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which arises

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Quien sabe lo que puede suceder
Granada, Granada

Who knows what can happen

I would like to meet a woman who is married, divorced or sexually dissatisfied and really wants to know what it is like to be worked under conditions and cause cramps between her legs that will make her have multiple orgasms and spurts come out as if it were a fountain and goes crazy and asks me for more, and to be able to make friends and if it arises and there is harmony, good vibes, feeling and desire, we can have quality moments, we can ask for more, always from respect and education, all of this mixed with a a good dose of eroticism, sensitivity, complicity and a lot, a lot of pleasure that you would feel all over your body, do you dare? Friendship and if it arises and there is harmony, good vibes, feeling and desire, we can have quality moments, we could ask for more , always with respect and education, all mixed with a good dose of eroticism, sensitivity, complicity and a lot, a lot of pleasure that you would feel throughout your body, do you dare? Friendship and if it arises and there is harmony, good vibes, feeling and win, we can have mo
Lo que surja,si encuentro pareja bien
San Mart铆n del Rey Aurelio, Asturias

Whatever arises, if I find a good partner

I am looking for something, whatever arises, it can be beautiful and very beautiful... as long as it is all with sincerity and no lies. Since we are older and we know what we are looking for. I like animals; I am a good person, if I have to go out I go out to party ..I also like to be at home. I am grateful to those who deserve it. I麓m also looking to meet a woman to have a relationship and as adults, if we feel like fucking, we fuck without any bad vibes and it麓s fine now. I麓m single, but now the woman who doesn麓t cheat on me, otherwise it麓s going to be hard to have to do something and she doesn麓t bother me. Nobody would like it if they cheated on me, for example, once and it worked for me. Now, little by little, I want a good, sincere woman and that麓s it. If things go well for us, Motherfucker, and if not, some gunpowder and that麓s no problem. Plus, I麓m an ace at eating pussies. That麓s what they tell me, they give me a high 8 so..... if you want to try me, you know, contact me and check it out, right? I want to fuck without bad guys, but if there are a few women, if one of them we meet and it turns out well, I麓m afraid
pasarlo biennnnn siempre.
Madrid, Madrid

always have a good time.

hello! I came here out of morbidity, out of curiosity. I get hot conversations with unknown people, knowing their fantasies, trying to excite you, if you want a morbid chat I will be delighted... I like risky situations. I麓m not looking for a relationship, but to meet people. And why not, sex if it arises. It excites me to think about being able to please you, to give you pleasure, in the way you want. If you don麓t have complexes or prejudices or bad feelings, I would love to share a moment with you, in whatever way it arises. I like women without complexes, ardent and passionate, morbid and self-confident, that is my stereotype. I麓ll send a photo when we meet...and if it comes up, I麓d love to fulfill one of your fantasies. Contact me and we麓ll talk...
Busco una chica para lo que surja, pasarlo bien.y lo que surja
Mutxamel, Alicante

I麓m looking for a girl for whatever comes up, to have a good time and whatever comes up

I admit, I麓m a little old-fashioned when it comes to my dating style. I open doors and I like to go for drinks and dinner on the first date. But it麓s all part of what makes me a gentleman. I麓m looking for someone who is always up for life麓s adventures, but doesn麓t mind staying to watch a movie when the time calls for it. I love the dogs. I rescued a lab a few years ago and we have been best friends ever since. I try to eat healthy, but I have a big weakness for pizza. Don麓t forget to tell me if you want to go get something to eat. I love the beach, watching football, movies, writing music and poetry, spontaneous trips and learning everything I thought I knew, but now I realize I had no idea
Disfrutar pasarlo bien conocer gente pues eso disfrutar el d铆a a d铆a
Barcelona, Barcelona

Enjoy having a good time meeting people because that麓s enjoying the day to day

Fun and whatever comes up, enjoy having a good time, meeting people and above all fun, meeting a special girl, a different girl, well, if you want to meet me, don麓t hesitate to write to me, I麓ll be waiting for you and who knows. What麓s certain is that we麓ll have a good time for me. He likes to travel, motorcycles, and go out for a drink. I would like to turn my life around and if it is with great company, who knows, life takes many turns and I think it is my time. And I would like to spend it with the right person, a kiss. I don麓t know what else to fill this in. I don麓t want to get involved anymore. If you want to know more about me, I will be happy to meet you and let whatever arises. By the way, I don麓t have the time or age to waste my time. A hug and a kiss at last. I managed to finish the entire text
Lo que surja, s贸lo los 2 minutos gratis
Pontevedra, Pontevedra

Which arises

I麓m looking to meet girls to have a good time and whatever comes up. I am a fairly shy boy but when I gain confidence I am more outgoing. I really like music and sports like soccer. I would like to meet people from Pontevedra or surrounding areas, although I can move to Vigo, for example. I am a young guy, with little experience but wanting to have fun and try new things. I like women of a wide age range, both girls my age and sexy mature women hahaha. I麓m looking for casual and discreet encounters more than anything, I don麓t know if you understand what I mean. Also, I would like to try doing it with strangers because it turns me on a lot hahaha. If possible, talk to me via chat because I don麓t have the money to communicate any other way. I also can麓t afford to talk for long, just the 2 minutes free
amistad y lo que surja mejor
Huesca, Huesca

friendship and whatever comes best

reserved affectionate family here in liruch very happy for the affection towards me I am from Huesca I appreciate all the impressive affection I hope one day I can have your friendship even if it is I consider myself a good family boy and a good friend, if the girls give me ease the better that is if I am very I麓m grateful here for your attention and I know that many wish me but nothing is official, it麓s a shame that they don麓t trust giving facilities to any girl if they ask me in private. I麓m grateful to everyone who wishes me in their own way. I respect everyone, the truth is jibo I would easily give it if they asked me in private but of course I understand the girls who want it little by little but, grateful to all the girls for their love, I wish I could do it live, not just virtual, if any of them want it. I will give, if it is to my liking and if you ask me, please, a very strong hug for all the girls.
Lo que surja si surja   preparate para el mejor polvo de tu vida
Burgos, Burgos

Whatever arises, if it arises, prepare yourself for the best fuck of your life

Hey, meet us and whatever comes up if it comes up I麓m a young guy, I麓m 20 years old and I麓m from Burgos. I麓m a loving and loyal guy, something that麓s hard to find nowadays. I don麓t know why I don麓t close myself to casual encounters. I麓m here mainly to meet nice girls and who know how to have a good conversation Welcome to the place where love stories begin! Our dating platform offers you the opportunity to meet fascinating people. With authentic profiles and intuitive features, finding love is just a click away. Join us and discover the exciting journey of genuine connections. Are you ready to write your own love story? Register now and start your journey! I am very active and dreamy and you? Tell me about yourself and so we can get to know each other a little.
abierto a todo lo que pueda surgir y que fluya por s铆 mismo
Matar贸, Barcelona

open to everything that may arise and flow on its own

Hello, my name is Oscar and well what you see is what I am... a normal man but with a great desire to do everything... ahhh by the way I have been dancing for 12 years I would love to be able to share those moments of dance with you. I love mountains, the beach... taking a getaway without planning it. I think they are the best. I consider myself a very sociable and mentally open person, I am very transparent, direct and sincere. I would like to be able to find a woman with whom I can share hobbies if we become a couple... I always say that everything begins with a friendship and that it flows by itself so if you feel identified with what I write, do not hesitate to contact me. Contact me to talk and get to know a little more about each other. PS...I haven麓t had a partner or anything for 4 years. I hope I can find that person here with whom I can share thousands of things...do you dare to meet us? I hope you are that person I need...I won麓t let you down Are you up for it and let麓s meet? Wait for your message.
Despue soy abierto a todo lo que surja
Mijas, M谩laga

Then I am open to everything that arises

I am an Italian boy who goes out in Spain very well because I have a place and I want to look for a girl to give friendship and sexual complicity and then I am open to everything that arises I am looking for girls who want to have a good time and enjoy everything, I am a boy very open-minded and I would love to enjoy everything that may arise in the company of a good friend, I would love for this friendship to be possible in a very intimate way, to be able to talk about everything, do everything, and from time to time When having sex, in principle everything is without commitment, but as I have already said, I am not limited to anything, if we look at each other, this relationship of friendship is turning into a deeper one, I am open to everything. I am 44 years old, I am very expert in sex and give pleasure to the girls, but I think we always have something to learn, and I would like to do it together with a hot girl from the Malaga area

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