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Hello true loves, today┬┤s chapter on Facebook to connect with myself

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Chico busca una verdadera mujer.
Valencia, Valencia

Boy is looking for a real woman.

Hello, I am a 40-year-old boy from (Pinedo) 5 minutes from Valencia, I am looking for an authentic girl or woman to meet and establish a good friendship and have a good time together in everything and whatever arises, I want him to make me feel like a man really at her side the same as me making her feel like a real woman.
Follar dime y voy
Sevilla, Sevilla

Fuck tell me and I┬┤ll go

Red-haired blonde brunettes with golden hair. Here I am and in need of love, I am a boy who wants to give a lot of love and I need to be given a lot of love. I am very in need of love and affection. I┬┤m looking for a girl who will make my little heart happy and it is damaged by so much suffering, so many love adventures and misadventures that have only served me to learn the hardness and cruelty of this beautiful and at the same time so difficult thing that is love. I honestly don┬┤t know what love is nor have I ever done it and I┬┤m here to see if a girl gives me a love injury makes me trust and believe in him because he is the best of love darling please teach me what I love the truth that love has to be very beautiful. I have been with a girl with many caresses and many kisses but what I have felt I did not like, that is what I want to say I love you.
Conocer ala persona que est├ę dispuesta a pasar cada minuto
Elche, Alicante

Meet the person who is willing to spend every minute

Hello, I am looking for true love and to meet the person who is willing to spend every minute of their time
Busco una mujer que sea insaciable en el sexo con romance
Roquetas de Mar, Almer├şa

I am looking for a woman who is insatiable in sex with romance

I am looking for a woman who is insatiable in sex with romance and true love is the connection of two hearts together
Busco un amor verdadero, un artista
Collado Villalba, Madrid

I┬┤m looking for a true love, an artist

I am looking for a true love, an artist, a person, an artist, I love the laughter and sweet movements of the other, I love everything beautiful
Persona seria no me gustan la mentiras me gusta lamusica
Camag├╝ey, Camag├╝ey

Serious person I don┬┤t like lies I like music

true love and serious person I don┬┤t like lies I like music and going out with my lifelong friends
Una chica que robe me coraz├│n
Miami, Florida

A girl who stole my heart

I┬┤m looking for my soulmate, someone I can trust, a girl who will steal my heart and make me believe in true love.
Si puede ser encontrar el amor verdadero
Barcelona, Barcelona

If it can be finding true love

A very kind sincere person who wants to have a good time, have conversations, go out, enjoy life and, if possible, find true love and a happy person.
Es una fuerza que nos impulsa a cuidar, apoyar
Adra, Almer├şa

It is a force that drives us to care, support

Love is a universal and powerful feeling that connects us and makes us feel alive. It is a force that drives us to care, support and understand others. Love can manifest itself in many ways, whether it be romantic relationships, deep friendships, or even self-love. It inspires us to be better people and brings us joy and happiness. Love is a gift that we must value and cultivate in our lives.
Jos├ę Manuel
En alguien que pueda confiar
La Habana, La Habana

Someone I can trust

I┬┤m looking for a true relationship, someone I can trust, who gives me Love, that we are always together in bad and good times.

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