Yoandri , 32 years
Cuba, Misuri

I am looking for a girl for a stable relationship who is affectionate and likes to start a family

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me gustar铆a conocer a una chica para amistad y una relaci贸n estable
Vilafranca del Pened猫s, Barcelona

I would like to meet a girl for friendship and a stable relationship

I am a man, affectionate, respectful, with a sense of humor. Sometimes stubborn, a little angry, but it soon goes away. I am passionate about the world of music, I am a bassist, I sing, I produce. I like movies, walking, visiting new places, the beach, sudden getaways, traveling
Relaci贸n estable (pero no me cierro a una amistad bonita)
Burriana, Castell贸n

Stable relationship (but I don麓t close myself to a beautiful friendship)

Hello girls, I am a real person, I like to have a good time without getting overwhelmed, I am single, I like the beach and walks, etc. I would like to find my better half STABLE RELATIONSHIP (Serious Girl) and if not my best friend for everything, a hug and a kiss, I麓ll wait for you, I won麓t be closed to anything you propose. Girls I don麓t bite, you can get to know me better a hug P.S. (I麓m not looking for interested and strange girls) I was hoping to find a loyal and sincere girl Kisses a hug.
Amistad y lo que surja, no tengo prototipo de mujeres
Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid

Friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a 48-year-old boy, I am looking for sporadic relationships without commitment, if possible, in Alcal谩 de Henares or surrounding areas. I am divorced and without a partner. I don麓t want stable relationships for now. I would like to meet girls for a good friendship, go out for a drink and if possible, have something more intimate. I really like riding a bike and hiking. I don麓t have a prototype of women, what I focus on a lot is the smile.
Entablar amistad para futura relacion estable
Gij贸n, Asturias

Make friends for a future stable relationship

Extroverted man, very affectionate with a great sense of humor and cheerful, 1.80 tall and strong build, I would like to meet a chubby woman with a similar character to get to know each other and make friends for a future stable relationship, I value sincerity and simplicity. I like going out on motorcycles, outdoor activities and live music.
Relaci脙鲁n estable, hola soy de sevilla
Pamplona, Navarra

Stable relationship

Hello, I am from Seville, I have been in Pamplona for 3 years or more, and the truth is that I would like to find someone to spend time with and create good moments, I seem serious on the outside but I am with a teddy bear if you end up meeting me
Tranquilidad respeto, amor
Zulia, Zulia

Tranquility, respect, love

Tranquility, respect and love, are 3 combinations that make a stable relationship, freedom accompanies them
conocer y lo que surja, odio las mentiras y si quieres saber m谩s de m铆 escr铆beme o ll谩mame
Cuenca, Cuenca

know and what arises

I am loving and very hardworking, I am looking to meet a faithful and sincere girl, I always give one hundred percent in the relationship and I hope to be reciprocated in the same way. I hate lies and if you want to know more about me, write to me or call me. I am a very romantic, very family-oriented worker and above all I am looking for happiness and a serious and stable relationship. If you like my profile or know more about me, call or write to me and we will meet.
Si surje una relacion estable
Santander, Cantabria

If a stable relationship arises

I would like to find a woman to build a nice friendship and if a stable relationship emerges. I am an introverted person with my deepest feelings that I reveal as confidence emerges. Do you want to discover them?
relaci贸n estable, no busco sexo
Belchite, Zaragoza

stable relationship

I am not looking for sex, I consider myself a loving, romantic, sincere and above all faithful person. I like to focus on one person, not all of them. I麓m always up for the good and the bad. I麓m not there to play with feelings nor am I looking for a joke.
sinceramente busco relacion estable pero no cierro puertas a nada
Marchena, Sevilla

I麓m honestly looking for a stable relationship but I don麓t close doors to anything.

Hi, my name is Jose, I麓m 29 years old, I麓m a very good person, I麓m too good, I麓m stupid, but when a fool explodes, he becomes Lucifer, hehe, but I麓m a piece of cake, I protect what麓s mine, you understand me.

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