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Have fun,...

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Solo busco divertirme, si despues surge amistad y quedamos como amigos con derecho genial
Arteixo, A Coru帽a

I麓m just looking to have fun

Hello girls, I麓m not going to deceive anyone, I麓m looking to have a good time without commitment, if friendship arises later and we remain friends with benefits, great, but keep things clear, I麓m looking to have fun in bed or wherever
Quiero divertirme disfrutar y complacerte!
Barcelona, Barcelona

I want to have fun, enjoy and please you!

I am a man who wants to enjoy sex with a fun, educated and respectful woman, above all! To have fun without ties or complications! I麓m 28 years old... I love interesting mature women and young ones but with clear ideas! I am tall, dark-skinned and with an athletic body! Contact me and let麓s enjoy it as soon as possible! a kiss!
Marcos Antonio
Divertirte contigo para que lo tengas claro
Vilagarc铆a de Arousa, Pontevedra

Have fun with you so that you are clear

I am looking for a woman who has good decision-making skills, and who wants a fuck buddy. of those who are aware of the woman and not only of him. And I would really like to be able to laugh and have fun with you so that it is clear to you. I have come to the point of not using escort services, out of respect for the woman in my life. I would like that among all of them, I have to give my heart to another woman who has an illusion for life.
Cansado de la soledad me abro a las se帽oritas de verdad, con ganas de divertirse y pasarlo bien.
Girona, Girona

Tired of loneliness, I open myself up to real ladies, wanting to have fun and have a good time.

I am a 30-year-old boy separated from a year ago and it hit me. ..tired of loneliness and wanting to live, have fun and have fun. I am affectionate, friendly, understanding... I am looking for girls between 25 and 45 who really want to have a good time, without bad vibes in good company... I like mature women with clear things, also very sincere and without detours or stories, wanting to have a good time and have fun without commitment. The no commitment thing is because I think that at the moment I don麓t feel like starting a relationship, it would be after all, even though you never know... I also think that falling in love is not something that one controls, if it is not the soul and the feeling. . You can control your mind but not your soul... Anyway, right now I just want to have a good time, I really like sex and I麓m very active mmm... come on?
Vivir el d铆a a d铆a divertirme lo que pueda
Sevilla, Sevilla

Live day to day, have fun as much as I can

Live day to day, have fun as much as I can. And above all, I would like to see a lot of the world accompanied, of course, I live alone, financially well, I have my own vehicle and a lot of free time, and how are you...? Do you dare to contact....
Ola pues alguien con kien divertirme
Pontecesures, Pontevedra

Hello, someone with whom I can have fun

Hi, I麓m looking for someone to get to know each other and have fun with and have a good time with, and if something else comes up on both sides, great, and if not, friends, well, I麓d like to meet someone and get along, go out for a drink, go to dinner, etc. Well, Acer what we like and so we get to know each other well and time will tell what may arise, I am a normal fun person, and well I would like to find someone with whom I can have a nice friendship, and well, more to say, hang out with someone who is interested too kedar, I麓m getting to know each other and little by little we麓re seeing if only friendship emerges and being good friends or if the spark arises on both sides, well, between the two of us we麓re seeing it, don麓t you think it麓s good that I麓m here and if you want to meet me, don麓t hesitate Greetings to all and let麓s see if we see each other soon, kisses,
Quiero amistad ,divertirme y pasarlo bien .
Ja茅n, Ja茅n

I want friendship, fun and a good time.

I want friendship and whatever arises. I am young, fun, friendly, I like good company, going out, meeting new people and I would like to try new things. I was shy at first but then I gained confidence quickly. I麓m sure you won麓t regret it. I am polite. I would like to meet a woman in Ja茅n to drink. something and let麓s see what comes up for now I麓m looking for a relationship without commitment I have a car to get around call me or write to me and we麓ll get to know each other I like young dominant women my age better but I adapt to whatever comes I麓m looking forward to meeting you I麓m waiting for you to call me or write to me we麓re going to have a good time and if we like each other we can see each other more times, I麓m sure we will repeat kisses
Alg煤n chica de figueras que quiera divertirse
Figueres, Girona

Some figueras girl who wants to have fun

Any girl from Figueras who wants to have fun and spend many long moments with me? Well, I麓m from Figueres, a young guy of 20 years old who wants to meet new people or one night stands or whatever calls me or talks to me. You know, girls and women from 18 to 35 years old, you talk to me and we hang out for a good time and we laugh and everything that may come up, beautiful people also from around or close to fgrs since I have a car and I can get around as long as the girl Be friendly and open, not closed in every way, so you already know how to talk to me or call me.
Personas para conocernos, platicar, divertirnos, lo que surja
Guadalajara, Jalisco

Hello, I am a student of electrical mechanical engineering, I am a fun and daring boy, I like to enjoy life and every moment as if it were the last, I like to have a good talk, meet new people, go out to enjoy, whether it is a walk or I even go to a club to party, I am open-minded, I do not close myself to any possibility, I like to visit new places as well as travel, I like to listen to music, read and play sports, like every person I have a goal in life and a phrase What characterizes me, what is living life at every moment since right now we are here but tomorrow you don麓t know, so you have to enjoy the life that is ending, and what better way to get to know new people and places
hay que divertirse la vida es corta
Huesca, Huesca

you have to have fun, life is short

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