amistad y lo que surja, el buscar pareja
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

It´s been on my mind for a long time, looking for a partner... and at certain ages, you have to sit down and be more stable. I like to live life intensely, but now I´m looking for something more calm, quieter things and to have a formal partner. I look for candidates who are fun and uncommitted.
Tengo cuerda para rato jejeje
Springfield, Misuri

I have rope for a while hehehe

Oh my goodness, guys, yes, I love meeting guys, also a little younger than me and I´m 40 years old but I feel like a 25-year-old hahaha, I have enough time, yes, the younger guys, but at least 30 years old, eh, younger, I don´t want .
Ana Bella
amistad y lo que surja, pero ninguna ha llegado a cuajar del todo
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m not a girl anymore, I´m 43 years old and I´m looking for a serious relationship... I´m not a romantic type, I´ve always been in a relationship, but none of them have really come together. We can start with a friendship and the harmony and communication we have will be seen. I work in the mornings and have the afternoons to get to know you little by little.
amistad y lo que surja, darnos un poquito de placer y luego cada uno para su casa
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a very hot mature woman... I am looking for the right man to let off steam, without commitments... give us a little pleasure and then everyone goes home. Life experiences have made me not want to get attached to anyone... together, but not mixed up... if you want us to meet, let us know and we´ll talk.
Hola buenas tardes soy fátima de la mini olimpiadas que se me había olvidado de s
Virginia, Virginia

Hello, good afternoon, I´m Fatima from the mini Olympics, I had forgotten about her.

Hello, good afternoon, I´m Fatima from the mini Olympics, I had forgotten about her.
amistad y lo que surja, pero que no solamente sea para sexo
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, I am a girl looking for a guy, but not just for sex... I like to have confidence, harmony and get to know you in another way before getting intimate. If you have a gap, let me know, I work, but it´s all about agreeing and seeing our tastes and our availability. If you´re up for it, I´ll wait for you.
Me gusta hacer fotos
Toledo, Ohio

I like to take photographs

I am not a photographer and I have never studied anything related but I love taking photos and it is like my biggest hobby. I´m single and I have a lot to give and I want to be able to receive hehe. I´m not going to beat around the bush so if we like each other we can see each other in person and whatever happens.
amistad y lo que surja, hola, tener una cita divertida con alguien que me guste
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, I´m looking to make contacts, have a fun date with someone I like... already tired of the pimps, of the hotties who are only looking to get laid. I prefer an ugly guy who makes me laugh... and have a few laughs, than a night of sex... it´s not that I don´t like sex... but that will be seen over time...
No tengo necesidad de mentir
Chico, California

I have no need to lie

I am who I am and I don´t lie when I´m meeting anyone. Besides, I´m not a one-night stand girl, I´m about something more serious, more lasting, more real... I like men who take things seriously and don´t have to lie to be liked... I´m 27 years old and I´m not at an age for nonsense. hahaha
Quiero un rollete
Gratis, Ohio

I want a roll

Honestly, I just come to see if I get an interesting roll or not. I am curious and I like to try new things and get to know kids in different ways, especially if it is for something exciting and fun. Curiosity killed the cat they say but if I have to die let it be with pleasure hahaha
Hombres guapos, pues sinceramente solo busco chicos que me entren primero por el ojo y después lo demás porque ahora solo busco un rollo
Punta Gorda, Florida

Handsome men

Well, honestly I´m only looking for guys who get my eye first and then the rest because now I´m just looking for a vibe, if you don´t get my eye I can´t have anything because if you don´t get me we can´t have any relationship since I just want to enjoy and have many orgasms.
Me inicio en este mundo
Española, Nueva York

I start in this world

For me this is a new world and totally different from what I am used to. I wanted to try and so I´m doing the searching thing, I´m not good at it because I let myself flow and let things happen little by little.
Soy una chica normal, no voy de nada no me creo más interesante que nadie soy de lo más normal que podrás conocer en estos momentos pero tengo mucho que ofrecer
Chico, California

I am a normal girl

I´m not going for anything, I don´t think I´m more interesting than anyone else, I´m the most normal person you´ll ever meet right now, but I have a lot to offer. If you feel like it, we can get to know each other, if not, nothing happens. I´m looking forward to whatever comes up and I love to chat.
amistad y lo que surja, y si es rico mejor
Rio Rico, Arizona

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m looking for a mature man... and if he´s rich the better, that´s how he gets me out of work (just kidding, I´m independent and I´ve liked being independent anyway) but for asking that it´s not... Seriously, I´m looking for a friendship with a view to have something more serious, if what has to arise arises. With just a message, I will respond to your proposal.
Me gustan los hombres fuertes
Punta Gorda, Florida

I like strong men

I´m 21 years old and I like strong men, let´s say they have muscles that take care of themselves, let them play sports, I like them shaved and I´m only looking for sex, I want to have a good time in the company of a man and I want absolutely nothing else.
amistad y lo que surja, os habla una mujer viuda de toledo
Toledo, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

A widow from Toledo speaks to you. I am looking for a friend with whom to walk, chat, share leisure time. At my age there are not many men who are available. I do not want to break up marriages and I am looking for men who do not have a wife and can live peacefully. If available. Write to me, I promise to answer.
Soy una chica sana
Chico, California

I am a healthy girl

I don´t smoke, I barely drink at specific times and of course you don´t try foreign substances. I love taking care of myself and eating healthy. I like doing a lot of sports. I´m open to having a good time and enjoying myself and then if something more serious comes up, no problem, but you have to enjoy yourself first.
Busco busco busco y no sé si encontraré
Chico, California

I search I search I search and I don´t know if I will find

Sometimes I get tired of searching, of looking for things that never arrive or happen... relationships that never quite come together... I don´t know what I´m doing wrong, but hey, I also tell you that I´m positive and I´m here searching. for whatever arises always for whatever arises.
amistad y lo que surja, madura, tengo casa
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

I have come here with the intention of looking for a partner... someone who wants to have a serious relationship... mature, I don´t want children who are looking for fantasies with mature women... I want someone from my family with whom I can form something with a view to the future. I work, I have a home, and the only thing I´m missing is love. Are you up for it and let´s meet?
Quiero planes divertidos
Chico, California

I want fun plans

I would like to make fun plans. It´s been a while since I went out with a guy to make a plan because I don´t even remember. I´m open to everything but wouldn´t you tell me that the best thing is to start with a good friendship? For me, yes, it is key when it comes to having a good relationship.
Hay cursos para entender a los hombres?
Gratis, Ohio

Are there courses to understand men?

Maybe I will need a course to understand myself with a man because I have never had that luck in my life. My relationships are not going well and I need them to start going well because I want to find love, but hey, if there is a course, can you give it to me? Hehe, I´m sure you would be an excellent teacher.
Me gustan los chicos sociables
Chico, California

I like sociable boys

I am Claudia, a very sociable girl and as such I like very sociable guys with whom I can talk about everything and find them interesting. I´m not looking for a fleeting adventure, I´m not that kind of girl and although I don´t know if I´ll find love, I hope that at least I can find a friendship and it´s worth it to me.
Una persona que sabe lo que necesita
Texas, Texas

A person who knows what he needs

I´m looking for a serious relationship. Serious, responsible, loving, responsible man. A person who knows what he needs
Sincera buena gente ojos azules
Madrid, Nueva York

Sincere good people blue eyes

A kind and sincere person, good people, blue eyes.
But i am a loving and respectful girl
Ohio, Ohio

But i am a loving and respectful girl

We´re back and look for what you need. But I am a loving and respectful girl.?
Yo que sé un chico normalizo
Española, Nueva York

I know a normal boy

I know that I am a normal boy, point ball, point col, and that I like him and that he is handsome.
amistad y lo que surja, me considero muy interesante
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl from the Dominican Republic, a little lost, I already have a job and I am missing friends to go out and a partner... in the latter I am not in too much of a hurry, many changes in my life suddenly and I like to go little by little. If you are interested and want to know more things about me... write to me, I consider myself very interesting.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una chica
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl, who is looking for a boy to have a serious relationship... I have been free for some time and I miss some things... when you are in a relationship, you feel, it has been a long time since my heart beats for anyone... I have been working for a long time. bit of a secretary in a law office. And now I just need to find my boy.
amistad y lo que surja, se que estoy buena
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

You can call me Sole and even more so if we are going to enter into trust... I am looking for a man who is not only for sex, nor who uses me as a vase woman... I know that I am hot, but I can contribute many more things. I´m looking for something stable, with someone who doesn´t have anyone waiting for them at home... if you´re up for it, I´m here.
Quién busca si que encuentra
Gratis, Ohio

Who searches will find

I am sure that whoever searches will find something, even if it is always said that this is not the case. I am open to everything and to finding a good and decent boy who would like to meet a girl like me for anything that arises.
No quiero perder el tiempo, no busco malas maneras ni mucho menos
Chico, California

I do not wanna lose my time

Please don´t waste my time, I´m here to meet some guy and be able to have whatever comes up but fun and interesting. I´m not looking for bad manners, far from it. I look for them to give me joy more than sorrow. I´m not looking for arguments, I´m looking for good guys. A real boy always behaves well.
No soporto la infidelidad, no soporto la gente que es infiel asique si estás casado o en pareja por aquí no pases jeje porque solo busco hombres solteros y fieles
Española, Nueva York

I can´t stand infidelity

I can´t stand people who are unfaithful so if you are married or in a relationship don´t come here hehe because I am only looking for single and faithful men. I am open to anything that comes up but they are never married. I´ve been romantically cheated on so many times that I don´t feel like going through that anymore.
Disfruto contigo y tú conmigo
Gratis, Ohio

I enjoy you and you with me

Without pressure, you enjoy me and I enjoy you and the rest...? What is the rest...? I suppose the future will tell us if it wants to tell us, right? For now I´m not looking for anything more than fun, pleasure, orgasms... And who knows what else...
No quiero rayadas
Gratis, Ohio

I don´t want scratches

Phew, look at the intense guys who are into anything, I don´t like them. Those who get upset about everything burden me too much and that´s why I prefer a boy who doesn´t make things difficult for me, who is natural and lets himself be carried away by events.
Busco amistad o lo que surja tener un lindo novio
Long Beach, California

I´m looking for friendship or whatever comes up, having a nice boyfriend

I´m looking for friendship or whatever comes up, having a nice boyfriend. Invite me to come and eat
amistad y lo que surja, y si de paso me sale pareja mejor
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello everyone, I have entered this page to look for friends... and if I find a partner, the better... this way I kill two birds with one stone. Mature, I am clear about what I like and what I don´t. I don´t want people who have a partner or who are only looking for sex. If you feel like it, let´s talk and determine what things we have in common.
Tengo mucha imaginación
Gratis, Ohio

I have a lot of imagination

The good thing about imagination is that you can imagine all the good things you want to happen to you and they say that sometimes it comes true... The bad thing is that with the bad things, like in my case, you end up obsessed and it´s not as cool anymore. . Still, I love using my imagination and well... What are you looking for? Hehehe, we can imagine together, or make it come true... What do you think?
Busco un chico feliz
Chico, California

I´m looking for a happy boy

I´m looking for a happy guy and I´m looking for him to be happy because I don´t want negative energies, I immediately absorb all the bad energies and it´s not something I want to stay because then I´m negative and I wouldn´t like it. I´m looking for positive guys who want to fall in love in the future.
Desconectando de nuevo
Gratis, Ohio

Disconnecting again

I come to disconnect from everything, I want to enjoy meeting someone a lot. I did not let myself be influenced by past experiences that have not been good for me. I just try to have fun with what I like and that way I take advantage and meet new people. I´m trying this out because of a friend who recommended it to me, so here I go.
Cuanto te gusta el sexo???
Gratis, Ohio

How much do you like sex???

I love sex, I would say very much. I love enjoying sex in all its magnitude. I love it and that´s why I enjoy it both accompanied and alone. I enjoy sex every day. I want to find someone calmly and enjoy without commitment. I´m 21 years old, what are you waiting for? What do I want to fall in love with? I don´t pass.... Hahaha
Tengo 19 añitos
Gratis, Ohio

I am 19 years old

I am 19 years old, I am a shy girl but I am not looking for anything serious, I am looking for a friendship with the possibility of having a good time and enjoying myself. My shyness is something temporary, I mean it is something that as time goes by it goes away on its own and I let go and forget that I am shy hehehe
amistad y lo que surja, y quien dice que a las mujeres cuando son maduras
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

And who says that when women are mature, their desire to have sex disappears? For me it is the opposite, now I enjoy it and savor it more in every way. I am clear about what I like, what I don´t... I value quality, rather than quantity in everything... if you want, we can meet, we won´t lose anything...
amistad y lo que surja, para quitarnos el calor y el sofoco juntos
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I woke up horny and I´m looking to chat with guys, to get rid of the heat and suffocation together... I enjoy everything, I like to go slowly, go over your entire body... foreplay, a good oral... spicy lingerie and sex toys I love them... now I want to know all the things you like.
Ni mucho ni poco
Tucson, Arizona

Neither much nor little

Neither too heavy nor too detached, I want to find love but I don´t want too much or too little, I want everything in its right measure. I understand that not everyone is the same so I hope that I can really get to know the inside of a boy and we can get along so much that we can, in the not too distant future, have a stable relationship.
amistad y lo que surja, pero no busco sexo
Rio Rico, Arizona

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a woman from Puerto Rico, who is looking for friends, of the same line as me... I do not have a partner, I am not closed to love... but I am not looking for sex, nor warm-ups. I like to get to know people little by little, have confidence and after that... you never know. If you feel like it, we can meet and have a drink.
Me gusta conocer gente, me encanta conocer gente nueva me río mucho con los chicos porque claro conozco chicos super diferentes a mí y bueno eso es lo interesante del asunto
Gratis, Ohio

I like meeting people

I love meeting new people, I laugh a lot with the kids because of course I meet guys who are super different from me and well that´s the interesting thing about it. I like meeting different guys because they always say that opposites attract and the truth is that the guys I´ve had the best time with have been the ones it seemed like I could never fit in with.
amistad y lo que surja, soy una chica que busca pasarlo bien
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl who seeks to have a good time, that does not mean that I want sex... there are many ways to have a good time... and at the moment I just want to meet people, go out, laugh, drink, dance and disconnect from the reality of my life. I´m coming out of a difficult few months and I´m just looking to escape... are you up to party with me?
amistad y lo que surja, salgo lo justo y por eso busco alguien con el que salir
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

I didn´t know where to find a partner and I ended up here... if it doesn´t work out, I guess I´ll meet people and make friends. Widowed at my age, it is difficult for me to meet people, I only go out and that is why I am looking for someone to go out with, take walks, tell each other about ourselves and have a special friendship. I don´t have a car, and prefer someone in my area.
Conocer a alguien que quiera lo mismo de mi
Chico, California

Meet someone who wants the same from me

It would be fabulous to get along with someone who wants the same thing that you want from that person and lately what I´ve been looking for with the guys that I´ve liked has been different from what they wanted with me so in the end it has remained a friendship or simply a nothing. Will I be lucky right now?
Quiero enamorarme porfiiii
Chico, California

I want to fall in love please

I want to find true love for fi why don´t you come out of your hiding place? You´ve hidden yourself so well that I can´t find you but maybe you´re here... Could it be? Let´s look at it and see if we can meet once and for all, right?
Me aficione a viajar en autocaravana
Chico, California

I got into traveling in a motorhome

A couple of years ago a friend got me interested in traveling in a motorhome and now my dream is to be able to buy one in the hopefully not too distant future. I really rent one from time to time and I take advantage and travel but of course in the long run it is better for me to have my own hehehe well I am looking for love and if you have a motorhome I will fall in love with it hahahahahaha
No soy fumadora
Chico, California

I´m not a smoker

I am a non-smoking girl and that is why I prefer a non-smoker. I hate the smell of tobacco, it makes me nauseous and I have an incredibly bad time. I am looking for a discreet and passionate educated boy who seeks friendship and also love. I´m looking for a guy who doesn´t just see me as "a butt and tits" who doesn´t see me as "something sexual" I´m looking for a guy who is capable of valuing other virtues other than an attractive physique
Nos acompañamos en este mundo loco?
Toledo, Ohio

Shall we accompany each other in this crazy world?

I am Valeria and I would like to find my ideal person, my ideal man, my pretty man. In life we need people by our side who add to us and not subtract from us and that is what I need by my side. I need to be loved and respected and I need to be able to love and of course respect the man next to me.
Por ahora creo que amistad
Gratis, Ohio

For now I think friendship

I think that for now a nice friendship is worth it and getting to know each other little by little, of course also having dates where we can look each other in the eyes. I don´t ask for much, so don´t ask too much of me in terms of strange or crazy things because it doesn´t suit my style.
amistad y lo que surja, lo que me motive
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello everyone, I´m not looking for handsome guys, but I am looking for mature and sensible guys. I pay attention to the way people are, what motivates me... my partners were not pretty, but they were special. I´m looking for that special person to steal my heart again. If you would like us to meet, please don´t let it be...
Me gustan serios pero divertidos
Chico, California

I like them serious but fun

I like them serious in the sense that they take everything seriously as it should be, but I like them funny because I like to laugh and have a good time. I don´t like the typical guy who doesn´t laugh at anything and seems like you need a card to talk to him. I want a boy who I enjoy having a chat with and who I can have fun with.
amistad y lo que surja, con el que dar tienda suelta a toda la pasión que tengamos dentro
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I´m looking for a guy who makes me feel alive, who takes a few years off my life... the doctor has told me that sex rejuvenates and I´m willing to do it every day if it´s for the reason hehe... but I´m missing the perfect companion , with which to give free store to all the passion we have inside... don´t take too long.
Busco una relación sincera, la sinceridad últimamente brilla por su ausencia asique lo busco con
Gratis, Ohio

I am looking for a sincere relationship

Sincerity lately is conspicuous by its absence so I look for it with "urgency" because I am not looking for a false love, I am looking for a lasting and faithful true love. Finding the right person is not entirely easy, but you have to try, right? I am also looking to have fun with that person and be faithful to our thoughts at all times.
Me gustaría contactar con alguien bueno
Gratis, Ohio

I would like to contact someone good

I would love to contact a good and sincere guy. I have had a hard time in a bad relationship and that is why I would like to have a good and healthy relationship once and for all. I don´t think everyone is the same and that´s why I´m here. I look for love above everything else
amistad y lo que surja, busco hacer amigos con los que salir
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a girl from Estonia, I have been in Spain for three years, I am looking to make friends to go out with... I work in the world of telecommunications, I work remotely and I travel a lot... that allows me to meet people from all over the world... my heart loves it. I am lonely and looking for someone to fill it for me and who is just as romantic as me.