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Who is willing to do anything who likes sex, coffee, talking, making love

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Si eres esa persona contacta conmigo
Vitoria, Álava

If you are that person, contact me

I am looking to meet a girl and live new experiences with her, if you are that person contact me, you will not regret having met me!!!!!! I am willing to open myself up to that girl who really fulfills me, I am very romantic and sincere, if that is what you are looking for, I am your ideal guy, don´t hesitate!!! I am looking forward to you!! Don´t be afraid, let´s try it together. I´m looking forward to meeting you!!! I am looking for a girl who is daring, morbid and willing to experience new and daring things, who wants to have a good time and that the enjoyment is mutual!! I am a person who gives everything to the girl I am with and I like to make her enjoy!!! Don´t think twice, contact me!!! Let´s try!!! I am a person who gives everything to the girl I am with and I like to make her enjoy!!! Don´t think twice, contact me!!! We try!!!
Solo para mujeres  q  esten dispuesta a tenerla la cita soy claro enndecir las cosa dispulparam
Madrid, Madrid

Only for women who are willing to have the date, I am clear in explaining things dispulparam

Hello. Hello good. For all. But in life you have to be honest. I am not. Nadi. To judge anyone. But in life you have to be honest. Who believed What phone number is the person known to? I in my thinking. X phone number you don´t know. To the person x q. Not knowing her in person whoever she is. It´s okay to say yes and we´ll see what happens. You are encouraged to meet. You will see that you will not regret it. Girls, do you have a photo? In the profile and photo the person is not fake
busco una persona cariñosa que se deje querer, que sea de mente abierta y que le guste jugar
Córdoba, Córdoba

I am looking for a loving person who lets himself be loved, who is open-minded and who likes to play

I am an open-minded, loving and attentive person who has no problems when it comes to sex, who is daring and who wants to discover new things. I am willing to teach you/enjoy everything you want, if possible, serious people who really like you. I would like to meet another person and don´t waste my time, I am affectionate and very romantic but above all faithful, I like animals and walking, if you are interested in getting to know me I am always willing to have a good conversation, a kiss
Bueno, espero conocer a alguien diferente, no con 5 piernas
Telde, Las Palmas

Well I hope to meet someone different, not with 5 legs

Well, I hope to meet someone different, not with 5 legs, special I mean. To the mess, I am 45 years old, I have always worked in the driving school business, a driver´s training teacher since I was 21. I am completely free of commitments, I have been without a relationship for a long time, after breaking up with a 17-year-old, almost nothing . I´m looking to meet someone in a similar situation who is willing if we agree to make photocopies whenever we feel like it. I don´t rule out finding a stable partner, Queen knows somewhere
Busco una mujer agradable q este dispuesta a tener una relación seria además
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for a nice woman who is willing to have a serious relationship as well.

I am looking for a nice woman who is willing to have a serious relationship as well as who can travel in search of love, I am a normal person dedicated to work, I like to go out, have fun with good music, in addition to dancing, I am a passionate person and not I like lies so I try to be a little better every day, I am a person who does not like to judge others and I am characterized by treating people according to their characteristics and how they are, as I would say each person has their charm , the important thing of all is to know someone from the inside and live with each experience that arises on a daily basis, thus we will be able to build a better world where it is not necessary to be better than anyone but rather better than oneself and correct every imperfection and make us a better person for the good of all.
mujeres, soy kevin un hombre apasionado y de mente abierta que busca conectar con personas vibrantes y genuinas
Barcelona, Barcelona


I am Kevin, a passionate and open-minded man looking to connect with vibrant and genuine people. I love adventure and discovering new experiences, whether it´s exploring fascinating places, trying exotic dishes, or immersing myself in deep and meaningful conversations. I consider myself a loyal and loving partner, always willing to listen and support those who are close to me. Additionally, I have a great sense of humor and enjoy making others laugh. If you are looking for an exciting and authentic trip, I would love to meet you
Así como también momentos divertidos e impulsivos
Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco

As well as fun and impulsive moments

Hello everyone! I am an active and passionate person who enjoys the little things in life. I love experiencing new things and exploring unknown places. I also enjoy playing sports and keeping fit. I am a very friendly and easy-going person, I am always willing to listen to and support the people around me. I consider myself a very sincere and honest person, so communication is a very important value for me. I like to learn and grow as a person, so I am always open to new experiences and perspectives. Enjoy reading, music and outdoor activities. I´m looking for someone with whom I can share my hobbies and pastimes, but also who is willing to teach me and explore new things together. I would like to find someone with whom I can have deep and meaningful conversations, as well as fun and impulsive moments. If you are interested in meeting someone active, friendly and open-minded
Soy un chico que busca chicas,
Bollullos de la Mitación, Sevilla

I´m a boy looking for girls

I am a boy who is looking for encounters, a relationship, the truth is that I don´t know a bit what arises and nothing here I am ready for an incredible adventure between you and me And nothing my loves write to me if you want to meet me I am looking for something special between you and me and may we never forget the passion and love we exude.
Estoy abierto a nuevas experiencias, estoy abierto a nuevas experiencias y conexiones significativas
Madrid, Madrid

I am open to new experiences

. I am an open and flexible person who is looking for whatever comes along the way in relationships. I am open to new experiences and meaningful connections, without limiting myself to a specific expectation. I believe in letting things flow naturally and I am willing to explore different possibilities. If you are looking for someone with an open mind and willing to see where life takes us, I am your person!
Siempre dispuesto a probar cosas nuevas
Lima, Gobierno Regional de Lima

Always willing to try new things

Hello! I am a 39-year-old man, 1.90m tall and with a muscular physique. I consider myself extroverted, adventurous and with a morbid touch. I am looking for a woman who shares my passion for life and new experiences. If you are an adventurous woman, who wants to have fun and is not afraid of a little spice, I would love to meet you. I am a fun guy, with a lot to offer and always willing to try new things. Do you dare to join my next adventure? Go ahead and write to me! PS: If you like tall, muscular men, I think you´ll love what you´re about to see!

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