serious, nothing that makes me commit or think more than necessary about the other person, but who knows, right?
amistad y lo que surja, solo vamos a pasar buenos momentos sin comprometernos a nada
La Rinconada, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a dominant woman looking for someone who will let herself be subdued... I don┬┤t care if you are not single, we are just going to have a good time without committing to anything. I live in La Rinconada, I have many gadgets and toys to play with... I┬┤m sure you won┬┤t get bored and you┬┤ll want to repeat.
Solo quiero desconectar y fundir estr├ęs
Soria, Soria

I just want to disconnect and melt away stress

I am right now in a moment where I want to relieve stress and I want to have a moment of passion, sex, friendship and trust. For nothing in the world am I looking for anything that doesn┬┤t involve me and I┬┤m not looking for anyone who wants to commit because I don┬┤t want to hurt anyone, I┬┤m sincere and I can┬┤t have a stable relationship right now.
amistad y lo que surja, el buscar pareja
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

It┬┤s been on my mind for a long time, looking for a partner... and at certain ages, you have to sit down and be more stable. I like to live life intensely, but now I┬┤m looking for something more calm, quieter things and to have a formal partner. I look for candidates who are fun and uncommitted.
Busco alguien as├ş...
Gratis, Ohio

I┬┤m looking for someone like that...

Demomento I want to be in contact with someone who gives me what I need and is complicity, adventure, good times, understanding and of course who is patient and polite. Sometimes I think I ask for too much and every time I think it is too little. I┬┤m not exactly looking to commit to anyone right now.
amistad y lo que surja, hola, me he venido a pasar una temporadita en andorra
Andorra la Vieja, Andorra la Vieja

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I have come to spend a little while in Andorra, I have a little house that I like to come to when I want to disconnect from the world. I am looking to make contacts that are not just for sex, to do things together, and that does not commit either of us to anything. If you want to meet me... give me a sign.

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