Gratis, Ohio

The puppies are so adorable that I would love to have many but I have 4. I love taking care of them and giving them lots of cuddles, the truth is they are my dogs, I┬┤m not going to lie to you that I love treating them as if they were my babies hehe. I am 26 years old and I have no partner or children.

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Me encantan las mascotas
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

I love pets

I have a mini farm in my house just as you hear hehe I have rabbits chickens I have two little pigs 3 goats... but they are because I like them I take care of them like my children I don┬┤t intend to eat them hehe hehe. I love the countryside, nature, I have a super lot and I love them like kings... I also have dogs and kittens
Me gustan los animales ex├│ticos
Ávila, Ávila

I like exotic animals

I would love to have many exotic animals, but it shouldn┬┤t be worth it, so I┬┤ll settle for just having puppies and kittens that I love too. I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship but only if you like animals, so for me it┬┤s important because my dogs and my cats are the biggest thing I have along with my family.
Candidatos a ocupar mi coraz├│n?
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Candidates to occupy my heart?

I am looking for a guy for a stable relationship. Any candidate? I am a physical education teacher for primary school children at a school. I don┬┤t have to say that I love sports, right? I live alone with my dog and my kitten in a beautiful house with a garden. I miss having a stable partner who has been single for several years. I am 29 years old and I love life.
Me encantan los bulldog

I love bulldogs

I have a French bulldog I love those dogs and I have mine like a king hehehe I live alone well we live alone but when I work he stays at his grandparents┬┤ house we go to my parents┬┤ house who although they also work but they have two little dogs and they keep each other company . I treat my dog as if he were a son and I want everyone to respect him.
Amo mis yorkshire
Valencia, Carabobo

I love my Yorkshires

I love dogs but I love the Yorkshire breed and in fact I have 5 dogs, they are very small and they make me super super happy. They are my little children and I take them practically everywhere. I am a veterinarian and I also have a daycare and a dog grooming salon and now I want to start a pet spa. I am looking for a stable relationship.
Creo que me encanta todo
Figueira da Foz, Distrito de Aveiro

I think I love everything

I say I think because there are things that I obviously don┬┤t like but of course there are things that I discover in my life that I say come on, well if I didn┬┤t like it and now I love it haha I talk about all aspects of life, I don┬┤t think there are people in that sense more I┬┤m grateful that I┬┤m going because I┬┤m also happy with almost everything. I┬┤m not demanding. I just like some things to turn out more or less the way I want them. In short, I think I┬┤m a gem but they haven┬┤t discovered me yet hehe, what do you think?
Me encanta la lectura
Segovia, Segovia

I love reading

I discovered that I loved to read when I was sick for a long time because I broke my leg and I had to fill my free time with something and since I had already seen many series and many movies and I was already bored with so much TV, I got into reading and that┬┤s when I discovered that It was one of my great hobbies. I have recently registered here because I want to meet new guys and well, I will be open to whatever arises, love can arise, or something sporadic can arise. I don┬┤t know until I meet a boy and see how we get along, I can┬┤t know what we are going to do. have
Soy profesora
Basauri, Vizcaya

I am a teacher

I am a primary school mathematics teacher at a school, I am not looking for anything serious at the moment but you can never say no to anything. I have been divorced for five years, I have children and although I am looking for a father, I would like it if I meet a person and something serious comes along that respects my children of course. I love the countryside, nature, I love animals, I love taking weekend trips to disconnect from the daily routine, I like to read, I like to write, I like to sing, dance, play sports. I am a fairly active person, I don┬┤t like to stay on the couch doing nothing when I can go out and take on the world.
No tengo buena voz pero me encanta cantar
Chico, California

I don┬┤t have a good voice but I love to sing

Maybe I start singing and it rains, I don┬┤t know, but I love it, it makes me happy, I┬┤m passionate about it and I fall in love. My best plan is to finish after dinner at karaoke and sing until I lose my voice. At the moment I am open to whatever arises and more than anything to a friend with benefits, that is, something without commitment, something sporadic, but I am not closing myself off to a possible boy that I fell in love with and makes me feel like I am in the clouds.
ana luisa
amistad y lo que surja, que te contar├ę si hablamos

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, the only company I have is my pet... a little dog named Balto who spends the whole day with me. I work remotely, I don┬┤t socialize too much and I┬┤m looking for people to go out with and share interests. I love video games, the world of comics, comics and more things, which I will tell you if we talk.

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