Chico, California

I am a good girl, I want to find love. I like sport, especially watching it, practicing it makes me lazy hehehe. I might watch a soccer game even though I don┬┤t understand much, like playing basketball and tennis... tennis relaxes me a lot. I am an animal lover, I respect and admire them, they have a pure soul and they give me peace.

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Fui madre joven
Oviedo, Asturias

I was a young mother

I became a mother at 17 years old. The good thing about that is that at 35 years old I already have my daughter of legal age and still not young enough to enjoy life. I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship, a good guy of at least 35 years old. I┬┤m not looking for rolls, I┬┤ve spent many years from roll to roll and I no longer feel like having any of that.
Vengo a conocer al amor de mi vida
Teruel, Teruel

I come to meet the love of my life

Hello, is it possible? I am the love of your life, will you open it to me? Thank you!!! Hehehe well guys I am 40 years old and although I have been with the same man with whom I had children for many years, I never felt that he was the love of my life. Some think that at 40 you can no longer find that love that feels so deep and about which you say yes, this is the love of my life, and yes it is possible, of course it is and I look for it eagerly.
Soy buena chica
Salamanca, Salamanca

I┬┤m a good girl

I just want a companion for pleasure sprees and those things I┬┤m not looking for anything serious I┬┤m a good girl I promise and you┬┤re going to check it yourself. Just to enjoy and talk too because of course without trust you can┬┤t do it either.
Una buena chica para un buen chico
Elda, Alicante

A good girl for a good boy

I consider myself a good girl and I am looking for a good boy for me. It doesn┬┤t necessarily have to be to be a couple already, but it┬┤s good to get to know each other and, above all, be very open to both of us. I don┬┤t want anything strange, I say it from the heart.
Busco amistad, si buscas lo mismo pues podemos hablar y si
Teruel, Teruel

I am looking for friendship

I have written about a thousand ads and I have deleted all of them, I just don┬┤t know what to say, well I will say that I am a good girl and I would say more but then I wouldn┬┤t finish. I┬┤m looking for friendship, this has to be said so I know what I want to find here, if you┬┤re looking for the same thing then we can talk and yes, yes, meet up.
Nunca sabras lo que es el amor hasta que le conozcas
Gandia, Valencia

You will never know what love is until you meet him.

It┬┤s not for nothing but all my partners have ultimately regretted losing me because I┬┤m stupid and they┬┤ve always cheated on me and they┬┤ve been unfaithful to me but at the same time they┬┤ve regretted it because I┬┤m honestly a good partner, a good girl and I give everything for love. Let┬┤s go. You will not know love more real and pure than mine in your life.
Soy sociable
Salamanca, Salamanca

I am sociable

Hello, hello friends, I am a sociable girl, I like to get along with everyone and I look for whatever comes up. I am very happy I always smile and when I don┬┤t feel like it I do it too, the smile is the most beautiful thing in this world. I am good at listening and giving advice. I┬┤m not the best in the world but I consider myself a good girl
Generalmente me cruzo con buenas personas
Valladolid, Valladolid

I generally meet good people.

Normally I meet good people, friendly and pleasant guys. Sometimes there are some who take their feet off the pot hehe but hey, nothing happens, I am very positive and I would like to meet nice and pleasant people for whatever arises from now on.
Soy una buena chica y t├║, eres bueno?
Chico, California

I┬┤m a good girl and you, are you good?

I┬┤m really a pretty good girl. I want to be in peace and harmony with a worthwhile guy. I like them my age and also older, I hate routine and the people who feed him. I have very clear ideas if you want to discover them, contact me...
No me conformo con poco
Toledo, Toledo

I am not satisfied with little

I am a girl who does not settle for little, honestly I really like to fight for what I want and for it to be totally what I am looking for. I┬┤m a good girl but many don┬┤t like that I demand so much and especially when I┬┤m not chosen. It┬┤s not arrogance, I just don┬┤t want something that isn┬┤t going to make me happy and I┬┤m neither wasting time nor making anyone lose. I think it┬┤s reasonable.

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