Alvaro , 24 years
Espa帽ola, Nueva York

That she is affectionate, faithful, and that she is good in bed and that she really loves me already.

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TREMENDO X X. Busco adicta al amor ?
Burjassot, Valencia

TREMENDOUS X X. Am I looking for a love addict?

Hello..! My dear wise men of the East. I have been a very good boy all these years ago and a little rebellious in my thoughts since I am looking for a girl who loves sex as much as I do and doesn麓t mind if we are very fuck buddies or a formal couple, because that formal couple thing flows without force nothing and it is something between two people of course and well while the love of my life does not come, I want a lot of sex with my friend to meet, because it is also nice to have a fuck friend addicted to me because I can also fall in love with her and sex It is very fundamental for me and my fuck friend. I have a tremendous cock and I can麓t hide it my dear kings and I want a sex slut at all hours but with love. Call me and I麓ll screw you up.
En busca de
Madrid, Madrid

In search of "Couple" tired of my loneliness

Hello !! As I see, life is not easy and I am here and I have been here for time and time and everything is almost like the day I started here thinking about changing my life and tired of being alone at my age, totally single and without extra burdens, exploring or searching something firm at my age that since then I have not been able to find and it麓s been days and days, friends all you want, very much and in the end nothing serious and I understand or understand that it is time for something serious that I am not up for tangles and more tangles, Well, when it comes to staying, nothing at all, and even more so at the last second, no one decides to stay, that for some reason you start looking for something serious, that you are no longer there for those last-minute stories, it can麓t be, and at 50 and... ... it麓s time to stop those last minute nonsense for calling it something, and really, why not think of something that is a reality and will be carried out; That麓s why this profile modification is being made to really be able to meet and meet that girl who will make my dream come true and at the last minute, don麓t make a thousand excuses.
Busco chica/r茅lacion seria/extranjero
M谩laga, M谩laga

I am looking for a girl/serious relationship/foreigner

I don麓t have credit for writing a message. I live in Tangier. My name is Yassine. I麓m 32. I麓m a self-employed clothing entrepreneur. I don麓t drink alcohol. I don麓t smoke. something bad nothing between the girls麓 feet alone with my wife in the future we are human contains the same heart the same feeling the same happiness that the girl will seek but finally an imagine that you are playing with the little boy you are happy here is the truth the family It麓s happiness I can麓t respond I say all queens I麓m sorry I can麓t respond to messages some think I麓m arrogant but I麓m modest
lo que pueda surgir con una buena mujer
Sevilla, Sevilla

what can arise with a good woman

Hello, I am a man who considers himself a good person, sincere, romantic, honest, shy, fun and entertaining people. I love walking around Seville and having drinks, or coffees, or whatever comes up, if only with sincere, honest women who like to live. and do not want to be alone, abstain under 45, at this point in life loneliness is not exactly a very good companion. I would like to meet you and for you to know me, because that is how you really get to this if you are one of those who truly still believe In love, write to me because I am one of those, although it may seem old-fashioned and not one of those who go directly to the subject, but it is what I have known, and I like to do it that way, I麓m sure I won麓t disappoint you, I just want to find a good one woman always over 45
Busco relaci贸n seria enamorarme busco amistades nuevas
Valladolid, Valladolid

I am looking for a serious relationship to fall in love I am looking for new friends

I am looking for a serious relationship to fall in love I am looking for new friends I am unemployed looking for work I took courses while I find work I try to make time each day I like sports music cinema video games beach running paddle tennis etc. I consider myself a good person that麓s who I am I hope to really fall in love I want to find that girl who wants to really fall in love and be comfortable with me be happy enjoy real love who is respectful affectionate fun honest faithful romantic and dreamer who wants to really fall in love I hope to be lucky here and if I can find that real girl in Valladolid capital I don麓t have a car to get around I麓m also looking for new friends, it麓s always good to meet new people and renew ourselves, let麓s see how things go on this page, kisses
Soy un chico que busca chicas y buen rollo la verdad no quiero mal entendidos

I麓m a guy who looks for girls and good vibes. The truth is, I don麓t want misunderstandings.

I am a boy who looks for girls and good vibes. I like sports and music. One day I would like to meet someone to really meet without any type of compilations. I usually go to the mountains and excursions a lot. The only thing is to meet and go and enjoy the mountain without problems. True, someone is with me. I like the party too and I don麓t really like the lack of respect, you just have to know me, what do you think? Shall we talk and stay? You just have to write to me and let麓s get to the action. I really like winter and summer. I麓m very open about everything. The truth is, you just have to meet me in person. I麓m awesome. I work and enjoy the free time I have left with family and friends. I am from Lleida, a town next door, if anyone is from there, please write to me.
La verdad no tengo mucha experiencia
Sevilla, Sevilla

The truth is I don麓t have much experience

Hello, I am a guy who falls in love, I need a girl urgently who will eat my sincere piece and go for the truth first. I like sex passionately, I have only had sex a couple of times in my life and I have never had a life. The truth is I don麓t have much experience and I would like to find a girl friend to go out for drinks and if something comes up the nice thing and it was to take some sexology classes because they would be I don麓t go where it麓s cool because the truth is I have no idea what to do with a woman there That麓s it here you have me girls I love sex I love sex I need to fornicate I need to download I麓m bursting full full full I haven麓t had sex for about six months due to circumstances well and since they have left me abandoned before falling in love I am the happiest man in the world world now I ride on the horse the girl I love and that she wants I麓m free here you have me I don麓t want commitment I just want to have a good time
Camas, Sevilla


Meet girls who want to have a good time, have sex and also talk on the phone. I麓m not close to finding a partner, the truth is I would like to, but I would really like to find a woman with whom I can have a good time and who likes sex a lot. I am very Ardent and I I like that the woman who is with me is also one. I really want to fuck I love sex I live alone and we could meet at my house I麓m from Camas I hope we won麓t have a very good time
Ahora prefiero sexo sin ataduras
Badalona, Barcelona

Now I prefer sex without ties

I麓m looking for sex with a girl who makes me really stupid and then we麓ll see. You can never know but now I prefer sex without ties although you know in the end many times things happen and everything changes suddenly, I always took little care of myself and now I am changing that so thinking about it it wouldn麓t be bad to find someone who also likes it the sport. I don麓t know how to "sell" myself well, so I can only say that I麓m not very special. Will it depend on the person interested? The truth is that I麓m not used to talking about myself for strangers to see so it gives me a little respect....f0d3r! I still haven麓t been able to fill out the entire paragraph, it makes me want to delete it all haha. Well, the truth is that I麓m looking forward to meeting you. I麓ve seen very interesting profiles.
Busco sexo sin compromiso, simple, al punto
Vitoria, 脕lava

I麓m looking for sex without commitment, simple, to the point

I am looking for sex without commitment, simple and to the point, if you are interested, please write to me. I would like to do everything, from domination and submission to anal sex or deep throat or things like that. I like mature women more, but young girls too. The truth is, I don麓t like them. I complain about nothing, life is to be enjoyed and that is what I want, for us to enjoy it together, I am very into morbidity and foreplay and if I see that you are hot then I will go and tell you, I am very direct and horny like that Nothing, if you like me, you can call or write me or whatever you see and we can meet up if you are in the Vitoria area. I love both in-person sex and cybersex by phone or message or any other way you can think of, if you are interested, please write

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