Gratis, Ohio

They tell me that I am the sauce of all parties because I am the joy of the garden. I really enjoy when I´m getting to know someone and I really like to brighten up all the parties. I am very positive, happy and smiling, I like to play jokes and of course I also take them very well. I am normal but everyone tells me that I am something exceptional and unique.

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busco Un hombre de 49-52  Años Ke sea afín A mi en Gustos Aficiones  Ke sea de IRÚN O de alrededores
Irun, Guipúzcoa

I am looking for a man of 49-52 years who is similar to me in tastes hobbies who is from IRUN or the surrounding area

My name is Mónica. I am from IRUN. I am 49 years old. Divorced. I have a son of legal age. We live with my parents. I am FAITHFUL. Sociable, fun, loyal, educated. Romantic. Real Madrid I am FIEL unconditional of Hombres G (;Spanish-Latin pop rock,Remember Dance Latin music Ballads Boy bands Camela Calaitos...Pecos IVan...Bertín Osborne...I like to party Dancing eating dinner from time to time away from home I like fast food (;Telepizza kebabs MacDonalds Italian food Mexican food KFC ...I like movies I´m into movies Romantic comedies ...I like walking and walking on the beach theme parks (;Port Aventura Warner Bros. ..);traveling on vacation in Spain...the holidays (;I am very San Marcialera at:100/100,Fallas Carnivals I like to dress up and Halloween I also like to dress up etc...I also like Moto GP Formula 1 I am from Alonso Y de Márquez Tennis Ball
amistad y lo que surja, los juguetes sexuales y mas cosas que te diré en la intimidad
Soria, Soria

friendship and whatever comes next

how are you? You can call me Guada, I am a Dominican woman, open-minded, liberal, looking for men with the same vibe as me. As a good Latina, I love dancing salsa, close dances and I love sex (as long as it is with the person who gives me good things) I love porn, sex toys and more things that I will tell you in private.
Pueda escuchar detras de una pantalla
Barranquilla, Atlántico

Can listen behind a screen

Friendship, good conversations, an accomplice who listens to me-reads and can listen-reads behind a screen. I think that people speed up a lot. It is better to take things calmly, get to know each other and if there is that spark that makes your eyes shine shine and that chemistry and connection takes a backseat. I am a serious, hard-working, committed, romantic, detail-oriented woman. I hate waiting, lies and injustices. I love a good rate of falls watching the rain fall listening to romantic music hugging someone, I like to dance salsa, merengue, vallenato and the folk music of my land. This world is worth a million and many times we miss the gifts that life gives us. How to stop for a while to listen to the sound of the birds, the water and watch a sunset to inhale the smell of the rain, the smell of freshly cut grass, the look of a happy old man... many things that we miss day after day for often being entangled in things that make no sense.
amistad y lo que surja, tengo un culo muy grande y rico
Valencia, Valencia

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m looking for fun people, without complexes to go out, have a drink, dance (I have a very big and delicious ass, I know how to shake it very well) I love salsa, merengue, bachata... I listen to everything... but this body I need to move it... I haven´t gone out in a while and I´m looking for someone to accompany me- Let´s see if we start a good year.
amistad y lo que surja, busco hacer amigos para ir a bailar salsa juntos
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I´m looking to make friends to go salsa dancing together... in my environment, no one likes to dance and I´ve been doing it for half my life. I miss doing it with someone and if you don´t know, I´m willing to teach you... you just have to be willing and let yourself go. We can meet, have a drink and get to know each other.
amistad y lo que surja, que vayamos a cenar
Almería, Almería

friendship and whatever comes next

how are they doing? I am a Dominican woman and a man to have a good time with... let´s go to dinner, chat, have a few drinks, dance (I love salsa and dancing to it, but I like more styles of music too) I don´t have a partner, open to everything What could happen... if you dare... you know where you have me.
Me gusta ser anfitriona en fiestas
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I like to host parties

Of my group of friends and my family, I am the one who throws the most parties. We have one party a month, I´m sure I throw it and a lot of people come, they love it and I feel great. I don´t go out to party but when I have parties at my house I make a lot of trouble and everyone has a great time. I´m not looking for anything serious, rather I´m looking for the opposite.
María del Pino
amistad y lo que surja, el mariachi

friendship and whatever comes next

I am Pino, a mature woman from Gran Canaria, with my heart alone... I am looking for someone special to make it beat again. Romantic, I love Mexican music, mariachi, rancheras. the sauce. The person I´m looking for must like to go out dancing from time to time, if you dare, you know where you have me.
Reconozco que me siento rara
Vitoria, Álava

I admit that I feel strange

I feel strange registering on a contacts page since I was one of those who said that I could never ever be on a page like that because I´m not looking for the same thing that others are looking for, perhaps. I suppose that around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I´m not looking for that, I´m looking for something more stable, more serious, and since I´m a girl who doesn´t like to party a lot, well, at least meet people, I guess Around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I´m not looking for that, I´m looking for something more stable, more serious and since I´m a girl I don´t like to party a lot and when I go out I don´t know about flirting. it works very well. I´m as simple as you can imagine, but that doesn´t mean I´m not interesting and I can´t make you have a wonderful time with me.
amistad y lo que surja, el cine en Venezuela, Ciego de Ávila
Venezuela, Ciego de Ávila

friendship and whatever comes next

I am a Venezuelan girl, I feel alone and I am looking for some company... now that summer is approaching, I like to have a good guy next to me... I love music, salsa especially, dancing, movies, comedy, I let myself be carried away by the moment, and try and do new things... are you the person I´m looking for?

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