Chico, California

What I´m looking for and what I´ll find are unsolved mysteries hehehe, I like what it´s like to meet people and it´s good to open my mind and my horizons 100% to get to know more guys and give a change of scenery to my life in general.

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Puerto Real, Cádiz


I am 18 years old, and I am looking to meet people for possible friendship. I am funny and I live in Cádiz
Busco un hombre serio educado fiel que tenga casa para vivir juntos
Castellón, Castellón

I am looking for a serious, educated, faithful man who has a house to live together

I am a warrior and I am looking for a serious, educated, faithful man who has a house to live together. I don´t want strange things. I want him to love me, to give me love. 55-65 years old Spanish
busco Un hombre de 49-52  Años Ke sea afín A mi en Gustos Aficiones  Ke sea de IRÚN O de alrededores
Irun, Guipúzcoa

I am looking for a man of 49-52 years who is similar to me in tastes hobbies who is from IRUN or the surrounding area

My name is Mónica. I am from IRUN. I am 49 years old. Divorced. I have a son of legal age. We live with my parents. I am FAITHFUL. Sociable, fun, loyal, educated. Romantic. Real Madrid I am FIEL unconditional of Hombres G (;Spanish-Latin pop rock,Remember Dance Latin music Ballads Boy bands Camela Calaitos...Pecos IVan...Bertín Osborne...I like to party Dancing eating dinner from time to time away from home I like fast food (;Telepizza kebabs MacDonalds Italian food Mexican food KFC ...I like movies I´m into movies Romantic comedies ...I like walking and walking on the beach theme parks (;Port Aventura Warner Bros. ..);traveling on vacation in Spain...the holidays (;I am very San Marcialera at:100/100,Fallas Carnivals I like to dress up and Halloween I also like to dress up etc...I also like Moto GP Formula 1 I am from Alonso Y de Márquez Tennis Ball
Amistad y lo que surja, no busco nada serio en Zamora
Zamora, Zamora

Friendship and whatever comes next

Hello people, I have gotten into adventure, novels and morbidity. I´m not looking for anything serious, friends to go out with and if we get along, let ourselves go. Of course, only people who have a photo and who are willing to know about me... I´m not looking for sex or quick sex. I need to feel safe and have confidence...anyone who wants to meet me?
Ya me da igual el que dirán
Segovia, Segovia

I don´t care what they will say

Before I cared a lot about what they said about me but now it doesn´t matter to me whether they think good or bad. I know what I am like and how I behave and they always end up realizing how I am. Search search I´m not looking for anything although I want, of course, to find everything.
Soy una tía muy alegre
Toledo, Toledo

I am a very happy aunt

Don´t break my joy and my happiness. I am a very happy and smiling aunt and I like to be in a good mood and be positive. Search search I am one of those who does not search because I simply want to find and if I search I am able to find absolutely nothing so true to my thoughts
Los pies en la tierra siempre
Berja, Almería

Feet on the ground always

Although sometimes I admit that I believe everything they say and they make me float with illusions, but normally I always keep my feet on the ground and I am realistic with everything. To search, I´m looking for something that´s nothing serious, nothing that makes me commit or think more than necessary about the other person, but who knows, right?
Busco busco busco y no sé si encontraré
Chico, California

I search I search I search and I don´t know if I will find

Sometimes I get tired of searching, of looking for things that never arrive or happen... relationships that never quite come together... I don´t know what I´m doing wrong, but hey, I also tell you that I´m positive and I´m here searching. for whatever arises always for whatever arises.
amistad y lo que surja, que busca buscando un polvo
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

It´s the first time I´m on a contact page... being able to chat online seemed like a good idea to me... I want to try, to meet people of all kinds, variety is the joy. That is if people who have a partner, who are looking for a fuck, forget me... I am looking for loyal, sincere people above all...
Busco busco mucho sexo
Chico, California

I´m looking, I´m looking for a lot of sex

I don´t know about you guys, but sex activates me and gives me more energy instead of taking it away, and I´m an insatiable woman... Are you ready for something like that? I´m willing to meet someone and have sex, but the real thing is what I like them more

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