Gratis, Ohio

The best and most practical thing is to have a friend who works for everything. That┬┤s what I┬┤m looking for and what I want. I┬┤m not going to get complicated or borderline about whether he wants to be with me or whether he┬┤s unfaithful to me or not. I have to finish healing to get to that.

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Quiero pasarlo bien, romántica a ratos y cuando la ocasión lo merece
Badajoz, Badajoz

I want to have a good time

Hello, I┬┤m Ana, I┬┤m looking to meet new people to chat or whatever comes up at that moment. A glass of wine, a good chat, a long walk on the beach. What can go wrong and then you┬┤ll see... I consider myself a kind and educated person, romantic at times and when the occasion deserves it. Friend of my friends and those who know me know that I am always there when they need me.
Ana Rosa
amistad y lo que surja, el roce hace el cari├▒o
Teruel, Teruel

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I┬┤m just looking for friendship at the moment... you never know where you can find the love of your life. I don┬┤t have a partner, it┬┤s not my priority... I make it clear that I already had a relationship with friends and that friend asked me for something else like sex. Touch makes love, but in some cases it doesn┬┤t... but that┬┤s only known when we get to know each other.
Tomar una copa, tomar una copa de momento me apetece un mont├│n y re├şr y desconectar a tope
Villaviciosa, Asturias

Have a drink

My ex and my friends have the same women┬┤s phone numbers to make love with, is it a coincidence? Could it be, I have told a friend to give me guys┬┤ numbers, for now I┬┤m here on this page to see what comes up. I really feel like having a drink at the moment and laughing and disconnecting completely.
Tomar una copa, ni lo ves ni lo veras
Roquetas de Mar, Almer├şa

Have a drink

I told my ex literally "you don┬┤t see it nor will you see it" I was referring to my sex of course and he cheated on me with my best friend and okay, I don┬┤t consent to that, not with my friend, never, also my friend who bitch, double disappointment but I┬┤m a strong chick. I would love to have a drink right now, of course.
amistad y lo que surja, hola, mis amigos me llaman jessi
Segovia, Segovia

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, my friends call me Jessi, I┬┤m looking for a fuck friend to spend time with and enjoy good times together. I don┬┤t want commitments or ties, I┬┤m coming out of a three-year relationship and I just want to laugh and have a good time. Lover of rock and jazz... I smoke and drink on rare occasions, celebrations... otherwise I have a very healthy lifestyle.
amistad y lo que surja, extrovertida, sencilla
Valencia, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

I have gotten into this chat, to chat and make friends... I separated two months ago and I don┬┤t want complications at the moment. I am an open book, I prefer to tell you what you want to know and not tell you my life out of the blue. Simple, outgoing, friends of my friends and here I am to answer everything you want to know about me.
amistad y lo que surja, salgo de una relaci├│n y lo que menos me apetece es meterme en otra
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, everyone, I┬┤m looking for friends to go out with if we don┬┤t get along and if we get friends for relationships... I┬┤m getting out of a relationship and the last thing I want is to get into another one. But sexuality and good times cannot be wasted. I live in Alicante, let┬┤s talk and see what group of friends I can put you in... kisses
Yo busco un amigo.
Elche, Alicante

I┬┤m looking for a friend.

I am looking for a friend, just one for sexual moments especially but also for leisure, having a drink and chatting, telling us things and supporting each other. I am looking for a friend for everything and whenever you need us without commitments and with total mutual trust. I┬┤m not asking for much right?
No todo va a ser follar...
Gratis, Ohio

Not everything is going to be fucking...

I really like sex, I really like mambo, but not everything will be that, I also want to make friends. I like to travel, I have some things in parts of Spain and I escape with friends and sometimes with the special friend I have at that moment, that┬┤s why I┬┤m also looking for something else to get to know each other and have a nice friendship.
amistad y lo que surja, busco amigos de momento
Ciudad Real,

friendship and whatever comes next

I would like to make contacts in the city and surroundings... things from a distance are not good. I already had an experience, but in the end we left it because of that. I┬┤m looking for friends at the moment... but if we fall in love and like each other, it won┬┤t depend on us. If you are interested in knowing more about me... I┬┤ll wait for you here.

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